Arcona NEGAS

An Acacian




Acacian, Basic

Average height

1.8 – 2.0 meters

Skin color

Ebony to mahogany

Eye color

Green, gold


Scaleless reptilians, Flat anvil-shaped heads

The Acacia or Acacians were a race of scaleless, bipedal serpents with an anvil-shaped head and marble-like eyes. Between their eyes is a small bulbous knob that is used as a heat sensor and supplement to their eyesight. Their skin resembles fibrous wood, and ranges in color from dark mahogany through gray to ebony. They are native to the planet Acacia, and require ammonia supplements whenever they are off-planet. When irritated, their eyes exude a milky, tear-like fluid. Socially, Acacians arrange themselves into groups called Grand Nests. They are farmers by nature, tilling Acacias rich tropical environment. The absence of salt in their environment has caused them to become addicted to the substance on occasion. Such addicted Acacians are noticeable by their glowing yellow eyes, a result of a chemical interaction between the salt their optic nerves. This interaction also causes hallucinatory visions to play across the Acacians eyes. However, increased levels of salt also break down the pancreatic ability to convert ammonia into a water-conserving enzyme, and is thus deadly to the Acacian.

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