Bryce is a happy child of 12, who has been diagonosed as Autistic. Bryce loves people, and is a very friendly guy. He can not effectivly verbally communicate and struggles to verbalize what he needs and wants. He is not violent but can pinch or lightly hit when he is frustated or does not like to do what he is being told to do.


Bryce lives with his Dad Paul, Step mom Pam, and 2 brothers and 2 step sisters. He visits his mom's home (Peggy's house), every Tuesday evening and every other weekend. He has a dog at Dad's home called Teddy, and at his Mom's home called Tropper.


Bryce loves to sing, and listen to music. His karaoke machine is his favorite toy, he also loves Disney movies and playing with his family siblings. He is an expert at Lego Junk Bot.


Bryce does not like to be bossed. He is happy to help you if you ask. Bryce does not like others to sing and often will ask you to "stop" when you sing.

Problem behavior areas Bryce is working on

Bryce has trouble keeping his hands to himself. He likes to inappropriately sniff hair and get into people's "space" or "bubble". He mumbles and makes odd noises all by himself. Bryce can scream for a few seconds (high pitched whaaaaa then over) when he does not want to do what he is told.

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