Class: Red Mage

Controlled By: DragonAtma (the original BIG AWESOME DRAGON)

Age: 28

Father: Darlannon (Red Mage)

Mother: Trinella (Red Mage)

Uncle: Larinol (Red Mage)

Aunt: Farinna (White Mage)

Quest List

Coneria: (Imp Invasion!(?), Where's My Metal?, (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka: Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather , 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure, Death on the Galleon, Journey to Elfland

About 28 years ago, Atma was born to a pair of light elves in Crescent Lake. Thanks to the city's widespread racism, his parents had their ears carefully trimmed (and the scars magically healed) so they could easily pass as humans, and performed the same act on Atma the day he was born. Atma trained to be a red mage like his parents, and even fell in love with Kary, a fellow red mage. The day he was planning to propose, the elders kicked her out of the red mages's guild claiming she used the "forbidden magic" of monster skills, time travel, and shapeshifting. Knowing full well that red mages consider no magic forbidden she fled the city, leaving a mysterious orb and a note for Atma. He spent two weeks searching for her, but eventually left for Elfland and then Coneria, refusing to forgive the guild's elders.

Atma is generally laidback, but has no qualms about taking charge in dangerous situations. He has an aunt and uncle in Elfland, two of the few people who know that Atma's not human. He does not understand why Astos's RUB-inflicted Bracelets smell of Liddy Von Colson (one of the guild's elders)'s magic, as virtually all magic is scent-free. Finally, he doesn't know that Kary has a new shape, and definitely doesn't know that she's the Fiend of Fire.

In a recent battle, Atma went berserk, a rage that didn't end until Astos's corpse was sliced into bite0-sized chunks. The fact that he lost control to his anger scares Atma, as he fears he may harm a friend in another berserk rage... especially if Spiralex's entity decides that Atma's a suitable host.

Dave Mlinko

Class: Black Belt

Controlled By: In2DaBMage

See Dave Mlinko and Stephen's Arc on NPCs

Quest List

Cornelia: (Imp Invasion!(?), Where's My Metal?, (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka: Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather, 2v2 Battle Royale, Random Encounters - Pravoka, Shiver Me Timbers, Journey to Elfland


Note: Due to a rare pituitary disorder, Max is only 6 inches tall

Class: Fighter

Age: 22

Controlled By: robertebalmer

Quest List

Cornelia: (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka: Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather, 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure, Journey to Elfland

Max is originally from the town of Crescent Lake. About 17 years ago the circle of sages in Crescent Lake prophesied that their small town was doomed to destruction unless an artifact could be recovered that was hidden deep within a cave of ice to the north. The exact nature of the artifact was not revealed. Shortly after this prophecy was given, a group of four adventurers set off from Crescent Lake to recover the artifact. This group included Max's parents, Tomas and Isabel, as well as two other men named Jim and Colin. Reluctant to leave their children but determined to save their town, Max's parents left him and his younger brother Aren (barely 1 year old at the time) in the care of Lukahn, a close friend.

Weeks passed with no word of the expedition. Finally one day a haggard Jim and Colin returned to town, wounded in body and spirit. They bore ill news: Tomas and Isabel had been slain by an enormous one-eyed creature in the ice cave. Wracked with guilt at having failed in their mission, neither of the survivors felt at ease staying in Crescent Lake. Colin had heard Lukahn speak many times of his former home, a peaceful town to the west called Corneria, and he decided to move there. Jim, on the other hand, felt compelled to return to the cave, and despite the apparent hopelessness of the quest he set off on his own to try to redeem himself and recover the artifact. He left over 15 years ago and he has not been heard of since.

Max grew up with only vague memories of his parents, and it wasn't until about a year ago that he finally learned the truth of what happened from Lukahn. He then immediately set off for Corneria to find Colin. Max realized that despite his determination to return to the cave for the artifact, he was quite inexperienced and unlikely to succeed in that quest at the present time. Max did not want to return to Crescent Lake empty-handed, and so he decided to stay in Corneria and take a job with the city guard. There he met Bob, and this is where Max's story joined the FFD storyline (see above for an overview of Max's exploits since then).

Max's Resume (a.k.a., The Max Highlight Reel, or Max's Greatest Hits)

--Was part of the first group to encounter the first new FFD enemy: WzIMPs. In the ensuing battle he was buried in a melted mud hut caused by a WzIMP's FIRE spell. He was rescued by Eric, Stephen, and Obsidian (shout out).

--Was instrumental in uniting everyone against the Red Mages in the Pravoka Battle Royale, and finished tied for 2nd overall (with Guy), his highest tournament finish to date.

--Along with the Pravokan Mohawk-ed Man, was the first victim of an instant death spell in the history of FFD (albeit in a tournament setting and therefore not a real death, per se).

--Was instrumental in fouling up the Light Elves' defense of the Western Front during Astos' Invasion. Managed to be the last living defender on that front, not through any skill or cunning of his own, but due to the class feature of having boat-loads of hit points.

--Has dreams and strange visions of someday acquiring a Silver Hammer, and banging people on the head with it.


Class: White Mage

Age: 24

Controlled By Goatfishman


Level 1: Harm, Cure, Ruse

Level 2: Mute, Lamp, Invs

Level 3: Hrm2, Cur2, Afir

Level 4: AMUT!!!!!!

Level 5: Life, Cur3

Quest List

Cornelia: (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Temple Detectives, Save the Princess, Where's My Metal?, Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka: Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather, 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure, Journey to Elfland

A White Mage born in a small community near Melmond. He was born on a farm and was expected to own it once he grew old enough, but he wasn't suited to hard labor, and was more of an intellectual. Noticing this, his father sent him away to become a White Mage. He took a lazy approach to his studies at first, but that changed when his mom died after a cooking fire got too powerful and burned down the house--with his mom still trapped inside. The emotional shock of his moms death proved to be too much for the father, and shortly afterwards he died. Before he died, he told Guy to seek out Sarda, as he would be able to help him progress further in his studies. Guy was able to focus more on his studies after this and he subsequently improved so much that his teachers recommended that he go to Coneria, which is where he met our adventurers.

He arrived on the scene in the first arena battle, but his Ruse powered strategy proved to be unsuccessful against Dave Mlinko. Meeting up with the other first round losers, they were asked to investigate Garland's castle. It was in that castle that he was given a Cap that was found by HIM. Arriving back from that expedition, they found that Princess Sara was kidnapped by Garland. He participated in the Garland battle, acting as a healer, and rejoiced to see the knight fall.

After a stopover with John and Dave to collect an iron hammer, the three along with HIM journeyed to Pravoka, where they actually arrived before the first group to leave. It was in Pravoka that the group first met the man, the myth, the legend, Crazy Potions Guy. After that ruined meeting, the large group was split up by Undine. He was put into a group with Undine, Muteki, Atma, and Bob, where they ran into a lot of wolves and finally, a pair of Giants. Guy was all for fleeing, but Undine and Muteki talked him down from the ledge and the group battled the Giants using an Undine copyrighted "Blink Tank" strategy, that involved Guy casting RUSE and drawing attacks. This worked, but did not because Guy was never really attacked. Poor Muteki was though. The group prevailed and returned to Pravoka, where Guy helped defeat one of two Giants that had followed them back to town.

Guy was then paired up with John in the Pravoka arena battle, which involved six teams of two matched up according to their class. Guy's initial plan was to RUSE up again, but Atma had to go and ruin things by Muteing everyone but himself, Undine, and Guy. So Guy retaliated by Muteing Atma to ensure that he could get his Ruses off. Undine pointed out to him that Neutering the mages was a bad thing, since it basically handed the fighters the tournament, and only an alliance between the surviving spellcasters could benefit them. Guy agreed, and seconds after he did, Undine was cut down by a fortunate hit. Finally, the tourney came down to the fighter team and Guy, and Guy willingly surrendered to prevent the longest battle in the history of time. Upon exiting, the trio found out that everyone's gold had been stolen by four new adventurers. They were tracked down and the gold was recovered. Among these new adventurers was a mage named X. Although nobody knew it at the time, when they first saw each other, a cold wind blew across the horizon.

Arriving back at the harbor, they found chaos. The 16 quickly split up and Guy went with Bob, Max, and a (in)famous thief named XScorpion on Bob's Leviathan boat. The boat went to the dwarven caves. While the fighters trained, Guy and XScorpion caught "foodies" for the dwarven chef Bork. After that, the four learned of a "Forsaken Labyrinth" tournament that was being held. While taking the ship back to Pravoka to stock up on supplies, Guy became paranoid about missing the tournament, and jumped overboard when Corneria drew into sight. This......was not needed.

In the forsaken labyrinth, Guy showed off his complete lack of directional skills by getting insanely lost, and running away from every concievable battle. He got so lost that he danced as he moved to entertain the crowd that had gathered to watch. Eventually, he came upon X, Princess Sara, and Uber the mystical iguana. He was accepted into the group, and thus, Team Comic Relief was born. They made it deep into the labyrinth, although Sara was lost when yet another freaking Giant popped out of the ground with a specter, and Sara decided the best thing to do was make it afraid of the earth while the Giant beat her face in. The team prevailed, but basically out of juice, was not able to advance further, but did not die.

During this time, two things happened. The first was a fast friendship was born with X. The second was that Astos attempted to recruit both of them into his army, but they both refused. Guy did so because Astos did not offer him anything Guy actually wanted. Upon leaving the tournament, Guy went to Elfland with X so he could learn at the magic school there, but was drawn into the conflict between Light and Dark elves. He commanded a light elf force on the southern front, where he personally lived through the conflict, but the light elves fell. He is now currently moving to Astos's castle to look for survivors there.

Well....let's see how much of this I can remember from my last update of my character. So Guy traveled with a bunch of people to Astos's castle, where I vaguely remember making an oregon trail post. Anyhow, we liberated the castle, and then everyone gathered there to plot to retake Elfland.

The most important thing that happened there (and possibly of all time), was that Guy fell asleep on Astos's throne, and had a fun dream. Bad stuff was happening, and Renquist ran in shouting about a BIG AWESOME DRAGON!!!!!!! Then, because Renquist and Guy think exactly alike, they decided to make an alcoholic drink titled BIG AWESOME DRAGON!!!!! Everyone loves BIG AWESOME DRAGON!!!!!! This tickled both of them so pink that they telepathically laughed to each other about it about 9000 different times since then in between harassing Undine and ordering pizza.

So Guy went off to liberated Elfland with everyone, and he was on the western front, which was a very long and drawn out fight, which was nice, since Guy got to telepathically communicate with the Evil Entity of Spiralex's, which was neat because, hey, that sucker's popular. Eventually, he helped break back into Elfland's castle, and helped to defeat Astos. Without him RUBing anyone. Because we're not solo theives.

After that, a whole bunch of people went treasure hunting, but I don't think Guy was one of them. I forget what I was doing. Was I powerleveling? Did I go back to the marsh cave? That sounds right. Or wrong. In any case, just assume that mirth and hilarity happened while everyone else was drowning back in the dwarven villiage.

Ooooh, I just remembered that when everyone went to give Matoya her crystale back, that Dano was going to kill someone because they helped the dark elves, and everyone was going to kill him, except for Guy, who was going to back him up because Guy is a crazy person, but then Matoya was all like "pssssh, you all gotta leave now" and zapped everyone away. Then he helped rescue Heron and his many broken legs.

So eventually, the entire group made it back to Melmond. One would have expected Guy to be anxious to go back home and see what was left of it, you know, use that as a character building RP, but FSA just had to go and offer a tournament. A team tournament. Guy partnered with Obsidian because X didn't respond in time, and Renquist was off punching a rock, and XScorpion already had a partner. He partnered with Obsidian because they were the most experienced. Thus, Team Experience was born! And they did great, with Obsidian burning everything and Guy providing hints like "kill that thing!" and "They're going to hit you!" Obviously, we were rewarded by winning the entire thing and merging into a superbeing.

Gubsidian made it far enough in final rounds to earn Guy a spell (life), a bunch of gold and experience, and a Phoenix Down. Yayyyyyy! Things were looking up! And things were even better when Guy left the arena because a zombie horde had attempted to take over Melmond. As the closest thing FFD has to Ving Rhames, Guy was an obvious choice to destroy all the zombies and ghouls and vampires. But a new player named Shaft (or Rex? I forget which one I did this too) had gone into an undead limbo, and Guy had to use his conveniently newly learned life spell to bring him back to life.

A key thing that happened during this was that all of Elite Unit 17 decided to ride wyverns into battle. Despite having a fear of heights, and knowing it was a bad idea, Guy decided to join them. As a reward for his sacrifice, he was brutally killed and reborn as an evil undead zombie. In the meantime, his soul had traveled onto a kind of limbo, where the Evil Entity reappeared and offered to make a deal with him. I will now sum up what happened.

