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v1.7.0 -- Target 15-Sept-2006


  1. Test
  2. Test2



  1. !! CH2 Offscale Mode
  2. !! Read data in "Image" mode for BFSP; transfer as Byte
  3. !! 2-GHz Sampling
  4. !! First draft tuning display
  5. 1 sec spectra
  • Raw display of full spectrum with 4 peaks "windows" highlighted
  • Arrows(?) to move peak window
  • Gaussian Fit of Peaks in windows
  • Report FWHM, FW10%, and resolutions of peak in window
  1. !! Test and Complete Cell-Phone Rejection </b>
Menu Windows
  1. Move Default Params to Menu Window or add Menu # Buttons to Default Window
    • If moved to Menu Window, need to discuss how to share values between similar ToF-type menus.
  2. Timing Window: Saving calculator, display in menu: Gb hr-1, day-1, month-1
  3. Button to load and compare any menu file to the active menu file
    • Useful for diagnosing problems or determining what has been changed

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