Action items on the layout:


1. 125 Ohm serial to VDD input of MC33982?

2. Fuse in the GND line.

3. Much weaker GND line

4. Also protect National RS485 driver?

5. Protect relay drivers from blowing up? A fuse in the VDD line could protect. Max Idd = 4.0 mA / device.

6. Swap internal 2 (+12V) and 4 (+5V) layer (Lee Farmer)

7. Design and layout a test board for MC33982 (Javier)

8. Increase clearance to vias and busbar. (Lee Farmer)

9. Verify clearance in PCB for aluminum stand-offs. (Per, Lee, Bayless)

10. Potting with silicon?


PLAN B (probably takes 3-4 weeks to do new layout)

  Swap top and bottom layers to avoid live battery in the bottom that can short to the housing. New layer stack up would be from top +12V, +12V, +12V, space VDD, GND GND (incl. power output traces) .
Plus a selection of above from plan A

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