These are the various races that eithe rlive in the Realmof Darkness, or between universes, or some third thing?

Realm of Darkness


Shadow Maidens

Shadow Maidens are a race of beautiful girls. They usually appear 14-21 years of age. They have grayish-blue skin, and seem to have slightly bigger canines. They often wear black clothing, that is often revealing. They live in some of the deeper parts of the Realm of Darkness, waiting for their "Love-ones". All Maidens are born only if they will meet their love-one. They wait endlessly for this love-one of theirs. Fate always seems to drive their loves-ones to them. Upon meeting their love-one, the two fall in love imediatly. This relationship is usually inseperable, but it is eternal. A maiden will never give up their love-one. The two must ALWAYS be together. The maiden will never leave her love one, but her Love one (mate) can. The mate can only be 17 hours away from her. If any longer, she may go insane. Her sanity will return if the mate returns in one week. Beyond that, she will hunt him down. This causes something known as the Heart brake. Once it is initiated, there is no turning back. The Maiden will take her mate back to the realm of Darkness, and take him to the Rock of Love, The homeland of the Shadow Maidens. There she will mate with him. This lasts until the maiden is pregnant with her mate's child. After she is pregnant, she will crucify him atop the tower of Love, and then give him the Kiss of Death, which removes a piece of flesh from his mouth. The Maiden will still love her mate. The Kiss of Death is so that a part of her mate will always remain with her. Her love for her mate is eternal.This is not the fate of all Shadow maidens and their mates. Sometimes they will stay in the realm of Darkness for eternity, never leaving each other's side. But sometimes, their relationship may have a happily ever after. If the two mate and the maiden has a child, the heart brake pact is gone forever. The maiden may live the life of an ordinary woman. But still her love one may leave. This always leaves the maiden in tears. If the mate dies, she will be soaked in tears. But if the mate leaves her on purpose, her tears will be the saddest in any world.

Shadow Maidens are faster and stronger than normal humans. They also have the ability to "sense" their love one.


Hintee Girls



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