Adding a column to a table in production:

  • add the column to the primary OLTP server using the ’alter table’ command
  • add the column to the replication definition using the ’alter replication definition’ command
  • add column to all replicated data servers (tip: use the rs_helprep command to determine all replicate servers.) The table changed will have already been applied to the warm standby and MSA servers
  • recreate the view and grants for the table in common_db for each server, primary and replicate
  • if the column added required a trigger change, load the updated trigger(s) in the primary OLTP server
  • if needed, make sure that any needed rows have been added to column_value
  • if the table that the column was added to has any columns that contain registration number or external party id’s, reload the following stored procedures in primay OLTP server: c_alias_racing_people, c_merge_racing_people, c_peoplecleanup_merge, crud_horse_merge, crud_people_merge, u_merge_people, u_merge_race

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