UndeadGuy: Despite having super stats and having everyone going "OH GOD NO" at first, he managed to get killed in like 4 updates, even with X purposefully getting himself killed and becoming a UndeadX. Why did this happen? Because Guy's controller is the worst tactician of ALL TIME.

SoulGuy: Guy's soul decided to play the Evil Entity in Overlord, in which if he lost the Evil Entity would gain control over him at some point in the future. Guy accepted, because he is a fool. Everything was looking well until The Entity's BB decided to shoryuken everyone one of Guy's pieces to death.

So Guy was brought back to life, but he acted strange. Weeeeeird. Oddd. He didn't remember any of the deal, but knew he had to get stronger, and became more aggressive. But he gave his Phoenix Down to Obsidian, who had sacrificed his to basically kill UndeadGuy. And hey, what does a WM with a life spell need a Phoenix Down for? And he set off to find out just what had possessed his undead body (because it wasn't the entity..........we think.) They found out they needed to see Sarda, which is nice from a character standpoint. And unbeknownst to Guy, X had won an overlord battle against the entity, so Guy's soul is now his own again and he basically feels peachy right now. This is where we are currently at.

Overall, Guy is very relaxed and easy going, unless he is in a high stress situation, where he gets more skittish. He seeks to be a calming influence to the groups he's in, either through his magic or his humor. He has an inate need to help those weaker than himself and those that are hurt, but balances this with a fanatical hatred of the undead.

Arena Accomplishments

  • Corneria: Defeated in the first round by Dave Mlinko.
  • Pravoka: 3rd place, willingly surrendered to the Bob and Max team to prevent a 1000-round battle that might break FSA's simulator.
  • Forsaken Labyrinth: Teamed up with X, Princess Sara, and Uber in the epic forming of "Team Comic Relief."
  • Melmond: Teamed up to form the slightly less epic "Team Experience" with Obsidian, and won! We won the thing! I rule at arena battles!

Other Accomplishments

  • Is the main focus of the "Blink Tank" strategy, a term popularized by Undine in the Giant Battle of Pravoka. This involves a WM (or RM) casting RUSE on themselves to make them unhittable, and standing at the front of the party to cause misses.
  • Has an odd need to name every minor character he comes into contact with.
  • Has a near fanatical hatred of all things Undead, and will attempt to destroy them at all cost regardless of the situation, unless someone can talk him out of it.
  • Has referred to Muteki as a Soccer Ball on multiple occasions
  • Vital Organs post with Muteki
  • Go Northeast, then Southwest.
  • Freely uses telekinesis with the following: Renquist, Undine, X, Renquist again, The Evil Entity, Random pizzamen, Renquist in metagaming form.
  • wavy flashback effect*
  • Who knows what nonsense will come out of my brain next!


Class: Black Mage

Controlled by: beege_man








Quest List - Intro

Cornelia: Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka: Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather, 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure, Journey to Elfland

A Chronological History of the World Renown Mage

Chapter 1 - The Early Years

Obsidian was born in Coneria to parents Raven and Sable. Raven had very limited control over his minor black magical abilities and yearned to see the world, but life had different plans for him. He met Sable who had a very strong inherent grasp of the black magics, but was reluctant to make much use of them. She just wanted a quiet life in peaceful Coneria. There was much speculation as to which of these varying attributes a child of theirs would take on. At first it was thought Obsidian had inherited his father's limited magical ability and his mother's desire for a simple life. Two years after Obsidian was born, his brother Ebony was born with seemingly opposite traits. From a very early age he was nothing but trouble. Extremely adventureous and obsessed with the idea of magic and destruction. No one would have guessed at that point just how wrong they were about each child's magical ability and what it would mean for their futures. Just as life had different plans for Raven, it had very different plans for Obsidian and he would have very little control over where it took him...

Chapter 2 - Banished

To be continued...

Chapter 3 - The Adventure Begins

To be edited later with current deeds

A mage hired to work on the high seas for the head merchant of Pravoka due to his affinity for lightning magic and its effectiveness against sea monsters. He was recently given control of the head merchant's Galleon after the the Thieves Guild, led by a mysterious man with a mohawk, killed the head merchant. Obsidian grew up in Corneria, but was forced to leave while he was young due to his lack of control over the magic he wielded at the time. He has since honed these skills and became calm, cool, and collected, with decent tactical sense. He misses his family, especially his little brother Ebony, a wanna-be mage without any real magical talent. He appears to express some regret over not having Ebony's fighting abilities, and also seems to feel bad for being incapable of teaching him magic to keep him safe on his crazy adventures around the world.


Class: Red Mage

Age: 22

Height: 5' 7"

Eyes: Blue

Hometown: Onrac

Occupation: Student (Expelled)

Controlled By: AstralEsper

Quest List - Intro

Pravoka: Call Me Meriweather , 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure, Shiver Me Timbers, Journey to Elfland

Dwarf Caves: Food Shortage, Forsaken Labyrinth, TNT Delivery, How to Build a Dam, Ka-Boom!, Journey to Melmond

Elfland: Elementary Magic School, Monster Infestation, Astos Invasion, Journey to Marsh Cave, Crown Jewels, Astos Retaliation, Which Witch?

Melmond: Monster Arena, Steel Smelting, Undead Invasion

STATUS as of 12/19/09

 LV.  18    EXP:  71804
 HP: 283    SP: 7/6/5/4/3
 STR: 23    Attack   34
 AGI: 23    Accuracy 56
 INT: 22    Defense  26
 VIT: 17    Evasion  61
 LCK: 19    M. Def.  [Disputed]
 Weapon: Scather 
 Shield: Buckler
 Head:   Cap
 Body:   Silver Mail
 Hands:  Defense Ring
 L1 - Cure    Fog     Sleep
 L2 - Invis   Mute    Temper
 L3 - Cure 2  Fire 2  A-Fire
 L4 - Esuna   Ice  2  Fast
 L5 - Cure 3  Fire 3
 Inventory: Healx9, Purex9, Short Sword, Steel Ore, Loan Receipt from Atma for Silver Sword
 16146 Gold


A student at the Mysidian Academy, she chose to study Red Magic following her indecisive nature, a choice that meshed well with a side-interest in fencing. Though an accomplished student possessing a natural talent, she eventually grew tired of being boxed into the role of "Jack of all Trades, Master of None," and sought to distinguish herself in some way. While researching in the library, she came across some obscure references to special techniques developed by mages of different schools long ago. Of particular interest to her were the ability to quicken spellcasting and a technique to cast two spells with a single incantation, referred to as "Doublecast," utilized exclusively by Red Mages.

She asked her professors about her discovery, but they denied that any such abilities had ever been developed, and advised her to abandon her pursuit. Unsatisfied, Undine continued her research. Eventually, she managed to crudely apply a technique to speed up her incantations from a vague description she found in an arcane book, achieving an insignificant but measurable reduction in casting time. This convinced her that there was more substance to these seemingly forgotten skills than her professors would have her think.

After piecing together some incomplete writings on the subject, she attempted to apply them to perform the Doublecast technique. Her test failed, and resulted in the simultaneous expenditure of all her spell charges. Her proximity to the Black Mage Research Lab at the time proved problematic, as the massive release of energy triggered a chain reaction with nearby volatile materials and caused an explosion that nearly took out an entire wing of the school. While there were fortunately no serious injuries, she was expelled by the Headmaster, who sealed all of her spells, confiscated her equipment, and cast a level restriction spell on her, reducing her to Level 1. She was then teleported away from Mysidia.

Undine found herself near Pravoka, penniless and weak. She was determined to regain her lost power and more, to exceed the abilities of her former professors and return to Mysidia triumphant. As she journeyed, though, she began to feel her own limitations more keenly than she ever imagined. Although she initially looked upon the other "low-level" adventurers she met with disdain, she gradually softened as she was humbled by her new position. Her desire for power also curbed somewhat and even faded into the background as she was exposed to the crueler aspects of the world she was once sheltered from. On a mission to defeat the pirate Bikke, she was shocked to find herself surrounded by death, and in turn became responsible for it herself. Though she worked through a crisis point and managed to cope with her actions, she has a strong dislike of killing and will avoid lethal force whenever possible against human opponents, preferring to disable them. This sentiment does not extend to monsters, however.

She was responsible for landing the final blow against Bikke, and spared him to the chagrin of Dave Mlinko and Steven. She made him promise that he would do no more harm, and confiscated his weapon, Scather, a Mythril sword once belonging to Elvish Royalty that Bikke looted from a corpse. He later betrayed this promise, causing Undine to experience some level of disillusionment. Misfortune beset her when she attempted to use Scather; though she managed to quiet the yet unsated hunger the blade displayed in her battle with Bikke, it nearly consumed her mind with a fiery rage, scarring her arms with burns in the form of strange characters that Undine didn't recognize. She realized she could not use it at that point in time, and sought to discover the meaning of the marks on her arms, which she usually covers with her gloves.

Moving on from this unfortunate happening, she became entangled in the Elfland Civil War. While reticent to join, she was persuaded by the Light Elves to aid in the fight against Astos, and commanded the covert strike force sent to the Western Keep. Despite making several mistakes during the course of the mission, she boasted the only victory of the four fronts, the other 3 meeting defeat at the hands of Astos' forces.

She was a part of the team Bondrion for the expedition to the Marsh Cave to recover the Crown. She has at this point more or less blocked out most of the events of the Marsh Cave - her least favorite experience since having begun her journey, though she did recall the curiosity that the Piscodemons inhabitting the cave fancied themselves to be "Wizards," despite their lack of magic. After finally leaving the cave, she spent hours attempting to scrub all of the muck from her hair and clothes, with debatable success.

The Crown recovered, she was tasked with helping to scout out locations for the upcoming battle to retake Elfland - a task she didn't particularly relish. Her participation was cut short, however, when she witnessed a massacre of Light Elves at the hands of Astos's forces. Though the sight deeply disturbed her entire party, she was affected more deeply than the rest. Without really thinking about it, her hand reached for the Scather. She was then absorbed into a dream-like state in which she underwent a trial, fighting shades of the sword's former bearers, in reverse order of their possession. First there was Bikke, from whom she had obtained the blade. Then there was an old woman she did not know. Following her, she fought a Young Astos, somewhat alarmed by his cruel, and above all cold demeanor. After him, she fought an odd, flamboyant fellow named Owzer, whom she later found to have some relation to the Black Mage X. Finally, she was pitted against the sword itself - a fight that she could not as yet hope to win. She did however learn more about the sword - that its sentience came from its maker, who imbued his/her soul into the sword. Exiting the dream world, the old woman told her how to utilize an Enchantment she placed on the sword, which would allow her to cede control of her mind and body to the Scather for a moment, letting it feast on her foe and feed its energy to her. She was however warned that the ability was very painful to use, and that there was a risk of adverse side effects from repeated use. These events also enabled her to use the sword safely in an inert state.

Undine awoke from her dream-like state in a hospital bed. She was impressed by the concern the other adventurers had for her, and the lengths to which they had gone to protect her when she was incapacitated. It touched her in a way that she hadn't felt in some time. She had several personal interactions during her recovery, and then joined the others in the strategy meeting. She served as Lieutenant for the Western Front in the effort to retake Elfland from Astos, and assisted in securing Elfland Castle for the final confrontation with Astos. She was placed into a team with Luke and his dog, Fenrir, as well as the Mercenary Mack and his two comrades, Biggs and Wedge. During their time together, Undine developed an antagonistic relationship with Mack largely stemming from their drastically different perspectives on issues of morality and killing, aggravated by Mack's misogynistic tendencies. After the Dragon Virulent was defeated in the castle basement, she organized a squad to assist those who had gone to fight Astos, but he was defeated upon their arrival.

After these events, she accompanied the group along to Matoya's to exorcise Spiralex's vampirism, and then returned with a contingent to Elfland to wake the sleeping Prince. She then accompanied XScorpion and the others in searching out chests sealed by the Mystic Key, ultimately leading them to assist in the construction of a canal leading out of the Aldi Sea, and her current confrontation with Virulent for a second time.


Class: Black Mage

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Onrac

Controlled by: x_loto

Quest List - Intro

Pravoka: Gimme My Treasure, Journey to Elfland

A short and stubby Black Mage who is just learning his profession. He appears to be a bit of a klutz, doing such things as tripping over books and snapping a string on Atma's Lute while attempting to play a song. He was chosen by Mohawk Man, along with XScorpion and Keeo, to unknowingly steal the main party's gold. He is quite shy and stutters profusely, but this disappears when he is crunching numbers or formulating strategy. It has also been established that his stutter disappears while dead. He has a good grasp of battle theory, but often performs his calculations with incorrect numbers or otherwise corrupted formulas. Due to his stubbornness, this has led to several comedic scenes. He also has a strong sense of justice, and will do whatever it takes to defend others even if it puts him in harm's way. He also employs a very strange slang, and seems to be connected to Erdrick somehow...whoever the hackers he might be....

