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1. What is the Admiral Mudd and Friends Site Ring?

We are one of the largest and longest-running webrings on the Net. We are devoted to fan-made websites with science fiction themes. These themes encompass books, movies, television shows, games, comics, fan fiction RPG's, message boards, art, poetry, filking, conventions, meet-up groups, and much MORE!

2. Why join the AMAFSR?

Do you have a site that needs a larger audience? Are you interested in finding other science fiction sites to browse? Do you need more information about your favorite science fiction story? If any of these statements are true, or if you need the answer to any of these questions, the AMAFSR is for you. We have a sizeable list of member sites, all with the science fiction fan in mind. If you do not see your favorite science fiction story or franchise represented, let us know! We appreciate positive input.

Also, our philosophy is that we are not in competition with any other science fiction site, because we want to encourage anyone to create and develop their sites. All science fiction sites are welcome, even sites with only partial science fiction content.

3. What does the AMAFSR have to offer?

  • Four AMAFSR websites with links to your site
  • A Newsletter created for members and fans to help promote their sites
  • Friendly, interested admins who can help with problems or direct you to other web resources if necessary.
  • Custom banners and graphics for website promotion are available

All of these services are FREE, as long as conditions of membership are met.

4. What are the conditions of membership in the AMAFSR?

  • You must have (and maintain):

--A working, science fiction based, non-commercial website of the type listed above

--A working email address

--Posted visibly somewhere on your site, the AMAFSR banner (if you have problems with posting the banner, we have several solutions).

And...that's all! Our services are free. We also consider ourselves a fan club of all things science fiction, so whether your interests are on one television show, or anything science fiction makes you happy, we are here for you. Please take a look at some of the links at the AMAFSR Homepage, on the left side of the page. If you are interested in joining, please click To Join The AMAFSR. If you need more information, please feel free to start a thread in our Messages section, or email one of us at Please let us know where you read this information.

Admiral Mudd and Captain k'alaa


Science Fiction Fan Interview Project:

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