He's been called a fantasist, an delusional buffoon, and no doubt worse – but to the millions-strong Big Brother 9 audience in the UK, Mario Marconi is a classic comedy character of the highest order and he's just being himself! For instance, comic genius Ricky Gervais, who co-wrote and played delusional buffoon David Brent in the BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Award winning mockumentary The Office, declared “I like Mario — but only because he reminds me of Brent.” [1] And just as "much of the comedy and pathos of the series centres on Brent's many idiosyncrasies, hypocrisies, self-delusions and shameless self-promoting (including, but not limited to, playing up to the 'documentary' cameras present in his workplace)," [2] – so too for Mario and BB9.

Facts About Mario

One consequence of the hirarious mismatch between Mario's laid back modesty and humility and his shameless self-promotion is the Facts About Mario thread on the Digital Spy Big Brother Forum, where scores of BB aficionados have seized upon the idea of promoting 'facts' that Mario is too modest to mention to his BB housemates. To bring some of the best of the comedy gold being written by Mario's 'fanbase' to a wider audience, we are pleased to present MarioMarconipedia – a wiki encyclopedia of the extraordinary and outstanding attributes, feats and adventures of The Great Orange I Am.

The Facts About Mario thread has proved to be both popular and highly praised by its readers, as you can see from perusing a selection of their Thank You's. And if you would like to help expand MarioMarconipedia, you are most welcome to do so – see Your Additions for guidance and tutorials.


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