His past is largely unknown at present, although certain details have been revealed. X originally arrived in Pravoka by mistake, having made a wrong turn after washing ashore from a shipwreck. A chance encounter with a pre-muting XScorpion (or was it?) seems to have been what turned him in the wrong direction. However, after arriving in the port town he was content to study black magic at his leisure while working at the local library.

Aside from helping the other Light Warriors in any way he can, he is also searching for information about his father, Owzer. According to Astos, Owzer was once a general in his army, but is now deceased. Obviously, the source of this information is of dubious quality, so X is desperate for answers.

Other questions about the mage remain unanswered. Why is he studying black magic? Why does he call himself X (coz we all know ain't no self-respecting momma gonna name her baby X!)? These questions have all remained unanswered, since for now X prefers to remain mysterious...terribly mysterious.

Spell listing (as of Via Dolorosa):



L3--FIR2, LOK2, LIT2



Class: Thief

Controlled By: Strangely enough, XScorpion

Quest List - Intro

Pravoka: Gimme My Treasure, Secret Hideout I, Journey to Elfland

The most infamous thief ever. Rumors persist that this is due to ballot-stuffing. But don't worry: we all know that XScorpion is the greatest thief who ever lived, and no one can compare themselves to him! XScorpion also wants everyone to know that he is indeed a ninja, despite his class listing, because ninjas are better than pirates and thieves in every way. Also, XScorpion would never wear a bandanna because they are for losers and/or pirates. XScorpion's favourite colour is black and his favourite pastimes include "loaning" massive amounts of gold to other people, and also sarcasm. The things XScorpion dislikes include people who like people he hates, broken glass, people named X, people who use the word "hackers," and X.

XScorpion is also the only person in the world to ever have killed a monster (or a Dark Elf Knight specifically) with a waffle to the eye.

XScorpion is also the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but you already knew that ^_-


Class: Fighter

Controlled by: DarthCansupes

Quest List - Intro

Pravoka: Gimme My Treasure, Shiver Me Timbers, Journey to Elfland

An adventurer from parts unknown, Keeo and his mage friend Keyser spent some time among the dwarves, helping Nerrick dig a passage connecting the Aldi Sea to the rest of the world. A large stone blockage barred the way, and so they were dispatched to find some way to clear it. Along the way, they met a lone old man who asked them politely to find a Crown in the Marsh Cave, as it held great power. Keeo felt that if the Crown was so powerful, then this old man might be of some use in clearing the stone blockage. Keyser had heard of the Marsh Cave and tried to talk Keeo out of it, but couldn't convince him otherwise. So, the two went to the Cave... and Keyser met his demise, struck down by poisonous creatures. Badly injured himself, Keeo fled to the surface, but his friend reanimated into an undead beast and came at him. Keeo managed to strike him down, but the experience had badly effected him, so he sold most of his belongings to flee the elven lands to make it to Pravoka. The ship was hijacked by pirates, and Keeo ended up getting chucked overboard. Eventually, he washed up at Pravoka, sold his sword for a pallet behind the inn, and resigned himself to his existence.

On the day of the battle royale, that all changed. He was in the audience that day, having snuck in, trying to take his mind off of his troubles. When the Black Mage Muteki cast SLEP on a large number of competitors and audience members, Keeo elected to depart. Just outside the arena, Mohawk Man recruited him, along with X and XScorpion. Brief thoughts of forming a group called "The X-perience Featuring Keeo" flitted through his mind, but it was not to be. The trio was tasked with transporting several piles of gold to a newly reconstructed mud hut, and provided with equipment as part of payment. Of course, it turned out to be a plot to steal the gold of the competitors in the battle royale, and resulted in a great deal of enmity towards the Mohawk Man. Once the misunderstanding had been sorted out, Keeo, X, XScorpion, and Mohawk Man's other recent hire Dano were accepted by the larger group of adventurers. Escaping squalor had a profound effect on Keeo, as he got over much of his self-loathing.

The next morning, chaos enveloped Pravoka as the head merchant was killed and a full-fledged war broke out between the pirates and thieves. Keeo was recruited by Dave Mlinko to assist him in taking Bikke's privateer. Over the course of a long day and night of travel, the pirates manning Bikke's vessel were dispatched by Dave's team, culminating in a showdown with Bikke himself. In the end, Dave's team was able to capture him, and made a brief stopover in Coneria before heading on to Elfland. Keeo, Dave, and Eric spent most of their time in Elfland helping to clear the forest around the city of monsters. When they returned, news of the Forsaken Labyrinth had spread, and Keeo decided to enter. His trusty Hand Axe was sidelined in favor of a dwarven-made Long Sword, and he looked forward to hopefully upgrading further to a Silver Sword with victory.

Unfortunately, his draw for starting position went very poorly, and he began further away from the exit than any other competitor. Even so, he worked quickly to try and gain ground, first joining forces with a MUMMY, and then eventually with Conerian Tournament Champion Atma and his own IMAGE companion. Together, they managed to make it deep into the Labyrinth's Inner Sanctum. Ultimately, they were mere steps from the exit when Dano claimed final victory. Keeo and Atma then worked together in a survivor's battle royale, splitting the prize money when Atma won. Afterwards, they made haste back to Elfland where the dark king Astos was preparing to invade. Keeo was put in command of the southern front, with X, Dano, and Guy as his lieutenants. Together with the light elf troops, they made a valiant attempt to hold off the vast dark elf forces, but it was not enough to keep Astos from taking the city. Blaming himself for the catastrophe, Keeo suggested that the four head towards Astos' Northwestern Castle to seek out any survivors of a light elf expedition commanded by Undine to prepare a counterstrike. The others agreed, and off they went.

Arriving at the Northwestern Castle, the southern defenders met up with Undine's group and together left to try finding the mysterious Crown, supposedly in the Marsh Cave. Coming to the conclusion that the old man who had originally sent him and Keyser to the cave was in fact Astos, Keeo believed the Crown was a hoax, but reluctantly agreed to go along with the others. A large group of adventurers arrived at the cave all at once, including many who had fought for Astos in the war. The Supreme Potentate himself, Pie, was added to the southern defenders for the Marsh Cave exploration, forming Elite Unit No. 17. Heading into the cave, EU17 was facing several problems, most notably the fact that nobody trusted Pie, and the fact that something was clearly wrong with Keeo. He was quite apprehensive about the cave, and the others had taken notice. It was in the cave that Keeo's problems came to light. Deep within the cave, the group came up against a pair of WIZARDs, one of which psychically taunted Keeo, explaining that Keyser had been used as a host body. Incensed with rage, Keeo killed it, then did the same to the one that had once been Keyser. At long last, he told the others what had happened the last time he was in the cave. Much to his relief, they seemed to accept his actions.

After the defeat of C'eltine and the recovery of the Crown, Keeo returned Keyser's body to the surface and held a proper burial for his friend. The others from EU17 looked on, and provided him with a fitting headstone. It was at this point that Keeo spoke briefly about how he hoped they, and the many other adventurers who had all come together for various events in recent times, would be able to change the world for the better, even as those like Astos sought to remake the world in their own dark images. With the second war of Elfland just beginning, only time will tell how it will all turn out. Though he cannot truly forgive himself for Keyser's fate, he has at last come to terms with it and is ready to move forward with his life.


Class: Red Mage

Age: 26

Controlled by: des223

Castable Spells (September 28, 2009):





L5: FIR3

Quest List - Intro

Pravoka: Gimme My Treasure, Journey to Elfland

Dano was the only child of a couple living in the woods. His family never had enough the money to send him to any sort of magical school, and he couldn't read anyways, but he is imbued with a strong magical aura. He grew restless at the thought of spending his whole life as a woodsman, so he set off to explore the world and hone his magical skills. Dano has two main goals: earn as much money as possible to afford himself a better lifestyle, and learn as much magic as possible. He cannot read (he never had formal schooling), so instead of reading the magical scrolls that he purchases, he instead listens to other people cast spells and learns from them that way. This gives him the honor of being the first challenge character in Final Fantasy Dynamics.

Dano first encountered the other adventurers in Pravoka, where he was tricked by the Mohawk Man to transport stolen money. Even though he is friendly, Dano occasionally becomes obsessed with becoming stronger and smarter. This leads him to attempt quests, slay powerful enemies, and fight through difficult times going solo. His skill at solo survival was proven through winning the Forsaken Labyrinth by himself (along with the help of some bargaining with other Labyrinth contestants). Dano will normally side with what is good and right, but if those lines become blurry, he makes his decisions based on the amount of money and/or spells he could acquire. He will never limit himself to what spells he could cast (he wishes to learn and use all magic), so agreements like the Pravoka Accord mean little to him.

In battle, Dano prefers an aggressive offense over defense. He purchases and uses Black Magic much more often than White Magic. (He will heal himself only after all nearby threats are eliminated.) He can be identified by the custom-engraved Silver Sword that he uses in combat, which was given to him as reward for winning the Forsaken Labyrinth.

During the Light Elf vs. Dark Elf war, Dano and Dominic, the two best warriors on each side, had a fight on the Southern Front. Dano personally defeated Dominic using a combination of magic and attacks with his Silver Sword. However, Dominic got back up and ominously hinted at a final, deadly meeting between the two at a later date. Dano then joined the quest to the Marsh Cave to recover the Crown. He was grouped with Keeo, Guy, X, and Pie. Dano did not trust Pie at all; he threatened to kill Pie if he did anything that would help Astos. He had a hard time looking at Pie (Dano got enraged at the thought of the Elfland battles); the only way Dano kept his cool was to look away from the former commander of the Dark Elf forces. On top of that, Dano noted Keeo's strange behavior since the group approached the Marsh Cave; he kept a close eye on his friend as well. While exploring the Marsh Cave, Dano acquired a Lupine Ring. This ring acts as a glove-type of armor, and it could summon a gray wolf for one battle per day. His group (Elite Unit No. 17 + Pie) managed to find the Crown room first, and after several battles with Wizards and a Sorceress boss in a mirrored room, the Crown was ours. Actually, Pie was chosen to keep it, which made Dano uneasy to say the least!

At the top of the Marsh Cave, Dano then found out the source of Keeo's troubles, and helped console him on the loss of his friend, Keyser. Keeo seemed to be at peace now, so Dano left him be. The next step was to bring about the fall of the Dark Elves.

Zaknafein chose Dano, X, and Pie to return the Crown to Astos. Pie had earned a bit of trust from Dano by this point, but Dano still noted that the black belt had done everything that Astos requested of him. Upon returning the Crown, Astos sent X and Dano to the dungeons, where Dano was treated as a human bar-be-que and lightning rod. X managed to free Dano from his bindings. Dano then performed a miracle casting of LIFE on Pie, and the trio escaped. Dano then made it back to the others, where he set out to rid the Northern Forests of dark elves. One singular thought has gone through his head: kill and hurt as many dark elves has he could find, in retribution for the torture he was subjected to.

He has been reunited with the Elite Unit, now called "Elite Unit Reborn." They stormed the castle, finally reaching Astos. The battle took everything out of Dano...his physical attacks weren't doing enough damage. Upon the "Evil Entity"'s calling, Dano decided to turn Keeo into a living weapon. Astos made the mistake of casting FAST, allowing Dano to cast FAST twice on Keeo (once to remove SLOW, once to give hasted attacking). He then teamed up with X by casting TMPR repeatedly until Keeo brutally finished off the Dark Elf King.

Dano had a hard time coming to grips with the battles he fought against the dark elves. He ran across a dark elf, Darksong, when several groups met Mayota to have Spiralex cured from his disease. Dano went to attack her, but several other adventures got in his way. Mayota, upset at the pending hostilities, teleported everyone away from the cave, in the general direction of their next destination. Dano went to Pravoka to help rescue Heron from the PNEoP. Heron held a Phoenix Down, which Spiralex gave to Dano. The power to revive both frightens and fascinates Dano, and this gift was an attempt by Spiralex to get Dano to use his healing powers as well.

Upon reaching Melmond, Dano helped everyone repel a massive Undead attack. He mainly assisted by using FIR2 and FAST, then by taking to the skies on the back of a WYVERN to help hold off an aerial assault. The resistance was successful, save for several burned buildings. He helped the others gather materials to rebuild the town. Even though he didn't need ore for any particular reason, Dano accompanied others to mine some of the precious metal. Upon returning, he heard about Guy's desire (need?) to find the Petra Tabernacle. Dano volunteered to join him, almost reuniting the Elite Unit again. Using his sharp wits, he managed to solve quite a few riddles and puzzles that he encountered in the Tabernacle. He's been trying to win back the trust of his friends through these acts...whether or not it works, only time will tell.


