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  • An Agent-Based Approach to Extending the Native Active Capability of Relational Database Systems. Lijuan Li, Sharma Chakravarthy. ICDE 1999. (active databases)
  • Formal Semantics of Composite Events for Distributed Environments. Shuang Yang, Sharma Chakravarthy. ICDE 1999. (active databases)
  • On the Semantics of Complex Events in Active Database Management Systems. Detlef Zimmer, Rainer Unland. ICDE 1999. (active databases)


  • Query Answering Using Discovered Rules. I-Min A. Chen. ICDE 1996. (active database/knowledge base systems)
  • Refined Triggering Graphs: A Logic-Based Approach to Termination Analysis in an Active Object-Oriented Database. Anton P. Karadimce, Susan Darling Urban. ICDE 1996. (active database/knowledge base systems)
  • The Ode Active Database: Trigger Semantics and Implementation. Daniel F. Lieuwen, Narain H. Gehani, Robert M. Arlein. ICDE 1996. (active database/knowledge base systems)
  • Using Partial Differencing for Efficient Monitoring of Deferred Complex Rule Conditions. Martin Sköld, Tore Risch. ICDE 1996. (active database/knowledge base systems)


  • A Transaction Transformation Approach to Active Rule Processing. Danilo Montesi, Riccardo Torlone. ICDE 1995. (active databases)
  • Active Database Management of Global Data Integrity Constraints in Heterogeneous Database Environments. Lyman Do, Pamela Drew. ICDE 1995. (active databases)
  • Building an Integrated Active OODBMS: Requirements, Architecture, and Design Decisions. Alejandro P. Buchmann, Jürgen Zimmermann, José A. Blakeley, David L. Wells. ICDE 1995. (active databases)


  • Compiling Query Constraints. Peter J. Stuckey, S. Sudarshan. PODS 1994. (constraints)
  • Constraint Checking with Partial Information. Ashish Gupta, Yehoshua Sagiv, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Jennifer Widom. PODS 1994. (constraints)
  • Constraints among Argument Sizes in Logic Programs. Kirack Sohn. PODS 1994. (constraints)


  • An Active Object-Oriented Database: A Multi-Paradigm Approach to Constraint Management. Hiroshi Ishikawa, Kazumi Kubota. VLDB 1993. (active databases)
  • An Adaptive Algorithm for Incremental Evaluation of Production Rules in Databases. Françoise Fabret, Mireille Régnier, Eric Simon. VLDB 1993. (active databases)
  • Deriving Integrity Maintaining Triggers from Transition Graphs. Michael Gertz, Udo W. Lipeck. ICDE 1993. (integrity constraints)
  • Deterministic Semantics of Set-Oriented Update Sequences. Christian Laasch, Marc H. Scholl. ICDE 1993. (integrity constraints)
  • On Implementing a Language for Specifying Active Database Execution Models. Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Richard Hull, Dean Jacobs, Jaime Castillo, Martha Escobar-Molano, Shih-Hui Lu, Junhui Luo, Chiu Tsang, Gang Zhou. VLDB 1993. (active databases)
  • Updating Intensional Predicates in Deductive Databases. Dominique Laurent, Viet Phan Luong, Nicolas Spyratos. ICDE 1993. (integrity constraints)


  • A Run-Time Execution Model for Referential Integrity Maintenance. Bruce M. Horowitz. ICDE 1992. (integrity constraints)
  • Composite Event Specification in Active Databases: Model & Implementation. Narain H. Gehani, H. V. Jagadish, Oded Shmueli. VLDB 1992. (active database systems)
  • History-less Checking of Dynamic Integrity Constraints. Jan Chomicki. ICDE 1992. (integrity constraints)
  • Implementing High Level Active Rules on Top of a Relational DBMS. Eric Simon, Jerry Kiernan, Christophe de Maindreville. VLDB 1992. (active database systems)
  • Production Rules in Parallel and Distributed Database Environments. Stefano Ceri, Jennifer Widom. VLDB 1992. (active database systems)
  • The Implementation and Evaluation of Integrity Maintenance Rules in an Object-Oriented Database. Susan Darling Urban, Anton P. Karadimce, Ravi B. Nannapaneni. ICDE 1992. (integrity constraints)


  • Alert: An Architecture for Transforming a Passive DBMS into an Active DBMS. Ulf Schreier, Hamid Pirahesh, Rakesh Agrawal, C. Mohan. VLDB 1991. (techniques for active databases)
  • Language Constructs for Programming Active Databases. Richard Hull, Dean Jacobs. VLDB 1991. (techniques for active databases)
  • On Maintaining Priorities in a Production Rule System. Rakesh Agrawal, Roberta Cochrane, Bruce G. Lindsay. VLDB 1991. (techniques for active databases)


  • Monitoring Database Objects. Tore Risch. VLDB 1989. (active databases)
  • Situation Monitoring for Active Databases. Arnon Rosenthal, Sharma Chakravarthy, Barbara T. Blaustein, José A. Blakeley. VLDB 1989. (active databases)


  • A Temporal Framework for Database Specifications. José Mauro Volkmer de Castilho, Marco A. Casanova, Antonio L. Furtado. VLDB 1982. (specifications and constraints)
  • Semantic Integrity Dependencies and Delayed Integrity Checking. Gilles M. E. Lafue. VLDB 1982. (specifications and constraints)
  • Specification-Based Computing Environments. Robert Balzer, David Dyer, M. Fehling, S. Saunders. VLDB 1982. (specifications and constraints)

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