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Acura logo

Acura logo

Acura is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company since March 1986.


Blue Glass Arrow Current models (as at July 2014) are denoted §
  • CL (luxury coupe, discontinued after 2003 model year)
  • CSX (compact sedan, replacement for the EL; only available in Canada, replaced by the ILX)
  • EL (compact sedan, replaced Integra sedan; only available in Canada, replaced by the CSX)
  • Integra (sports coupe and sedan, replaced by the RSX and EL)
  • ILX§ (compact sedan, replaces Canada-exclusive CSX).
  • Legend (luxury sedan and coupe, replaced by the RL)
  • MDX§ (luxury SUV)
  • NSX (supercar/exotic coupe, in production until 2005; revival planned for 2015)
  • RDX§ (cross-over SUV)
  • RL (full-size sedan, discontinued after 2012 model year, replaced by the RLX)
  • RLX§ (full-size sports sedan, replaces RL)
  • RSX (sports coupe, discontinued after the 2006 model year)
  • SLX (SUV, replaced by the MDX; only available in the United States)
  • TL (mid-size sports sedan)
  • TLX§ (mid-size luxury sedan)
  • TSX (compact sports sedan, sport wagon)
  • Vigor (mid-sized sedan, replaced by the TL)
  • ZDX (crossover SUV, discontinued for 2014 model year due to low sales and a high price tag)

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