I am one of the authors in this company. I have many characters that are described by others as having very complex personalities. I like to play online games, read books and draw.

I have a cameo in Pilot League as myself. In that series, I am a demigoddess by birth, which is more powerful than a demigod by promotion. My father Doc Leon is also from the same line as me, but since he is cursed, he cannot become a god nor use magic powers.

My entire family line is passed on through father and son, but I am not the last Dragon goddess since I have a younger brother.

I really hate my voice. It sounds so much like a spoilt brat that it's not even funny.

My name was associated with Christianity in the form of 'Blessed Adeline'.

Adeline was the sister of Blessed Vitale, Abbot of Savigny and was introduced to the religious life by him or her. She rose to become the first Abbess of the monastery founded at Mortain in 1105 or 1115 by Count William of Mortain. The Rule followed by this religious house was that of St. Benedict together with a few observances drawn from the Cistercian tradition.-cited from

Adeline is supposedly the namesake of a saint who was not well known. It is a nickname for the French name 'Adela', but a longer one.

I'm sick of being criticized for what I like so there!

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