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Abandoned Nation is the sophomore effort released by Saigon. The album was released on October 3, 2005 by Fort Knocks Entertainment. The album featured the two singles, "Color Purple," and "Letter P" featuring Kool G Rap.

Track Listing

  • 1. Intro feat. Jay-Z
  • 2. Color Purple
  • 3. Stocking Cap
  • 4. Out There
  • 5. All I Know
  • 6. Breathe Thru The Years
  • 7. True Story
  • 8. Reprecussion
  • 9. Letter P feat. Kool G Rap
  • 10. Nas Interlude feat. Nas
  • 11. Saigon & Nas feat. Nas
  • 12. No Idea
  • 13. Shok TV
  • 14. Outro

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