CC.LDN = Climate Camp London – the network of folk who are campaigning for a swift and just transition to a low carbon economy through the Climate Camp initiative, and who meet up weekly in London UK

About Climate Camp London

The Climate Camp UK is organised into neighbourhoods. These are mini-communities where the camp’s kitchens and living spaces can be found. They provide an excellent place to network and make new friends. Neighbourhoods run their own affairs at the camp through daily morning meetings. The neighbourhoods are formed on a regional basis, coming from right across the UK from Scotland to the South Coast, and they are open for all to join both before and at the camp. Many of the neighbourhoods continue taking decentralised action against climate change throughout the year.

Come and Meet Us

The London neighbourhood is very active, so there's all sorts of things you can get involved in. We meet weekly in central London at SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies), on Tuesday evenings, 18:30 for a prompt 19:00 start, until 21:00. Everyone is welcome and if you've never been involved in anything like this don't worry – coming to a London neighbourhood meeting is the ideal way to start! Afterwards, some of us will most likely be found in the Friend At Hand pub – see our Location, Public Transport & Watering Holes Map for details.


Room B111, Floor 1, Brunei Gallery
School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London
10 Thornhaugh Street
London WC1H 0XG
More info

Location, Public Transport & Watering Holes Map


Custom GoogleMap: SOAS Environs

See the spatial relationship between these featured locations, and get more info from hotlinks in the locations' detail pop-ups.

  • the Brunei Gallery
  • the three nearest tubes: Russell Square, Goodge Street, Warren Street
  • bus routes serving Russell Square
  • the Friend At Hand pub and three other nearby watering holes

Climate Camp London Calendar

Our collaborative online Climate Camp London Calendar

We collaborate in spacetime via an online Calendar which anyone can edit. You can see events that are of interest to folk campaigning on Climate Change, and add such events yourself.

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