Controled by: Shadow_Master01

Class: Black Mage

Gender: Male

Origin: Unknown, Last Known Residence: Elfland

Age: Unknown, approximately 22 years of age (recently had a 'birthday')

Favored Element: Air

Current Spells



Lv3 - LIT2, FIR2, HOLD



Backround: Arithon is an amnesiac Black Mage who quite literally fell out of the sky and landed at the feet of Zaknafein, a master mage of Elfland. The only possession that he had on him at the time was a blue spell book bound in silver with his name written inside. He was badly wounded at the time and quickly lost consciousness. After awakening the older mage decided to adopt him and through his patronage managed to enroll the young man in the elven school of magic. Arithon quickly showed himself to be a prodigy by learning what those of the school taught so fast that it was almost as if he were relearning something he already knew. During this time he became best friends with another young orphan named Lacuna. Managing to complete his training in 5 years, Arithon embarked on his final exam which, though he managed to pass, also swept him away from all those whom he knew. It was during this time that he met up with some of the other adventurers. This was also a pivital moment in the life of the young mage for during this adventure some of his previouly lost memories began to surface. In addition, a previously dormant gift inside of him began to stir which may be the key to uncovering the past of this mysterious mage.

Current Events: For several reasons Arithon has decided to say farewell to his home in Elfland in an attmept to recover his missing memories, find his birth place and family (if any), and discover what his special Talent might be. Before leaving his father explained to him the reasons why he had adopted Arithon and presented the young mage with a silver pendent on a gold chain. Through the power of this pendant he was able to meet his ancestor Lysara who told him a little about his gift and healed his arm. The pendant resembles a lily and has a hole punched through the middle, it is ment to help protect his mind while his Talent matures.

Personality: Arithon is fiercely loyal to those whom he calls friends, often willing to sacrifice himself to save them. He has a stuborn streak a mile wide and would rather fight to the death than give up. He also has a strong sense of curiosity which has gotten him into trouble more than once. Mainly his personality is based on his spirit, which is neither light nor dark but rather grey (the balance of the two), which drives him to seek balance in his own life and abilities.

Distinguishing Features: Arithon is about 6ft tall. His hair was once brown but due to a special healing spell which crossed time it now resembles molten silver. His eyes are normaly sea-green in color but have unusual effects when casting a spell (see: spell casting effects) Though able to swim he tends to avoid boats due to a mild suseptability to motion sickness. By far his most distinguishing characteristic is that he does not need to chant the words to any spell he casts so long as he has read the spell, he instead directly channels his energy to create the proper pattern. The only other odd thing about the mage is the occasional appearance of a strange mark on his right hand.

Spell Casting Effects Arithon experiences unusual physical effects when casting a spell. The pattern of these events is connected to they type and level of the spell in question. Those currently known are as follows:

Lv1 Effect: Eye's change color accoring to type of spell

Lv2 Effect: Lv1's effect + Lines of apporpriate color and pattern apear all over his body.

Lv3 Effect: Lv2's effect + Lines and eyes both glow the apropriate color.


Fire - Red, lines resemble: flames

Lightning - Blue, lines resemble: forked lightning

Ice - Purple, lines resemble: running water

Status - Grey, lines resemble: Unknown

Dimentional - Runes markings of an unknown type which simultaneously apear to be both present and not present apear

Effects slowly wear off over the course of several minutes unless overwritten by another spell. Note: Higher level spells take longer to wear off.

Arithon's Family: The Founders and House Ryalor

The Founders: A rather mysterious group of four who journeyed together during the Age of Twilight. Though stories of thier exploits are told far and wide across the world most are considered legend rather than fact. Generaly they are only told to children. The four were a male Fighter named Gerard, a female Red Mage known only as The Scarlet Robe, and Twin White and Black Mages Lystar and Lysara (which was which is subject to debate). Arithon is directly descended from Lysara.

Theona: She is a red mage and the last known member of House Ryalor. Her family was lost 15 years before the present in a great plauge which she herself only barely survived. Until recently she believed herself to be the one who would preside over the end of her line she now knows that another member of her family is still alive, due to the linked nature of a mysterious pendant and the oath that all her family take, which is symbolized by the family seal on the right hand.

Arithon's Memory:

Tamra: Half-Elven Female White Mage - One of Arithon's friends. She taught him some basic herbal medicine when he asked her to. He currently carries a white book on that topic that once belonged to her, written in a langauge that, as far as he knows, no one else understands.

Elenor: Human Female Red Mage - Another friend and his teacher in tactics, strategy, and logic. Her lessons were of great help to Arithon during his unwilling participation in the first Elfland Invasion. They again served him when durring his attempt to redeam himself durring the second Elfland Invasion

Cara: Human Female Fighter - Leader of the band whom Arithon once traveled. She taught him as well, but more by example than actual teaching. From her Arithon learned some leadership skills and a deep respect for life which he has kept even though his memory has failed.

Philip: Elven Male Thief - Taugh Arithon the various uses of knives in combat. Is upbeat and loves to confuse and play pranks on people. One of his favorite sayins is, "Sometimes a trick is better than the stongest of spells." From him Arithon learned to laugh at himself.


Class: Fighter

Approximate Age: 20

Controlled By: Booguwah61842

Rocco is the name given to the young fighter found by the Dwarves 15 years ago. The young lad, approximately five years of age at the time, was wild, and stood his ground until he was too weak with hunger to defend himself any longer. Thankfully, the Dwarves took him in and nursed him back to health. The Dwarves attempted to converse with Rocco after he had calmed down, and were utterly befuddled by his speech, which sounded like none they had ever heard. Eventually, the young child picked up on the Dwarven tongue, subsequently forgot his own, and was accepted as one of the Dwarves' own.

The boy's care was charged to the Dwarven Blacksmith, and it was he who named the child Rocco. Rocco always had the desire to learn his "father's" craft, and after many years apprenticing, was allowed the chance to make his first sword, a Saber. It was shortly after this personal triumph that Rocco was allowed to partake in the Dwarven rite of passage into adulthood, an honor which Rocco appreciated whole-heartedly.

Rocco's first fights were intense, and it was due largely to the Dwarven ceremonial Steel Armor that he was able to survive. By the end of the ritual, Rocco was poisoned and much drained of any energy he might have had. He had many poison induced hallucinations on his way back to the Dwarven Caves, some of which were marked by a language which he himself did not recognize anymore, though it was his native tongue peering from deep within his subconscious.

After a time in recovery, Rocco was able to partake more fully in the adventures that the Dwarven Caves had to offer, which included a specific type of training in which Rocco learned the command BLOCK. It was here that he met two others of the Fighter class, Max and Bob. Shortly after completing this training, Rocco was allowed to join Max, Bob, and two of the Fighters' companions, a Thief with no tongue, and a White Mage named Guy, on a quest for ingredients to some of the Dwarven delicacies of which Rocco was very fond. Sadly, it was during this quest that Rocco learned of the shortcomings of the Saber he had made, and though he vowed to always keep it, he decided it was a wise idea to find a new weapon for every-day use.

Shortly after completing the food-shortage quest, it was announced that there would be a tournament of epic proportions held at the Dwarven Caves. Rocco had already set out to sea on Bob's Leviathan, but it was announced that there would be teleportation between all of the major cities on the Aldi Sea and the Caves, so Rocco was not worried about getting to the tournament on time. He gently persuaded Bob (along with the help of the tongueless Thief) that a trip to Pravoka was in order, and after a few sea-battles Rocco saw his first normal city in what could only be described as an abbreviated memory. After a quick tour of the town, Rocco's Saber found a more permanent home on his back, while his new Short Sword took the vacancy left in his hand.

The Forsaken Labyrinth was an awesome tournament, in which there were 100 competitors involved. Rocco felt honored to be there, and had made the personal decision to try and stay "solo" as long as he could within the tournament. After a slight miscalculation, Rocco eventually befriended the Dwarven Beastman, who had taught the young Fighter the BLOCK command. Winning the tournament was not to be within their reach, however, and so Rocco's new goal became "end the life of any team you find." Rocco was able to take out such competitors as the Crazy Alchemist and Matoya, both of whom had taken out fairly high ranking participants of the tournament. By the time the Labyrinth was successfully completed, Rocco had the most kills of any competitor. This was something that the Dark Elf Astos had noticed, and so Astos presented Rocco with an offer of wealth, power, and generalship of a growing world power. Rocco accidentally accepted.

Rocco was teleported to Astos's Keep, an ancient building in disrepair, though one could tell it had once been a grand palace. He met with Arithon, a Black Mage who seemed to be around his age, perhaps a bit older, and Lacuna, a White Mage, who knew Arithon quite well. After dealing with a few CREEPS, the three, along with a Black Belt named Pie, were used by Astos to lead an Army of Dark Elves into the Light Elf Mystical Kingdom. Pie was given the role of Potentate, and Rocco was indeed given the position of General. Rocco was not enthused, as his participation had been taken from optional to unconditional. Astos was using enchanted pieces of Copper Armor to secure the use of the four. Due to being grossly outnumbered and underpowered, the Light Elf forces fell quickly. Rocco was left waiting to see what fate held for him.

Rocco is an easy going personality with a strong sense of justice, a sense that is perhaps second only to that of self-preservation. He does not have a head for strategy nor decision making, though he always has ideas about how a situation might work. He knows that he is not a Dwarf, and so intends to find his origins through the adventures that befall him. To honor the Saber that he made, Rocco would love to learn a technique where he is able to duel-weild his Saber and another sword. He has heard talk of the Hyoho Niten Ichi-Ryu sword-fighting style of dual wielding blades, and hopes that he is one day able to learn and master this technique. Rocco's only real claim to fame (or lack thereof) is to be either the lowest or almost lowest ranked PC character of the FFD fame-o-thon, in spite of having met a few of the other characters along his journey. Ah, such is life. Fame is for those who seek glory, and Rocco would rather pinpoint who he is as a person before worrying about glory.


Class: Black Belt

Controlled By: Pieomon

The character with the absolute coolest name in the Dynamicverse. He once served as Potentate under Astos and led the Dark Elf forces during the first battle of the Elfland Civil War. However, he later defected after realizing that Astos' true ambition was power and conquest, not reconciliation and balance. He was killed after returning the Crown to Astos, his duplicity already suspected by the Dark Elf Monarch. His body was revived by Dano (who had once shown great animosity towards him, as a member of the Dark Elf forces), who expended all of his charges to somehow achieve a casting of the Life spell. Pie accompanied the others in the Liberation of Elfland and was present in the final battle against Astos.


Class: Red Mage

Age: 18

Controlled By: Amo387

Known Spells: CURE FOG / TMPR MUTE ALIT / LIT2 / AMUT / / / /

Renquist is Max's younger brother. He grew up in Crescent Lake. He was a rebellious youth, joining a band called Shining Bolts of Love due to his parents' tragic deaths, and being raised by both the Sages and local elders of Crescent Lake. The young lads dabbled in minor magic, the name of their band attributed to the magical cantrips they used as a light show during performances. When one of the audience members was accidentally killed by a random Bolt of Love, the band split up, and Renquist was forced to flee his home for fear of being prosecuted (even though it was Lance Rodriguez's fault). He moved to Coneria, his brother not knowing what happened to him since Max had left on his own adventures years before. Only recently did the teen angst leave Renquist as he saw his brother working as a town guard in Coneria, and fighting evil in general. Wishing to follow in his brother's footsteps as a warrior, but also having a taste for the arcane, he became a Red Mage.

Small note: Renquist is unaware of the prophecy about the Cave of Ice. Both Max and the Sages of Crescent Lake decided not to burden him with the knowledge. That is actually another reason for his rebelliousness when he was younger, not having the direction that his older brother found through trying to fulfill the prophecy their parents failed to.

While on a fishing trip, a strange storm seemed to stir up out of nowhere, and Renquist ended up washing ashore near Astos' castle. Astos took him in and trained him in a simulator, where he became the first member of FFD to wield the Masamune. The simulator malfunctioned, and Renquist had to fight a "real" GIANT. He came out of the fight barely alive, and Astos gave him a CURE scroll after he crawled out of the broken machine, the Masamune and other powerful equipment disappearing. After a solo fight with a SHARK (as Astos was looking for a LIT scroll to give his young pupil) on the way to Elfland Castle, Astos gave Renquist a LIT2 scroll.

Astos snuck the young wannabe hero into Elfland Castle, and ordered him to kill the Elf King while he was still in a coma (induced by Astos' minions, though Renquist did not know that at the time). He was shoved into the King's chambers before he could answer, where Zaknafein waited, concealed from Astos' knowledge magically. He convinced the young Red Mage to not kill the King in exchange for removing the cursed bracelet he wore. The things he was told by Zaknafein opened his eyes, he realized his entire meeting with Astos had been arranged, and he had been duped from the beginning.

