You are reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document for the Usenet Newsgroup . The goal of this document is to make information that is commonly asked for in the rmmga newsgroup available from one consolidated, and centrally maintained source.

A pointer to this document will be posted to the newsgroup every two weeks.

The scope of this document is limited to those topics which are fairly objective, and for which the answers do not require extremely lengthy explanation. In those cases where answers are beyond the scope of this document, references are given to the appropriate resources to locate additional information. Clearly argumentative questions (ie "who's the best") are avoided entirely.

This Wiki is an attempt to decentralize the FAQ maintenance, as well as to reactivate it as a document. Readers of RMMGA are encouraged to participate in the process, and take active roles in editting and contributing to the FAQ. The rmmga FAQ used to be maintained by Grant Alvis, and started out as a copy of that version.

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