Volume Four: Ability is the fourth volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Recur Writer: Director: #1
A few weeks after Lawrence and Rose's eventful wedding, the characters are trying to get back on track. A new villain, Hans Weidmann, emerges, while Michael returns. Aurora delivers a chilling warning to her fellow Protectors, while the whereabouts of a certain someone is revealed.
[[Image:|150px]] Utopia Writer: Director: #2
Violet awakens abruptly one morning... next to Manus? And they're married!? Things seem perfect for Violet all of a sudden, but certain factors emerge that could prove it's just too good to be true.
[[Image:|150px]] Realm Writer: Director: #3
As part of his experiments, Dr. Weidmann sends the captive Rose and Britteny to the Wraith Zone, where they fight off dozens of powerful beings. Maya watches over Jamey Pettigrew, while Rachel fights Michael at a subway station, where she gets a very mysterious warning from a recognized- yet still unknown- friend.
[[Image:|150px]] Collect Writer: Director: #4
A wraith from the Physical Zone has the ability to extract souls through touch, and he's threatening the lives of everyone. With all her friends on the line, Scarlett must find a way to stop him.
[[Image:|150px]] Glimpse Writer: Director: #5
After experiencing a powerful surge of magic, Britteny's powers bring Rhys and herself to a future where Weidmann's plan succeeded. Eclipse is devastated, and a future-Britteny leads a resistance against the evil King Lawrence and his blood-thirsty dragoness. Aqeer tries to protect innocent metahumans and the source of the bomb is revealed.
[[Image:|150px]] Enchant Writer: Director: #6
Aurora is possessed by the spirit of an old Protectress, and instantly sets her sights- and awesome magical abilities- on getting hold of the Platinum Stone from Weidmann. Meanwhile, Violet meets a charming young man.
[[Image:|150px]] Aqua Writer: Director: #7
Keltora, inspired by Aradore's admirable fearlessness, requests he help her get over her fear of water; just in time for her to rescue her Master and his friends when a deep-sea wraith traps them down under.
[[Image:|150px]] Wager Writer: Director: #8
A man with the ability to influence probability wreaks havoc at the Bronze Dragon, with Rachel and Liam finding it hard to fight someone with luck on his side. Meanwhile, Scarlett, Peter and Merrick help Zara get over an embarrassing incident with her brother by making a little game out of it.
[[Image:|150px]] Shrapnel Writer: Director: #9
While protecting Scarlett and Samantha from an explosion, Keltora is gravely injured, but Aradore arrives to keep her breathing until someone can treat her. Meanwhile, Lawrence and Rachel are somehow stripped of all power and taken by Weidmann, and only Rose is in a position to save them.
[[Image:|150px]] Morph Writer: Director: #10
Violet feels renewed in the arms of her loving boyfriend, but she begins to think something's amiss when he seems to know something about a string of strange animal attacks. Meanwhile, with their cover under Weidmann secured, Scarlett and Rhys try to help the recovering Samantha.
[[Image:|150px]] Father Writer: Director: #11
A battalion of wraiths take to the seas and terrorize Keystone City. The Protectors and friends intervene, but the crew's seeming immortality make it near-impossible. While researching the leader of the group, Rose and Drake learn something startling about his identity.
[[Image:|150px]] Lucine Writer: Director: #12
Lawrence and Zara struggle to find a way to free their friends from the grasp of their father. First, they ask for Shannon's help to end the immortality curse on him. Meanwhile, Rose and Drake are stranded on an island after the confrontation with Weidmann.
[[Image:|150px]] Observer Writer: Director: #13
Keltora feels stranded in her solitary room at Hourglass City, and so she acts as a witness to the goings on around her Master, Lawrence, his sister Zara and Valerian as they investigate a mysterious presence in a mansion outside Eclipse.
[[Image:|150px]] Orb Writer: Director: #14
