SFA - Generic Planet 3

Adigeon Prime


Adigeon Prime Surface Map

Colony CIII

City on Adigeon Primes Northern Continent

Adigeon Prime is a planet in the Adigeon system. The planet was one of the first human that were established by the humans outside their own solar system. The planet has six continents and four oceans. The planet is theorized to have once belong to an ancient civilization that went extinct in the late 10th century, possibly, due to Civil War. Their ruins exist on the Western Continent, the humans now explore these ruins in order to learn about the civilization that once lived there. The colony has a population of 12 billion across the six continents. The planet has a diverse population with several aliens inhabiting its cities. The planet also has one of the largest refugee encampments in the galaxy. The camp is home to 8'000 refugees who are watched over by Earth Security Forces in order to create a system of checks and balances. In 2570, a group rogue scientists used the uninhabited continent of Tienhu to perform a series of illegal scientific experiments in which they blend the DNA of two separate animals. The Earth Security Force sent in a squad of Recruits, led by a women who is known as Karen Loews, who seemed to know a lot about this technology.

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