Renquist let Zaknafein put the King into a deeper coma for the time-being to hide his life force from detection, and Renquist cut himself with a knife so that he could present Astos with a bloodied murder weapon to further convince him the King was dead, casting CURE on himself afterwards to conceal his deceit. The trick seeming to have worked, Renquist was sent to the cellars to release one of Astos' other forced minions from capture. When he met up with Lacuna, they almost immediately started plotting the demise of their "master" with Atma, who happened to be locked up with Lacuna.

The Elfland Castle dungeon was apparently home to many undead, as every time new prisoners were thrown in, adding to the group of Atma, Lacuna, and Renquist, another group of undead attacked. Max, being one of those prisoners, sort of met his younger brother finally, but didn't know it, as Renquist was so shocked at seeing him that he concealed his identity by tying on a bandana over his face, which looked quiet stylish and spiffy. Also, one of the aforementioned attacks by undead occurred right after Max regained conciousness, so there wasn't much of a chance to formally acquaint oneself with anyone.

Renquist struggled with how to tell his brother that he was on the opposite side of the war in Elfland, but finally revealed who he was just outside the entrance to the Marsh Cave. The drama was actually kept to a minimum.

Upon nearly dying to Dark Elf Archers when taking back the Northwest Castle with Keeo and Guy (and Muteki, but he disappeared shortly after arriving at the Castle), Renquist gained a fair hatred for Dark Elves under the control of Astos. In general, he understands some of them were "coerced" into their servitude, so he doesn't hate the race as a whole. He also hates WYVERNs, as they seem to find him naturally delicious. Amongst these Favored Enemies is the Ar-En-Gee, a mysterious force Renquist will mention from time to time, only to garner strange looks from his companions.

Currently trying to acquire the Dismemberer from Keeo, who has put it up for trade/exchange after he was given the Rune Sword.

Renquist's closest friends/acquaintances in the Dynamicverse would be his brother (of course), Keeo and Guy (because of their NW Castle exploits, and Guy's expert use of Renquist in RPs), Rocco (for getting the RMHM2 for him), Spiralex (for the strange connection Renquist feels to him, as well as some more expert RP use of Renquist), and of course Undine (because Renquist is quite infatuated with her heheh). If he were to meet them/travel with them more, Renquist would probably become friends with just about everyone else in FFD. He's quick to make friends, and loves meeting new people. (I started listing the people he'd be most likely to make friends with, but then it ended up being just about everyone. And he could even be friends with X and XScorpion, because of all the secret ranks he has in the secret skill "Secret Pals." Even if you look at his Character Sheet, you won't see the skill on there, it's so secret.)



Class: White Mage

Controlled By: Voltgloss


Spiralex's journey began with a savage attack on Melmond by an unholy Vampire. A brave fighter, Heron, fell victim to the attack, and was cursed with dark energy that promised to turn him undead within three days' time. Spiralex set sail to the east to bring Heron to Matoya, in the hopes she could undo the curse. Little did he know what was in store...

Spiralex's story is primarily told through journal entries. His controller has plans to archive them and make them available here as links. No such luck yet. For now, suffice it to say that:

  1. Heron's curse has been transferred to Spiralex, with somewhat... interestingENDARKENING results.
  2. Spiralex needs to recover Matoya's crystal to save himself from a dark fate.
  3. That crystal is held by none other than the local big bad, Astos himself.
  4. Spiralex now finds himself embroiled in the Elfland war, all with the clock ticking in the background...

And thus flows the tale of Spiralex... a tale of brutalized sharks, BIG AWESOME DRAGON!!!, heroic featsSHEER IDIOCY, yodelingDON'T EVEN GO THERE, a magical journal, a suspicious bracelet, and who knows what else lurking in the dark recesses of the soul...





Spiralex's dark half, alter ego, constant companion... or something. We're not sure, exactly. Ostensibly the result of Spiralex's encroaching vampirism, although perhaps there's much more to it. Rather than try to summarize such an ineffable character, we've decided to post some of his "gems" of wisdom on various topics to let you make your own judgment. Unless otherwise indicated, "authorship" for these onyxes of wisdom is attributable to Voltgloss, although as you will see many other FFD participants have been cursedBLESSED with inspiration to write for the Evil Entity.

On taking the initiative:


On Spiralex's identity:


On others' suffering:


On joining forces:

I ask for help, and offer it. I ASK FOR DEATH, AND CARE NOT ITS SOURCE.

On white mages in general and Guy specifically:


On Spiralex's current quest:

I hope to kill you all in your sleep find a crystal for Matoya old hag who will cure me. [goatfishman]

On Astos:




On Pie's return from death:


On creative thinking:

The truth that I suspect is even more frightening, and I cannot yet wrap my brain around itA SLEDGEHAMMER WOULD HELP WITH THAT.

On strategic resource allocation:

However, we cannot do this as we cannot chop Guy or John in halfWHY NOT(shut up) and distribute one half each to two teams.

On the War for Elfland:

Onward, then. To victoryAND DEATHarghWHAT? I MEAN ASTOS'S DEATHwell that's ok thenSHEESH!.

On emotions:

Fear can bea powerful weapon against those weak enough to feel ita motivator for some. [DarthCansupes]

On priorities:

Now, if you'll excuse melest I remove the flesh from your bones, I must deliver these strategy ideas. [DarthCansupes]

On Renquist's attraction to Undine:


On the Scather:


On debate tactics:

Do you always have to have the last word?NO. [AstralEsper]


I'll be honestBRUTAL, having that evil entity is amusingTHIS MULTITHREAD'S BEST PART. maybe we can use him to confuse AstosKARL ROVE and distractWORSHIP him... [DragonAtma]

On having an audience:








On contagious inspiration:

... but worry not, I won't clutter up any more of this thread with my lamentationsWHINING. Erm... I think the evil entity is contagious >.> [AstralEsper]

I think I'm one of the few that haven't caught it. YES YOU HAVE. [Amo387]

Wait a moment aren't you supposed to be Sprialex's demon. Go bug him for a whileI BUG WHOEVER SUITS ME AT THE MOMENT. [shadow_master01]

On the joy of working together as a team:

For when I backstab you all, I can launch your severed heads out of the trebuchets to bring fear into your allies hearts. If they are smart, they will run. [goatfishman]

On kindred spirits:

Mack: "It's time to do unto others as you would hate to have them do unto you."


On smashing Dark Elf face:


On Guy's playing Cliffhangers on "The Price Is Right":

/cut to a shot of a miniature Spiralex dressed as a yodeler.

Spiralex's journal: This is exciting demeaning! I hope he wins I am NOT yodeling. [goatfishman]

On the above RP by Guy:





...(quiet sob)

On ice cream:

"Vanilla. Chocolate. Vanilla. Chocolate! How about Cookie dough? Acceptable. I'm still going to kill your friends though. Well then, no sprinkles for you!" [goatfishman]

On music:

Of course, his natural hit% is low to begin with, as a White Mage swinging Hammer. In the state of Alabama. Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama.OH NO NOT THE SINGING Californiaaa rest in peace... MAKE IT STOP!!

On the need for careful planning:

Your thoughts?SKIP TO THE END WHERE THEY ALL DIENot your thoughts.

On confronting Spiralex face-to-face:

"Just one question."

"I promise to give a cryptic and equivocal answer."

"Why are you helping me?"

"Wrong question. Ask it right, and the answer is obvious."


"Why am I helping me?"

"Right question."


On war in general:


On Guy's future place in the Evil Entity's plans:

You could be my pet, as I am crowned ruler of a heap of ruined flesh. Oh yes, you will heel. And roll over. And you will fetch. OH WILL YOU FETCH. DON'T MAKE ME GET THE VACUUM YOU UNGRATEFUL MUTT [goatfishman]

On inspiration of one's comrades:

"Good luck, friends. Don't die out there. IT WOULD RUIN ALL THE FUN."


Class: Thief

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Controlled By: SeikaHa

Rdy is hax cuz he comes from the same place as HIM and got this exp. egg that gave him uber skillz. But then all of a sudden he lost it so HAHAHAHAH!

Rdy is hax cuz he pretended to lose this exp. egg that gave him uber skillz but actually didn't so HAHAHAHAH!


Class: Black Belt

Controlled By: gaara999999

Age: 18

The Real history: Mipe is XScorpion's eternal slave. She was created by him in a laboratory to serve his needs, but later broke out and went on a rampage beating up helpless homeless people around the world. Later she regained her consciousness but was soon stabbed in the face by XScorpion. Thus was the end of Mipe's existence in FFD. :D

The jokeversion: Mipe was originally going to be a fighter, like her parents and grandparents were before her. After noticing how clumsy she is with swords, she decided to go barehanded when she was teen. Mipe's parents got angry about breaking the family traditions, and kicked her out from the family outside Pravoka. Young Mipe went to Corneria to train as Bodyguard. Mipe found Bobby, coward to-be-guard boy who's idol is Bob, his first client, fascinating. Mipe took many jobs there, including kicking Rudeguards you-know-what, but the jobs there started to end. Mipe took his last job from Corneria, to escort a dwarf to Dwarf Village. Some ways outside the Village, Mipe met Pie (mmm...pie... BRB going to get some pie...)

It was great <3... Anyways, Mipe met Pie the blackbelt, and another mercenary, Mack.


Class: Red Mage

Controlled By: ShatteredRift

Age: Young enough to avoid being conscripted; also, younger than Rex

Shaft was one of many dark elves to be orphaned during the war. He shares paternal parentage with his older half-brother Rex, who gave him the silver sword that was used by their father. Stories told by Darksong about Arithon's peacemaking following the war instilled a hero-worship in the young elf .

During one such night of stories, a very wounded Luke interrupted the bonfire while being pursued by monsters. Thus began a night of combat, and the next day Zaknafein instructed the trio to speak with the Monarch's regent. They were given a fishing boat (once Muteki's) that had been adrift in the Aldi Sea and the supplies necessary to pursue a black-masted privateer to Pravoka. This pursuit led them through Corneria as well, and ultimately they ended in the harbor of Melmond where they boarded and stormed the ship. Hiro, having freed himself from the ship's brig, joined the trio, but he and Luke quickly retreated and left the half-brothers to confront the ship's forces on their own. They found Rdy in the brig as they went below deck, who had the courtesy not to flee from his foes.

The storm destroyed the ship, and the trio washed up on shore amidst the battle. At the conclusion of the battle, Shaft met Arithon, and this meeting only strengthened his impression of the black mage. In the aftermath, Shaft was one of the healers to the citizens of Melmond. He also did what he could to help restore the town, first traveling under Captain Obsidian as they retrieved naval supplies and then by gathering lumber.

With Melmond restored to most of its former glory, Shaft returned to Elfland with Rex, where the two underwent the elementary magick school. Both passed with flying colors, and the regent gave permission for the brothers' continued presence in Melmond. They arrived just in time to join the group that would be heading to the Rotting Catacombs. In an atrium of the catacombs, a being posing as Zaknafein attempted to force Shaft to cast LIT2 (which he had been unable to do after learning it in his recent excursion to Elfland). Shaft failed to do so and was killed. He awoke in a black desert wasteland, greeted by the Entity, who was perplexed by Shaft's inability to break his mental barrier and cast LIT2 to save both his and Rex's lives.


Class: Red Mage

Controlled By: Rabid_Rabbit


Class: Red Mage

Controlled By: Random_Magus

Current Spells:

1 Cure / Lit

2 Nothing

3 Lit2 / Cur 2

4 Fast

5 Nothing

6 Lit3 (temporary)

7 Nothing

8 Nothing

Background: Magus is a rich Conerian lord who belongs to an order of Demon-Hunters based in Crescent Lake (he reports to the Circle of Sages). He is fairly arrogant, and prone to irritation and impatience. When bored he is likely to do something rash, and enjoys combat. He currently uses an ancestral blade, covered in mystical runes specially imbued by his family to help in their demon slaying efforts. Some additions are, Detect Evil, Detect Danger and Detect Death.

In-Game Events: Magus' journey began with the murder of his friend and servant, Nigel, by Bender. Selene accompanied him on the chase along with Gareth who had come when he heard of the commotion in Magus' mansion. The group chased Bender to the Dwarf Cave, meeting him en route and engaging in a sea battle against numerous sharks who had torn apart Bender's boat. At the Dwarf Cave the team lost track of the Thief after fighting a large group of Bulls let loose by the Dwarven Arena master to instruct Gareth in the art of blocking. The team chased Bender to Elfland, and then to Melmond, where he unleashed Dark Ramuh and attacked Undine. Bender was wounded and fled, and Undine took possession of his sword, teh Nightblade, the twin of the Scather. Dark Ramuh was vanquished by a combination of Psyche up, FAST and TMPR, from Pie, Obsidian and Magus respectively.

