These Are My Pixar Shorts.


Toy Story

One day, Buzz had a walk. A computer fell out of the air and donut stole buzz's clothes. He was called Buzz Donut. Buzz told Woody and took his clothes. Blah blah blah blah blah blah then buzz said to Donut, "I want to be me again or i will pwn you!" But Donut didn't. What could Buzz do? What would Buzz do? What can Buzz do?" He pwned donut.

The "Bonnie's Room" Dance

Force Field

Woody Vs. Lenny Steering Contest

Conternental Debeate

Channel Surfing

The Army Men Rap

Story Of The Dark, Part 1

Story Of The Dark, Part 2

Buzz: Buzzzzzzz

Woody: AHCHOO!


Buzz: Howdy!

( Woody yells )

Fast Track

Woody Imposter

Waiting For Bonnie

Happy Snacky

Buzz Becomes Obsolete


Buzz Finds Out That He Has 5 Last Versions-Cybersonic Buzz, Battlestar Buzz, Rockcrusher Buzz, Flameburst Buzz And Skyrunner Buzz.

  • Buzz
  • Woody (Cameo)
  • Rex
  • Hamm
  • Trixie
  • Cybersonic Buzz (Says Over 500000,000000,00000 Word Combonations) (On TV)
  • Battlestar Buzz (With Ultra-Damage) (On TV)
  • Rockcrusher Buzz (With Rock-Power Abillities) (On TV)
  • Flameburst Buzz (Fires Fireball Missiles From His Hands) (On TV)
  • Skyrunner Buzz (It Really Flies With Working Jet Pack-Where The Fire Is Touchable) (On TV)
  • Hamm: Oh, Yeah.
  • TV Narrator: Calling Buzz Lightyear! The World's Greatest Toy Just Got Better! New Cybersonic Buzz Says Over 500000,000000,00000 Word Combonations!
  • Cybersonic Buzz: A! Photon Ray! Hit A Jack!
  • TV Narrator: Battlestar Buzz With ULTRA-DAMAGE!!
  • TV Kid: Cool!
  • TV Narrator: Rockcrusher And Flameburst Buzes With Rock Powers And Fire His Fireballs!
  • Rex: Wow!
  • TV Narrator: And Last But Not Least, Skyrunner Buzz! It Really Flies! 5 Buzes To Collect! Complete Your Collection Today!
  • 10 TV Kids: Buzz Lightyear!
  • Another TV Narrator: Availible At Al's Toy Barn Outlets For A Limited Time Only.
  • Buzz: I Don't Get It.
  • Trixie: OH, I DON'T BELEIVE IT!! 5 NEW BUZES! (Chuckles)
  • Hamm: I Wish They Could Be In A Yard Sale.

Rex In Danger?

Eternal Toysale Of The Roomless Mind

Robotic Affairs

Mr. Patato Head Redoes Inception!

Why Did'nt Bonnie Just Get The Cable?

2011 Movie Preview?

The Dollfather



Finding Nemo

Monsters Inc.

A Bug's Life



The Incredibles

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