ActiveSync is a program for a Windows PC that allows one to sync their Windows CE devices with their PC. The latest version is currently 4.5.

Revision history

Please note that ActiveSync 4.0 and higher do not support Windows CE 2.0x and Windows CE 2.1x. It also drops support for TCP/IP syncing (ethernet, wifi, etc), unless you have Microsoft Exchange Server for Windows Mobile.
  • ActiveSync 3.8 -
  • ActiveSync 3.7
    • Version 3.7
    • Version 3.7.1
  • ActiveSync 3.6
  • ActiveSync 3.5
    • Build 1176
    • Build 12007
  • ActiveSync 3.1
    • Build 9386
    • Build 9439
    • Build 9587
  • ActiveSync 3.0

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