He then became engaged in the battle for the universe on the Tor outside of Melmond.


Class: White Mage

Controlled By: Primus_Ultimas


Class: Fighter

Controlled By: Giblettes


Class: Red Mage

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Hometown: Onrac

Controlled By: gameenjoyer

Vital Stats:

Level: 23

HP max: 323

Attack power: 36.5

Hit quantity: 3

Absorb: 22

Equipment Complement:

Weapon: Lightning Sword (also holding a Rapier and a Long Sword)

Armor: Silver Armor [resists FIRE] (also holding Chain Armor)

Glove/Gauntlet: Gloves

Helmet: Cap

Shield: Buckler

Spell Complement:

Level 1: CURE, FOG, SLEP


Level 3: CUR2, LIT2, AFIR

Level 4: ICE2, FAST, AICE

Level 5: CUR3, FIR3

Overlord roster:

FITE (level 16 knight) [+1 for promotion]

THEF (level 6 thief)

BELT (level 16 master) [+1 for promotion]

Omnimage (level 3 red mage)

RED (level 16 red wizard) [+1 for promotion]

Jack (level 16 self-piece red wizard) [+1 for promotion and +1 for self-piece]

WITE (level 8 white wizard) [+1 for promotion]

BLAK (level 16 black wizard) [+1 for promotion]

Destructor (level 16 black wizard) [+1 for promotion]

Zaknafein (level 14 unique black wizard) [+1 for promotion and +1 for unique piece]

Total levels: 137 (including penalty levels)


Jack is a 16 year old red mage. His mother, a white mage, and his father, a black mage, have trained him in magic and spellcasting. Jack also had another friend in the town where he grew up, a fighter named Greg, who taught him the ways of swordsmanship. Since he was never able to make a decision which path to pursue, he pursued all of them to some degree, the result of which was his becoming the red mage that he is today. About a month before the beginning of Jack's adventures in FFD started, his parents had flown to a different town to get his birthday gift. On their way back home in their airship, they were shot down while they were over the desert near the Mirage Tower and subsequently ambushed by four Red Ankylos, who killed them. When one of his parent's servants returned to his hometown and reported to him what had happened, he immediately made his way out to that desert to bury them as well as he could. He was bent on someday gaining revenge on the Red Ankylos that had killed his parents.

Unfortunately, in his zeal to get his parents buried, he had left his home without any weapons or armor, and his training had only gotten him far enough to teach him two level one spells. However, after Jack buried his parents, he made his way back to the wreckage of his parents' airship, took what food and other items he'd need for his journey out of the desert, and attached one of the airship's guns to the cart that he stored all of that stuff in. Using this gun to fight off monsters which attacked him on his way out of the desert, he used the raw materials from these monsters' bodies to make himself first a Chain Armor for protection and then a Rapier for battling. Soon after that, he reached the edge of the desert and had to abandon the cart and the gun because he wasn't strong enough to carry them over the mountains.

While in the mountains, he met Astarte, a female black mage who rarely spoke, and, after a brief duel, the two continued on their journey together. They eventually found themselves in a forest, charged by an Ent to uncurse his children, the Treants. During this process, Jack believed at one point that he had been magically transported away temporarily for a tournament in a place he did not recognize, although he would later find out that the entire tournament had been only a vision he was having of people he would meet in the future. Jack ultimately failed to win the tournament and the vision ended with Jack awakening back with Astarte, shortly thereafter meeting Iris also, a female white mage who the Ent sent with Astarte and him after they had saved her (as a dryad, she had been in the form of a Treant while cursed).

Eventually, the three of them finished uncursing the Treants, and the Ent offered the three of them a choice as to where in the southern hemisphere they would like to be sent. Jack chose to be sent to Elfland, his parents having gone to a magic school there when they were younger, and Iris decided to go with him. They do not know where Astarte chose to go since she chose after them and did not go with them to Elfland. Jack and Iris enrolled in the elementary magic school there, quickly passing out of it, and they began travelling between the Aldi Sea towns to upgrade their equipment and spell complements, a process during which they met up with a black belt named Walker, bringing their group up to three once more.

When Jack and his companions reached the Dwarf Village and Jack made his first weapon purchase, a Long Sword, thus achieving multi-hit capability, he opened a letter that Greg had sent with him when he had left Onrac to bury his parents but had asked Jack not to open until he was capable of multi-hit attacks. The letter is what informed Jack that the tournament he thought he had been in was only a vision, but, more importantly, the letter informed Jack that James, his older brother, had learned how to control monsters and had masterminded the attack on Jack's parents. The letter also informed Jack that James had snuck into Onrac a while back and stolen the Lightning Sword, a legendary weapon to the Onracian people which could only be wielded by the hero of water, a title which Greg informed Jack through the letter was his. Jack's destiny, according to Greg, was to lead an assault on the Sea Shrine and take out Kraken, the fiend of water, but he told Jack that he would need to hunt down James and reclaim the Lightning Sword before he could do that. The only help that the letter gave regarding James's location was to tell Jack that James had been in a town called Crescent Lake at the time the letter was written and that, of a network of spies that the Onracians had keeping an eye on James, one would be in Crescent Lake to send Jack in the right direction.

This new information did not change Jack's plans, as he and his comrades continued their tour of the Aldi sea towns to upgrade their equipment and spells, Jack knowing that he would need every piece he could get to be able to successfully challenge James. However, he did go through a brief period during which he felt guilty about beating up on monsters that he felt were innocent. Those feelings of guilt soon dissipated, however, when he witnessed an Ankylo in the town of Melmond kill Astarte, who had ended up there. Jack went berzerk on the Ankylo. After he, Walker, and Iris had killed it, Jack hacked it to pieces. This infuriated the monster carnival owner who had owned that Ankylo and Jack had to go to trial in Melmond for destroying it. Jack successfully defended his honor in that trial via a trial by combat and the three warriors resumed their quest to gain better spells and equipment for their team members.

Finally, Jack and his comrades made it to Crescent Lake where they immediately departed to the north with a group of other warriors who were hunting treasure. Much treasure was gained, but it was also during this time that Jack suffered his first real defeat as the eight warriors on that quest were unable to stand before a monster onslaught overseen personally by James, the first time Jack had seen his brother since his parents' murders. Ultimately, the eight warriors were forced to flee for their lives, a fact which irked Jack to no end. Indeed, so much did it irk Jack that it took a kiss from Iris to prevent Jack from turning back to where James had been when the group got back to the Crescent Lake region. This kiss revealed to Jack and Iris that they each had feelings for the other, and their relationship became official, a process during which Iris revealed to Jack what she truly was, only to discover that Jack didn't care. Jack and his companions then continued to gain strength around the Crescent Lake area for the planned showdown with James, and an invitation was extended to Arithon inviting him to become the fourth member of Jack's team, an invitation he ultimately accepted.

It was shortly after this, however, that James found out about Jack's relationship with Iris and took advantage of his ability to control monsters (including dryads) to kidnap Iris and force the confrontation he and Jack had both been working toward. Ultimately, Jack was able to locate James, save Iris, and retrieve the Lightning Sword.


Jack is vindictive against any and all monsters, believing them all to either be aligned with James or to be heartless beasts who attack anything that moves. On the other hand, he is very protective of those that he cares about, and he refuses to ever lift his weapon or spellcasting hand against a woman, for such was he taught by his parents and his fighter friend. Where those two elements of his personality conflict, he usually chooses protection over revenge. He is also slightly cocky and arrogant, having a tendency to monologue to monsters or other people that he is about to attack about how they are going to taste defeat at his hand. Probably his most famous monologue to date was during the tournament in the unknown location when he referred to Renquist as the "king of idiots". Although he knows that some are put off by his arrogance and tendency to monologue, he refuses to change who he is for anyone. It should also be mentioned that he has developed a major crush on Iris, although he does not know what will happen in that direction.


All that is known about Jack's appearance is that Iris (both of her personalities) has thought that he is cute.

Extra Characters in Jack's personal arc (in order of appearance):


Greg is a friend of Jack's from Onrac. He is a fighter who trained Jack in swordsmanship while Jack was growing up and he was also the one who wrote Jack the letter explaining to him about his being the "hero of water" and telling him what his brother James had done. Beyond those few things, nothing is known of the man.


James is Jack's older brother. Jealous of Jack's position as the hero of water and of the extra attention that Jack received as a result, James became bitter and found himself exiled from Onrac by his own parents for threatening Jack's safety. Subsequently, James somehow learned how to control monsters and was in control of the Red Ankylos who killed Jack's (and James's) parents. At some point, James also snuck back into Onrac and stole the Lightning Sword, the weapon which legend says can be wielded only by the hero of water, and that despite Onrac's best spies having been instructed to keep an eye on him. When James took the bold step of capturing Iris, Jack hunted him all over the world and finally cornered him, defeating him in battle and reclaiming both Iris and the Lightning Sword. However, Jack was unsuccessful in his effort to take James out permanently, and he remains a threat.

Monster Carnival Owner:

His name is not yet known, but he too has a vendetta against Jack. When Jack, Iris, and Walker were on the ferry from Pravoka to Melmond during their trips around the Aldi sea to improve their equipment and spell capacities, an Ankylo belonging to the monster carnival owner went berzerk on the ferry. This was during Jack's brief pacifist phase, so he merely put the Ankylo to sleep and helped the monster carnival owner get the Ankylo back in its cage. The monster carnival owner responded by giving Jack and his friends tickets to the next day's show in Melmond, during which the Ankylo went berzerk again and Jack chased it down to detain it again. However, while running from Jack, Iris, and Walker, the Ankylo ran into Astarte, a friend of Jack's from right after his parents died, and killed her. Jack responded by killing the Ankylo and slicing it to pieces. The monster carnival owner drug Jack before Melmond's courts for destruction of property, but Jack managed to successfully prove his innocence in a trial by combat. The monster carnival owner left Jack a note saying that the issue wasn't over, though, so Jack is expecting further trouble from this man in the future.


Class: Thief

Usually Controlled By: DeThAddR

Quests: Intro, Journey to Pravoka, Secret Hideout I, Call Me Meriweather , 2v2 Battle Royale, Random Encounters - Pravoka

A Thief who entered the Pravoka Thieves Guild with Stephen, and got dragged into an adventure of epic proportions. In battle, any attacking style is usually acceptable for him, mainly due to his special skillset, which consists only of the command "Imagine," which turns into "Dream" while he is not conscious. He as been known to kick, punch, bite, claw, combo, stab and spear his opponents, and that's not the half of what he's done.

He has at least four stunt doubles, the "on call" one usually sitting unused at home, just collecting a paycheck. Together, they form the mighty ToSTRON, Defender of the Dynamicverse, a gigantic robot capable of mega-mech attacks.

It's ToST's goal to adventure to Eblan, home of the famous Ninja, Edge, and become one of the even more famous Elite 4E fighting force (Edge's Exemplary Eradicators of Eblan). On several occasions, he has tried to convince HIM, the owner of the only known airship, to give him passage to Eblan, to no avail.

ToST is the heir a former thief/adventurer-turned-shopkeeper named DeTh, who always had premium wares, but his prices were always just a little too high to be affordable. (see later story). He also keeps contact with several very well-connected lady friends, one of them being DeTh's daughter, Arylon.

His list of past girlfriends and how they got together is as follows:

  • Dahlia—Stockgirl for Pravoka Armor Shop. In the Giant Battle of Pravoka, ToST fights to protect her place of work from destruction. She falls for him upon seeing his nude...ahem...figure in her shop. She later follows ToST and convinces him to let her be his least until Arylon is found, at which time the tragedy of her love might catch up with her. At least let me have a little happiness while I can! Please don't make me beg!
  • Amelia—One of Bikke's (former) wenches, she meets ToST in a bar in Pravoka, and helps him out of a fight on Bikke's ship. Impressed by the naked thief, she accompanies him in his travels, staying behind the scenes. Unfortunately, she was Bikke's favorite, and he wants her back. Take THAT you ignorant salty sea hag!
  • Marya—Cheerleader, the prettiest out of the Pravoka Troupe. Her Troupe cheers ToST on in the Pravoka Ship tournament, and "nurses" him back to health after the tournament. Currently on tour with her Troupe.
  • Arylon (II)—DeTh's step-daughter, and frontrunner in the girlfriend race. ToST was acting as a bodyguard/companion in her quest to rediscover her origins. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, and she was last seen falling into the depths off the coast of Onrac. For more on her, read her entry.

