Adamsburg is a country on the eastern coast of the northern continent.

Fact about Adamsburg:

Capital: Eleonor

Other cities: Latola, Kalletla, Potemcha

Languages: Swedish, English

Inhabitants: 900.000

Neighbours: Xorientia, Phinechendza, Instir, Alinta (island nation), Salona

Adamsburg is also hosting the first ever Nation World Cup.

Adamsburg in NSC

Adamsburg has done quite good in NSC. It has been 3 top 10 places in 4 tries. The best place is 2 5th places!

NSC 2: "Tro" Marie Fredriksson 13th of 15 countries

Adamsburg made their debut in NSC 2 in Arjastan! We started as #15 and last, but it didn't go so well for Marie. 13th place wasn't a very good place at all.

NSC 3: "Var minut" Emilia 5th of 19 countries

For the first time did Adamsburg have a national selection. There won Emilia pretty easy and went to Escotia. Well there (at starting position 9) it was extremly exiting. At one moment Adamsburg was in the lead, but it ends with a great 5th place!

NSC 4: "Chariots of fire" BWO 8th of 22 countries

The NSC was back in Arjastan and Adamsburg sent one of their most popular bands BWO. Well there they had the starting position 4, the earlist ever. It didn't went as good as in Escotia, but an 8th place was more than good! :D

NSC 5: "7milakliv" Martin Stenmarck 5th of 24 countries

NSC 5 in Hibernia was one of the most sucessful for Adamsburg. We send Martin Stenmarck with the 3rd ballad on Swedish in 4 years! For the second time we start as number 15 and made it for the second time 5th place!!

NSC 6: "Hearts on fire" Hammerfall 22 of 22 countries (Final)

NSC 6 in Bokia was going to be a disaster! After some pop and many ballads it was time for some Hardrock! As we did so great in Hibernia, was Adamsburg already qualyfied for the final, and was drawn as number 15 again! We hoped for at least a place in the 15 best...but too our disapointement did we came last!! Adamsburg was angry and demanded a good song to make Adamsburg in the final next year!

NSC 7: "Walk idiot walk" The Hives ? of 28 countrist (Semifinal)

Once again, Adamsburg is going to have a rock song! But this time it feel much better! #24 in the running order, and we thought, THIS IS OUR CHANCE! But it didn't go so well.....21st place.....and many was sad..... TV Adam decided to take a timeout and think about how to do to make it to the final!

Adamsburg have give points to:

Escotia 36p

Salona 29p

Spila 29p

Giggshood 24p

Astoria 22p

Arjastan 21p

Lost Isle 18p

Tomstria 18p

Saksjaowie 15p

United states of Carmen 15p

Xorientia 12p

Andromeda 12p

Altharia 12p

Bokia 11p

Romeria 11p

Reym-L-Dneurb 8p

Gabriel 7p

Medina 7p

Yaponesia 7p

Venera 6p

Hibernia 5p

Maccha- Bently 5p

Brugia 5p

Ugaly 3p

Instir 3p

Reignland 2p

Begonia 2p

Cicvara 2p

Alinta 1p

Adamsburg have recived points from:

Giggshood 32p

Saksjaowie 30p

Maccha- Bently 24p

Gabriel 21p

Lost Isle 16p

Alinta 16p

Reym-L-Dneurb 15p

Brugia 15p

Tomstria 15p

Salona 14p

Xorientia 13p

Ugaly 13p

Magna Grecia 10p

Begonia 9p

Noizeland 8p

Altharia 8p

Arjastan 7p

Medina 6p

Andromeda 6p

Astoria 5p

Reignland 4p

Romeria 3p

Hibernia 2p

Phinechendza 2p

Lolee 1p

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