Accidentally Adventures intro and outro is Pikachufreak's idea. This is the intro for Disney XD's Accidentally Adventures, which aired from 2010 until 2014.


  • The intro is set to Strut from The Cheetah Girls, as we show Amy Flowers' life from leaving her family's house, meeting up with her friends like Kiwi, Jenelle, Elise, Mitchie, Miranda and Clarissa, even encountering Fiona Von Steig, Denise Harvester, Lucia De Leon, Marley Clarkson and Lorelei "Lor" Bernstein. After that, the intro ends with the show's logo.


  • The outro is set in the style of Mucha Lucha's first season, as we hear an instrumental version of the show's theme song as the closing sequence. After the end credits stop at the copyright notice, we show the Stretch Films Inc. logo that has the mouth laughing, and then a long version of the Disney XD Original logo from 2009-2016 (with a male voice saying Yes! after a brief guitar riff).

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