The Preserving Humanity Wiki is a resource for those interested in identifying threats to humanity and describing potential strategies for avoiding or limiting those threats. By "humanity," we refer both to the human species (that is, Homo sapiens) and to what are typically seen as the more positive attributes of the species (that is, the quality of being humane). By "preserving," we refer to the long-term survival of what remains a still-young species.

The rationale for this wiki is that, although human beings are currently the dominant species on the planet in many respects, we exist (as do other species) in a vulnerable state. The quickest way to extinction, of course, would be via a cataclysmic event. Natural species-threatening catastrophes include events such as the impact of large comets or meteors, the eruption of so-called super volcanoes, highly virulent natural pandemics, and cosmic radiation events. Potential human-made catastrophes include nuclear warfare, biological attacks, environmental degradation and - further into the future - the possible misapplication of technologies such as nanotechnology, particle physics, artificial intelligence and robotics, and new genetic and biotechnological advances.

But not all species disappear as the result of sudden catastrophes. Indeed, such catastrophes might be the exception rather the rule when it comes to extinctions. Therefore, this wiki should also examine other reasonable theories of extinction.

Unlike any other Earth species that has come before, as far as we know, humanity has the ability to foresee, plan for, and possibly even forestall threats to its future. We hope that this wiki will serve as a kind clearinghouse for rational ideas and accurate information about how to preserve ourselves. The focus is intended to be empirical, scientific or futuristic rather than mystical or religious. This wiki is not intended to frighten, dismay or discourage, and we dearly hope it will not become a magnet for people fascinated by all things Armageddon.

Despite facing a number of serious difficulties, the human species is thriving. This wiki is intended to function as one tool for making sure this trend continues even as we find ways of intelligently coexisting with the other species on the planet.

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