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AKA: Chichibert (the kids), Bert, General von Gratz, Lord Gratz (disgraced)

Age: ~170

Looks: 6'3", blond, blue eyes, craggy face, quarter troll

Character: Idealist, forceful, deep loyalties, man of action, gruff kindness. A protector.

Special skills: Military genius. Contacts throughout human underworld. Superb fighter, sword and houjutsu and hand-to-hand combat.

Family: Eldest son of Adeldan von Gratz and Sophie von Bielenfeld. Sophie is a much-younger half-sister of Friedrich von Bielenfeld. Younger brother Brendan von Gratz. Adelbert is 'cradle buddies' with his cousin Manfred von Bielenfeld - best friends since childhood.

Adelbert was betrothed to Suzanna Julia von Wincott. She died when he was ~150.

One child out of wedlock, Frieda von Gratz, by the pirate Ethel. Frieda is half-human, and not considered a 'von Gratz' by the clan. Frieda is fostered to Wolfram and Yuuri, since Adelbert travels a lot for work.

Other: Adelbert joined the military at age 45 (with Manfred) and rose to General of all Shin Makoku (age ~130). He became ruling Lord Gratz (age ~110) when his father Adeldan suddenly abdicated and disappeared into Trondheim. Adelbert continued his military career, and left ruling Gratz to Brendan (then aged ~60). Adelbert abdicated treasonously at age ~150. He left Shin Makoku and became a champion to humans he'd been leading the demons to fight against.

Adelbert's reconciliation with Shin Makoku began during the series. The process continues - he is repatriated to in The Pirate Wedding, but as a vassal of Conrad Lord Weller, not his brother Brendan.

Adelbert's relationship with Brendan remains understandably strained.

Stories: The Bedding of Wolfram, Axel, The Pirate Wedding, Wolfram Takes a Break,Yuuri's Hot Date, The Trouble with Trolls

The Bedding of Wolfram

around the time the series ends

  • Adelbert's ties in the human underworld of Mizrat, are key to finding Wolfram.
  • Wolfram is the son of his first cousin and lifelong best friend Manfred.
  • Adelbert fetches Manfred to Wolfram's side.
  • Reconciliation with best friend Manfred begins after 20 years estranged.


During BoW, and 20 years before

  • The military's reaction to Adelbert's stunning treason.
  • Brendan's confirmation as the new Lord Gratz.

The Pirate Wedding

Two years after BoW and Axel

  • Adelbert is invited to the wedding.
  • Gwendal explains his official status as 'don't push it'.
  • Adelbert's ex-relationship with the pirate Ethel leads them to rescue the pirate hostages.
  • He fights in the rescue.
  • He meets his daughter Frieda, age 2, after her mother Ethel is executed by Yuuri.
  • He agrees to let Yuuri and Wolfram adopt Frieda.
  • Manfred demands that Wolfram only foster the girl, not adopt, and Adelbert return to Shin Makoku.
  • Adelbert accepts a job with newly-appointed Conrad Lord Weller, in human-Mazoku international police field work. Frieda has a stable foster home with Wolfram, while Adelbert is often away.

Wolfram Takes a Break

One year later - three years after BoW and Axel

  • Adelbert and Yuuri as inept but loving fathers, dependent on Wolfram.
  • They and Friedrich and the kids find Wolfram.
  • Adelbert and Frieda get fire maryoku and a yet-unknown grief redeemed at the phoenix resurrection.

Yuuri's Hot Date

two years after WTB, fifth year after BoW

  • Adelbert and Ted advise Yuuri on how to 'get a girl', Shin Makoku-style.
  • Yuuri gradually comes to understand their mystification - he can date an Aristocrat, or hire a professional. Anything else dishonors the girl.

The Trouble with Trolls

half year after Date, sixth year after BoW

  • Aldrich gets Adelbert the hell away from his negotiations with Troll Mother, because he still has a 'thing' about the trolls eating his father Adeldan.
  • Adelbert ends up in Wolfram and Brendan's hide-the-heirs troop, in the Krist Fens.
  • Efram inadvertantly kills Adelbert and his father Adeldan, who (surprise!) is alive and with the troll hostage-taking party. Wolfram revives Adelbert. Adeldan stays dead.
  • Adelbert and Greta adopt a band of goblins, the new staff of the Blood Pledge Castle baths.
  • Adelbert nearly brains Aldrich demanding answers. A calmer Brendan gets those answers - Adeldan chose of his own will to abandon family and 'go to the trolls'. Aldrich recently came to suspect as much, but was protecting Brendan.
  • Adelbert and Brendan are quarter trolls, not eighth trolls as they'd believed. This means they're more susceptible to troll mind control. In the past, after age 200, quarter trolls have 'gone to the trolls' and died of it, and nobody seems able to stop it.
  • Adelbert is a finalist for Caller of the dead at Midsummer, but declines the honor in Aldrich's favor. He begins to reconcile with his late father and his troll heritage.
  • Fatal 'going to the trolls' is now considered murder. Friedrich accepts a commission from Alana von Trondheim to find means to make such up-troll mating survivable.

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