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Wallace's Find (Wallace & The Muddy Bank-US)


Wallace's Brakevan Frog Finds Out He's Not Happy At The Moment, But When He's Happy, Wallace Sets Off On A Dangerous Mission. Thomas Warns Him To Be Careful, But He Dosn't Listen. When He Gets Stuck In A Muddy Bank, Harold Rescues Him, So The Fat Controller Punishes Wallace For 2 Months.


  • Appearances By Thomas, Wallace, Frog, Harold & The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos By Neville and Dennis.

Coaches & Crossings


Duck & Stepney Tease James About Pulling Coaches, So James Finds A 1st Class Autocoach Called Gladys. The Fat Controller Wants James To Pull Gladys From Wellsworth To Vicarstown. Gladys Goes Too Fast That James Crashes Through A Level Crossing, So James Wants To Refuse. When He Refuses, The Fat Controller Punishes Him For 2 Mounths, So Duck & Stepney Laugh At Him For Refusing To Pull Coaches.


  • Introducing Gladys.
  • Appearaces By James, Duck, Stepney & The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos By Thomas, Henry, Emily, Rosie & Billy.

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