There are two different nemesis to ToST, one is the monstrous Fiend, Kraken (for reasons to be explained later). The other being the yet unnamed Item Shopkeeper, whom he first met in Pravoka, where ToST was parading around in the nude due to insufficient armor protection ratings. This merchant makes most men uncomfortable, due to his seeming attraction towards them instead of the fairer sex. Unfortunately for ToST (and every male character in FFD), he owns a franchise, which extends well across the continent (and at least into Melmond).

ToST's previous endeavors include participating in the Pravoka Ship Tournament, where he bit Undine's left ear off. He later shocked the crowd by committing seppuku because he was faced with unwinnable odds and did not wish for others to gain EXP for killing him. This garnered favor with the Pravoka Troupe, the cheerleaders in the crowd.

Later in Elfland, he participated in the 100-entry "Forsaken Labyrinth," where he picked up the services of HIM, Dwarven Chef BORK, and Master Z (Zaknafein himself). Unfortunately, their dominating presence did not prove victorious, and they went their separate ways. Impressed by the brash young Thief, Master Z offered his advice to ToST, even up to the Master's death.

While in Elfland, ToST procured a sword (at the time labelled "Master...") from the graveyard. He was convinced by DeTh to put this artifact in his "impenetrable vault." Unfortunately, the vault was not impenetrable to Arylon, the only other person besides DeTh who knew its secrets, and she presumably stole the sword. The importance of this event is that the sword is meant to slay a strong entity of the Light...the one whose name appears on the sword, and the sword possesses the slayer into doing its bidding when the time is near. It is unknown if Arylon was possessed, who the sword is meant to slay, or if she was convinced by Astos to bring the sword to him. It had been rumored that Master Z is the intended victim.

ToST participated in the "Invasion" storyline, where his party, consisting of Uber the Iguana, Dwarven Chef BORK, and himself, were trying to infiltrate the Northwest Castle. While searching for Arylon, they had been seen by both sides as working for the other side. In reality, ToST could have cared less about the war, as he was commissioned by his friend DeTh to find his daughter, and perhaps the "Master.." sword. His party abruptly ended upon the making of the "Trojan Astos", when BORK got hungry for lunch and scooted back home with Uber in tow. ToST, now with a combined Light Elf contingent, discovered Arylon in the bottom of the Northwest Castle and rescued her, only to be injured himself.

Upon returning her to Coneria, ToST discovers that Arylon had not remembered anything between the time she heard a strange voice and the time she awoke rescued at home. Meaning, she stole the sword, but had no idea where it went. ToST is healed by her, and DeTh, seeing the event, feels it's time to reveal to them what he knows of her origin (which isn't much that isn't already known). DeTh then puts to two together, on a journey to find Arylon's origins for everyone's sake.

ToST decides to start out with a "friendly" visit to the Dark Elves, muttering the code word he was to use during the "Invasion"... CARROT. Unfortunately, this plot does not work, and he commandeers a ship from Coneria to the shores near Elfland, along the way picking up two stowaways, the duo of Luke and Fenrir. Upon landing, they find more allies and make their way towards Elfland, stopping only to notice the atrocities the Dark Elf Army had committed on the populace. It is seeing these events that leads him to join the Light Elves in their quest for freedom, ultimately resulting in the Second War for Elfland.

At the end of the battle for Elfland, when it all seemed peaceful, The "Master" Sword ended up possessing Arylon, and found it's intended victim, the Merchant Marine Thief, DeTh (Arylon's Adoptive Father). In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Arylon kills DeTh, and is reduced to tears in ToST's arms while the entire town of Coneria rises up against her. ToST convinces her to compose herself and flee before it is too late.

In the aftermath, DeTh's will is found. He leaves the business to ToST, as well as the Merchant Marine Battle Cruiser, the DeThAdRA, and a powerful weapon he found in his travels, DeTh's Masmune. He also leaves the advice... "Hands OFF the Masmune. It's much too powerful for you at this point." Upon losing his love, his longtime friend, and gaining a new business, ToST went into retirement from adventuring.

ToST was happy running DeTh's shop in Coneria, but his adventurous spirit persisted, and he took on the task of restrengthening the Thieves Guild throughout the entire Dynamicverse. In order to do so, he took on the captainship of the DeThAdRA, once DeTh's and now his Merchant Marine Battle Cruiser. He eventually finds Arylon, but just as they were about to sail off into the sunset, they were attacked by "something HUGE", which turned out to be the Fiend of the Depths, Kraken. Arylon, clinging to ToST's arm, slipped and fell into the depths, leaving ToST holding her mother's Ribbon. The DeThAdRA was crippled in the attack, and ToST and his crew were set adrift for nearly three months. They finally land on the shores of the Dwarven village, and after repaors are made ToST sets out to find answers... direct from Arylon's true father, Zaknafein.

Unfortunately, Master Z's scrying orb cannot see into the depths, as magic is refracted by the waters. The last image of her he sees is Arylon falling into the water. He knows that she is alive, but whereabouts unknown. ToST, in desperation to become powerful enough to take on Kraken, heads to Melmond in search of better defense.

Once in Melmond, The sky fills with Terror and Dark Ramuh decends on the populace. His Dark Judgement Bolt fries the DeThAdRA and utterly destroys ToST's personal quarters, save Arylon's Ribbon. In the blast, DeTh's Masmune is presumed to have sank into the depths of Melmond Harbor. Even many mages with magical detection abilities deployed by ToST could not find it.

Searching for answers, ToST returned to Elfland, where he was able to obtain the magic key. Unfortunately, while there, he witnesses the last moment's of Master Z, who reveals that he was actually Zaknafien's simulacrum, posing for him since the time of his actual death some time during the second Elfland War. The dying mage offers him the scrying crystal, telling ToST to find his daughter, and gives him a package to delive to his adopted son, Arithon. After delivery, ToST goes to drown his sorrows, only to be interrupted by Dahlia, who was travelling towards Melmond and heard a certain Thief she knew was in the area. Later that night, they meet on the beach, and she professes her love to ToST. This catches him off-guard and he pushes her away, leaving her to cry Don't you know that when the one you love hurts, it hurts you too?

Depressed and alone, ToST's thoughts turn towards his fallen comarades, DeTh and Master Z. He thinks about losing Arylon, DeTh's Masamune, and nearly losing the DeThAdRA... twice. He contemplates ending it all, screaming WHY DOES EVERYONE AROUND ME HAVE TO DIE!!! A voice calls out to him from behind saying But I'm not dead yet! The lovesmitten Dahlia returns to console ToST, and after an episode where he trips on a Rusty Blade, he decides to keep it, mainly since Dahlia teasingly challenges him by saying It suits you. You'll NEVER win a battle with that thing.

Later, ToST finds out nothing of the sword. Blacksmiths won't touch it, mages laugh at him, and shopkeepers tell him to throw it back into the sea where it belongs. He defends his decision to keep it by saying If I get strong enough to thwack the monsters with this piece of crap, imagine what I could do with a REAL sword!!! Besides, Dahlia always teases him, thinking he can't win any battles, and he really would like to show her up.

Dahlia uses he wiles to convince ToST to let her be his consort, taking Arylon's place until he can find her. At first, ToST is against the idea, but not wanting to make her cry again, he finally gives in when she tells him At least let me have a little happiness while I can. Please don't make me beg! In reality, ToST is happy to have the company, but wonders if it truly will make her happy, especially since she knows the consequences if and when Arylon is found. He sails for Crescent Lake.

Once there, ToST takes on Hi-Hi Potions with Rocco, and then they part ways. He visits Meridian, the one ToST left to lead the Thieves' Guild in Crescent Lake. He finds that they have lost many of their experienced Thieves trying to travel overland to Pravoka, where it is believed Pirate activity has increased dramatically. ToST offers us of his ship to the Thieves to make the trip less dangerous, but their inexperience proves to be their weak point when they fail to be prepared for cast off, even after ToST and his new partner, Koran take on three of the sage battles and win. They sail from Crescent Lake, returning to the Aldi region to pick up spells and equipment for the young Red Mage, which ToST admires for the brashness that he remembers he once had so long ago.

ToST is currently in the Aldi sea region, his arc turning towards the battle between Thieves and Pirates. He's currently fighting Bikke with his new travelling companion, Koran. Amelia made a rare pop-up from behind the scenes to bash Bikke's skull with a frying pan.

ToST's equipment includes a set of magical lockpicks that will open any normal lock/chest with ease, the magical key that can open any magically locked door/chest, a Rusty Blade that everyone laughs at him for using (which he defends by saying "If I get strong enough to thwack the monsters with this piece of crap, imagine what I could do with a REAL sword!). He also possesses Master Z's scrying orb (which he cannot use, but perhaps a mage might?), Arylon's Ribbon (which the rebuilder of the DeThAdRA lovingly placed above the posters of ToST's bed on the ship) and a runed dagger which will render a target's magics ineffective on a successful hit. This misnomered "Mute" Dagger is charged, and only FSA knows how many charges are left before the runes fall off and turn it into an ordinary dagger. At one time he possessed DeTh's Masmune, but lacked the sufficient skills and power to use it. At this time, the sword is presumed lost to the depths of Melmond Harbor.



Controlled by: Flame Paladin

Class: White Mage

Gender: Female

Origin: Sacred Treant Forest

Race: Dryad

Age: 14 by human standards, real age of 74

Height: 5 feet, 3 inches.

Weight: Hey, it's embarrassing for a girl to answer this, right?

Current Spells:





Lv5 - CUR3

Lv6 - INV2

Personality: Due to an "accident" that occured earlier in life, Iris has two personalities.

Iris's normal personality is gentle, serene, and shy. She is very protective of those whom she knows as friends, and will selflessly guard the party if the situation so demands. Her gentle nature, unfortunately, also means that she can be overly trusting, leaving her open to deceit and trickery which can cause a great deal of problems.

Iris's alternate personality, more commonly referred to by the controller as Artemis (previously "Drunk Iris", though that term doesn't fit any more), displays a complete turnabout of her normal personality. When under this personality, Iris becomes cheery and less restrained in her actions, sometimes to the point of violence or flirting--though in some cases the personality runs a lot deeper. This personality is typically "sealed", but certain conditions can weaken the seal, allowing the alternate personality to take over.

As of late, the seal has dissolved entirely, and Artemis has been taking over more and more often. This has led to some odd moments with the others, namely random displays of affection, sudden "mood swings", and just general chaos.

Distinguishing Features: Iris is not what one would call tall, standing at five feet, three inches. She has long, straight, dirty-blonde hair which she usually keeps in a ponytail, though Artemis prefers a more casual look, allowing her hair to naturally flow down. Her eyes normally take on a sky blue color, though several things can change that--namely, her alternate personality and trances. She wears a white mage's robe over her normal clothes, which differ depending on which personality has been dominant recently. Her normal personality prefers elegant dresses, while Artemis tends to favor a more modern "Japanese Anime Schoolgirl" style.

Her two personalities tend to differ in spellcasting methods as well. Iris spellcasts with the same style and grace as a summoner would use, using elegant language to invoke the power of a spell. Artemis takes a completely different route and channels the energy for her spells by handsigns rather than language, allowing her to do what she wishes with the "incantation".

Since Iris is not a full-fledged Dryad yet, she lacks some things that an adult Dryad would possess, most notably the inclusion of a pattern of runed sigils on the arms, shoulders, and forehead. Iris's two personalities have conflicting viewpoints on the matter: Iris would welcome the change, as it would improve her magic and allow her to fulfill her role better, while Artemis fears the change because it would be too noticeable and might point out that she's a Dryad, not a human, which may not be accepted by some people.

Background: Iris is a Dryad of the Sacred Treant Forest, but she made a major mistake on her first visit into human civilization. She has recently uncovered "evidence" that may prove this memory is false--most notably the fact that when she stayed at the inn in Corneria, it was revealed that she had a remarkably high alcohol tolerance, different from the memory. On top of that, Artemis seems to remember incidents that Iris doesn't.

Iris had longed to see the outside world one day, and had asked her mother for permission to explore the world. She was granted permission, but was given instructions not to partake in "spirits" (alcohol meaning) in human towns. Iris mistook this for "spirits" (summoning pact meaning)...oops.

Iris wandered, somewhat lost, before eventually reaching the nearest human town. Of course, this being her first visit, Iris was unfamiliar with human towns, so she was lost again for quite a while until a sagely old man helped her find her way. Iris was led to a building which had a sign that looked like a mug of ale--not that Iris knew the significance at the time.

Inside, the sagely old man offered Iris something called "dulce de leche"--Spanish for "sweet milk", though in actuality is an alcoholic beverage--which Iris readily accepted. A few drinks later, Iris was...well, drunk...and giggling. The sagely old man, now on the other side of the bar, muttered to himself. "Foolish long, future Light Warrior." The faint runes of a spell circle appeared on the floor. "Ale to Poison." he whispered.