After defeating a wraith enchantress, a sorcerous orb leads Rachel on a hunt for the Bronze Stone, which nearly wrecks the cover secured by Scarlett and Rhys. Meanwhile, Samantha seeks revenge on the scientist in charge of the serum, leaving a trail of destruction for Violet, Jerome and Peter to follow.
[[Image:|150px]] Speculum Writer: Director: #15
An ancient, sorcerous mirror has the addictive power to show lives that have been forgotten. This proves to be too unyielding for Violet, Rhys and Scarlett. Meanwhile, Jerome confronts Liam and Shannon over their involvement, while Samantha comes clean with Aurora and Valerian.
[[Image:|150px]] Aubade Writer: Director: #16
Scarlett learns that Weidmann possesses the Gold Stone, and gives the knowledge to Valerian. He and Samantha grow quite close as they hunt it down. Meanwhile, Violet and Jerome meet with Katrina to see a new threat made by Weidmann.
[[Image:|150px]] Path Writer: Director: #17
Violet races around Bastiaen to try and stop a series of brutal executions at the hands of Weidmann's assassin. These events lead Violet to realize part of the Doctor's wider scheme.
[[Image:|150px]] Ball Writer: Director: #18
Violet, Lawrence, Scarlett and Rhys put on their fanciest clothes and go undercover to a wealthy party to try and get information from the Schneizels. Meanwhile, Samantha learns of a trap by Weidmann just in time to give Rachel and Jerome a warning.
[[Image:|150px]] Crestfallen Writer: Director: #19
Violet is unable to bring herself to get off the floor after Jerome's unfortunate death, and her friends can't seem to find the right thing to say. Meanwhile, Rachel and Valerian use Kayla's unique ability to retrieve the Platinum Stone from Weidmann.
[[Image:|150px]] Crystal Writer: Director: #20
Samantha steals the Silver Stone from a disheartened Violet and brings it to Valerian; the two of them unite all four stones and discover the hidden Protector technology. Meanwhile, the staff of the New Saxony Chronicles find themselves trapped in the Spiritual Zone when a mysterious gemstone is delivered to them.
[[Image:|150px]] Hourglass Writer: Director: #21
Lawrence and Zara visit Hourglass City to meet Keltora as she is released from care, but Tracy and Michael also pay a visit. Meanwhile, Britteny panics when her friends are kidnapped by Weidmann and her fluctuating abilities are their only hope.
[[Image:|150px]] Vessel Writer: Director: #22
Peter is possessed by a wraith who successfully caters to his selfish side and convinces him that being evil may not be such a bad thing, and this wraith may have an unforeseen connection with Liam and Shannon. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to stop another attack by Weidmann.
[[Image:|150px]] Worth Writer: Director: #23
Weidmann reveals that he knows of Rhys and Scarlett's treachery, and so the success of their mission rides on one of them killing the other. Meanwhile, Violet takes things into her own hands, and Aurora begins to panic as her horrid dreams begin to unfold.
[[Image:|150px]] Upheaval Writer: Director: #24
With Rhys and Katrina both dead, everyone heads to downtown Bastiaen to fight Weidmann one last time, and to see if the prophecy of the bomb can be stopped.


Primary Characters

Violet Swann (21 chapters)
Scarlett Aerona (20 chapters)
Rhys Devine (16 chapters)
Aqeer Ikram (16 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (15 chapters)
Rose Lucine (19 chapters)
Lawrence Lucine (21 chapters)
Merrick D'Amour (15 chapters)
Rachel Tapas (20 chapters)
Michael Hall (12 chapters)
Valerian Ramhart (20 chapters)
Samantha Rubitov (18 chapters)
Peter Williams (17 chapters)
Zara Lucine (19 chapters)
Drake Adler (16 chapters)
Liam Salopree (14 chapters)
with Shannon O'Hara (12 chapters)
and Keltora (14 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Hans Weidmann (19 chapters)
Tracy St. Claire (15 chapters)
Maya Hermenez (14 chapters)
Jerome Adulwulf (10 chapters)
Aurora Talbot (9 chapters)
with Aradore (9 chapters)
and Trevor Harthom (3 chapters)


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