Abi is a cunning ex-slave, who seems to have an incredible capacity for collecting vaste amounts of rare, arbitrary things. He is always running into trouble. This is largely to do with his arrogant nature, and his relentless pursuit of stamp collection. Often seen at the at Rome's many tabernae, he seems to frequently be seen having complex affairs with women. These often end most unhappily, as he puts little effort into his relationships, engrossed in his stamps. This once came out most extremely when he placed a stamp over the face of his lover so he could regard his stamps while doing the dirty. He is one of Ebo's few close friends, though sees him as bland and uninteresting, and has a tendency to look down on him, due to his "lack of buttons". Abi had a cruel, fat master, who often used to beat him, and tell him so frequently to "Abi" (go away), that many thought it his name. However, always a cunning opportunist, he helped Ibi escape, only in return for a samll favour. Of course, disposing of Abi's master was real challenge for Ibi, who masterfully cosumed him whole, thus gaining Abi's freedom. The two parted ways, and met once again when Abi was in desperate need, neededing Ibi to do him a "small favour" - get rid of a tax man harassing Abi about his expensive, and almost certainly stolen collection of rare buttons. Ebo and Abi become instant companions, and Abi an infrequent, but regular mamber of the Ebo family.

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