Nobody is certain what happened, whether the old man had botched his spell or whether Iris being a dryad had messed with how the spell worked on her or if there was some other reason, but the spell didn't go off as intended. Instead, it ended up splitting her psyche in two, effectively creating two different personalities. Iris, now under her normal personality, now fully aware of what had happened, quickly excused herself from the building and ran like crazy, back towards the Sacred Forest.

"Hmph...hiding in the forest will do you no good! I'll drain its lifeforce dry!" The old man was obviously hell-bent on killing Iris. "I know dryads cannot live without the life of the earth!" Iris had barely enough time to craft a counterspell. "I cannot allow you to defile the forest!" Though Iris's voice sounded confident, she was far from confident on the inside. "I didn't want to use this...Soul of the Forest!"

Iris had managed to create a time bubble only an instant before the old man's spell struck. There she would stay, frozen in time, for many years...eventually released when Jack and Astarte had purified Iris's mother, who released Iris from the spell.

Current Events: In Crescent Lake, chaos ensues as the presence of a particular Black Mage invokes a part of the ritual's power. Artemis takes total control over Iris's body, leading to some awkward moments of affection, jealousy, drunkenness, and a slight bit of fear for her virginity. Locking a girl in a one-person bedroom with the guy she likes but is too shy to admit it is only asking for trouble.

Details on the seal on "Artemis": The seal was another side effect of the spell that split her personality in the first place. Since strong magic created the seal in the first place, it takes a heavy mana flow to maintain the seal. In areas with naturally low concentrations of mana, the seal cannot draw enough to maintain itself, and Artemis takes over. The seal is also considered a status anomaly, so drinking a Pure potion or being the target of an Esuna spell will force a temporary personality change.

If Iris were to wear a special kind of ribbon in her hair, it would be a declaration that of true unison: Since this kind of ribbon prevents the wearer from receiving foul status anomalies, it also prevents the seal from working, thus meaning that Artemis would be present at all times.

Ever since leaving the forest, the seal has been weakened to the point that it no longer impacts Artemis at all. The amount of mana has been impossible to match, and as such, does not work.

Iris's Relations:

Dragon King Bahamut: During her long period of imprisonment within the time bubble, one dream managed to leak through. Iris was standing in a hall lined with dragons, facing an extremely large, majestic-looking dragon. It spoke to Iris. "If you wish to create peace in this world, you must first make peace within yourself. A soul divided cannot unlock its true power." Iris, stunned, asked, "Who are you?". The dragon responded, "I am Bahamut, King of the Light Dragons. We will meet again, once you have completed the task I have set of you."

Astarte: Iris and Astarte were teammates, but Astarte broke from the group at the end of the treant quest. She turned up again in Melmond, but a rampaging Ankylo escaped from the monster carnival had killed her in front of the party's eyes. Jack had gone completely berserk, slicing the beast to ribbons.

Jack: Iris and Jack, as the main speakers of the party, tend to be the focus of group conversations thus far since Iris's joining. Jack feels a need to protect Iris, it seems, as he had stated that "I would die of guilt if anything were to happen to you on my watch". Iris felt a similar need at one point, remarking to Jack that "You've done a wonderful job keeping Astarte and I's my turn to repay your kindness". Normal Iris sees Jack as a friend, while Artemis may be seeing beyond that. Only time will tell.

Walker: A recent addition to the team, Walker has proven a strong companion time and time again. While Iris does not appear to have any qualms with his presence, she does not speak with him either.

Arithon: Representing "Wisdom" in the ritual's trio, the mysterious Black Mage has a common trait with the dryad girl. All that remains is to figure out what. Artemis attempted to start off this relationship rather affectionately, but that only served to backfire on her by angering Jack.

Athena: [Future; NPC] A red mage without the ability to cast magic. Athena, like Iris, is an outcast among the others in terms of race, as she is a half-drake; characterized by her red eyes and snow-colored hair. While she is usually distrustful of most people, the fact that she and Iris are unique among adventurers may invite her to be a little more social.

"Artemis": Iris's alternate personality has an actual name, though the two psyches are rarely on good enough terms to address the other as such. There's a huge secret behind Artemis, though...


Class: Alternate Psyche

Gender: Female

Origin: ???

Race: Soul/???

Artemis, Iris's alternate personality, often comes off as a bit of a psycho at first appearance, but in some situations there's more to her than that.

On being treated as inferior:

...Ah. (...but how am I supposed to do anything about that, considering your view of me? Damn it, stop treating me like I'm useless!)

In case you forgot, it's your turn--

I know, I know! Just let me do things my way and stop treating me like I'm useless!
I never said--

On Iris's assumption about the seal:

(What happened to her normal drunkard personality?)
Elfland's not a human town, stupid!

On Zaknafein knowing about Artemis's existence:

As the duo was about to leave, Zaknafein stopped Iris for a moment. After Jack was out of earshot, he spoke. "Since you expressed an interest in Overlord, I have a brand new set of pieces you can have. Also..." He turned and started to walk away, glancing over his shoulder to look at Iris. "Next time, listen to me, not your other psyche."

Iris stood there, shocked. (How does he know all that? What...what is he? Is he reading my mind or something, 'cause I sure didn't say any of that...) Zaknafein shouted over his shoulder. "I can hear you, you know!"

On an elf that seemed to know Artemis:

"How fares the situation with Astos?" Iris asked in a businesslike tone.

"You're awfully behind the times, Miss Artemis," the elf responded. "It seems elves and dryads have been out of touch as of late, hm? Astos's Castle was liberated not too long ago by a group of adventurers like you and your friend."

Iris nodded. "Thanks for the info. Sorry to bother you." She turned to face Jack, who was way ahead of her. "Uh oh, I gotta run!"

(Artemis...who ARE you? Zaknafein knew of your existence, and that elf seemed to know you personally...what's going on here?

That's...not a topic I really want to cover right now. I'll tell you when the time comes.)

On wasting spell charges on an appearance change:

...out of mana from that area? Why did the spell fail?
Um, aheheheh...sorry...

Ugh, you and your stupid handsigns burning all my mana!

On Iris being afraid to hug JackA coward when it comes to expressing her feelings:

W-What? A-Artemis? Why?

Like I said, last chance you're gonna get for a while.

My heart is pounding... She blushed. Why...?

On why you don't want to anger Artemis while she's drunk:

"Oi, weirdo in the cloak!" Iris ran over to the man. "What's the big idea, picking someone up like that?" The man pulled out a knife. "It's none of your business. Stay out of my way, wench!" Artemis snapped. The next thing anyone knew, the cloaked man was plastered across the far wall. Iris had somehow done that with one punch.


Controlled by: Dastari

Class: Thief

Gender: Male

Origin: A citizen of the world

Race: Human

Age: 39

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 lbs

General Appearance and Traits: Ancelyn looks like Harrison Ford, aged 39. A treasure hunter by trade, Ancelyn is not the typically heroic type. He is not cruel or cowardly but he is also not a total altruist. He will only hurt those that try to hurt him but he doesn't always help those in need either. He has to balance his own needs and wants first to see if helping them will ultimately help him as well.

Background: Ancelyn has grown up all over the world of Final Fantasy. His parentage is unknown. His earliest memories are being taken in by a man named Karde who came to the orphanage. Kard took Ancelyn around the world, using him as part of his large gang to help him with his various scams. Eventually Ancelyn decided to set out on his own, leading to a confrontation with Karde. Needless to say, Karde was unhappy to see one of his most talented proteges leaving the group and went after Ancelyn. Ancelyn killed the men with Karde but the man himself only lost an eye. Ancelyn let him keep his life because he had some gratitude towards him for taking him from the orphanage and teaching him about the world. Since then, Ancelyn has moved from place to place, looking for valuables and women.

His rivalry with Gustav began when he met the man in a tavern in Corneria. Learning that the man was also after treasure and that he was watching Ancelyn carefully, Ancelyn decided to play the man at cards and confront him rather than trying to lose him. Over the game he lost on purpose but not to much and got Gustav to reveal that he was seeking the same item. Ancelyn then bet him that he could reach the treasure outside of the Temple of Fiends before he could. Gustav agreed. The next day, Ancelyn found that Gustav had left already trying to cheat. That was fine because the treasure was actually in the Imps' forest. Since then, Gustav has wanted nothing more than to take anything that Ancelyn has.

In recent years, Ancelyn has begun teaching at Corneria University as a Professor of Antiquities. His credentials are forged even though he has attended various colleges across the country at various points and he feels that experience more than accounts for giving him accredidation as a professor. Much of Ancelyn's free time is spent procuring rare and valuable artefacts to be studied at the university and eventually placed in the Royal Cornerian Museum of History.

FFD: Ancelyn was first thrust into the events of FFD when Gustav stole a valuable treasure that he had been seeking. He followed the man to Melmond where he lost Gustav and took part in the battle with Dark Ramuh. This lead to the battle with the Faces of Evil on the Tor, where Ancelyn proved his worth by unconfusing his team-mates and being an indirect cause for victory in the encounter.

Norris (Walker)

Controlled by: theQuestion9

Class: Black Belt

Gender: Male

Origin: The small town of Texas

Race: übermensch

Age: 16

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Norris is telling everyone the he is Walker, a simple ranger from Texas. He is descended from the greatest warrior of all times. He is doing the crusading in the world to please his family and honor the great warrior ancestor. It has not been a revelation in the FFD yet but the great warrior ancestor is actually Chuck Norris from real Earth Earth and Norris is his descendant.


Controlled by: Braxiatell

Class: White Mage

Gender: Male

Origin: Corneria

Race: Human

Age: 19

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 140 lbs

Manilow or "Manny" to his enemies comes from a wealthy Cornerian family. The family daughters always train as white mages but in Manilow's generation there were no girls so as the youngest boy he was sent off to continue the family tradition. Manilow hates his life there being one of the few guys and being regarded as a loser. He has decided to set off on his own in an attempt to prove his manliness and hopefully get a girlfriend.

Koran Gar

Controlled by: Cypherlok

Class: Black mage

Gender: Male

Origin: Melmond

Race: Human

Age: 23

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 130 lbs

Koran and his cousin Magni came from a small village called Lenauf a small village near Melmond. When they came of age they decided to travel. Koran has lately been plagued by strange dreams that leave him confused and disturbed. His nature is always one of sarcasm and mistrust. He feels that his cousin is soft-hearted and soft-brained and grows frustrated at what he considers to be Magni's trivial concerns.

Magni Risea

Controlled by: DrJohnSmith

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Origin: Melmond

Race: Human

Age: 20

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 200 lbs

Magni and his cousin Koran come from the small village of Lenauf near Melmond. When they came of age they decided to wonder the world together. Magni is everything his cousin is not. He's brave, optomistic, kind, tall, and strong. He has a hearty sense of humor and seems more amused by dour people then put off by them. Magni believes that he has a connection with the warrior named Keeo from another life.


Controlled by: DarkHorseRequie

Class: Black Belt

Gender: Male

Origin: Corneria

Race: Human

What? I'm not good enough to have a character? DEATH LIST DEATH LIST DEATH LIST

Oh, and Gaius is some sort of manifestation of CHAOS. GOOD JOB KILLING ME GUYS I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT.

Well, I'm back.  Probably have died a few times; I think the above was about Shiva or something.  Tried to win a tourney with Koran, maybe, but I lost.  Koran is a pansy who jumped in front of a CHAOS beam Linessa was shooting at me or something.

No airship, so instead I found Tiamat.  I, the controller (DHR), did not realize Tiamat was the Fiend of Air.  Seriously, I didn't.  Given a description of a dragon as "onyx" and that I knew Cindrax and Tiamat were both black, I flipped a coin.

Gaius (now first-person again) allies with Tiamat, kills...Manassa or whatever, Cindrax and Bahamut's daughter, after a ridiculously-awesome and quite long little monologue confirming that, yes, Tiamat was good.  Decapitation, btw.

Tiamat sent me back to Bahamut (obviously pissed, yeah) and he made us class change.  I became a Tiger.

I proceed to Kick the hell out of everything, which is suprisingly ineffective in the 2v2 tourney.  And then I realized that Onyx is typically flesh-toned, and always banded due to being silica.  Realizing that both Cindrax and Tiamat were described in one color, neither was banded.  Except Cindrax is married to Bahamut (to my knowledge), and thus has a wedding band.  REMEMBER WHEN I KILLED HER DAUGHTER?

Oh, and I killed a shopkeeper in Crescent Lake but no one seems to care (aside from Sarda or whoever, but he just smh'ed at me).


Occupation: Necromancer White Mage

Race: Half-elven

Country of origin: Gaia

Age: A sprightly septuagenarian (corresponding to late twenties in elven terms)


A white mage in training who left his hometown of Gaia after his abilities to animate the dead with shadow came to light. He is traveling the world in search of a lost branch of white magic called Verboten, said to be able to return the deceased to life.