[b]Bio for Adrian Rain[/b]

[b]Surname:[/b]Jaden Rain [b]Given Name:[/b] Adrain [b]Known Aliases:[/b] Shadow [b]Occupation:[/b] Anything for a credit or two mostly Bounty Hunting, but has done some occasional smuggling. [b]Legal status:[/b] Not to well liked on a few outter rim planets like Tattooine. But nothing highly overt. [b]Race:[/b]Human [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b]24 [[b]b]Place of Birth:[/b] Corellia Place of Residence:[/b] The Shadow*his ship* [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] Anywhere his feet weren't in a bed. [b]Affiliation:[/b] Where the money is.


[b]Appearance[/b] [image noborder]Rain2.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Rain1.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Rain5.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Rain.jpg[/image]

[b]Height:[/b] 6 foot 1 inch [b]Weight:[/b] 180 pounds if he just ate a good meal [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Brown [b]Hair:[/b] Black [b]Other Features:[/b] small tattoos, thats about it.

[b]Clothing:[/b] Wears a casual blue suit with the sleeves folded up to his elbows mostly. Sometimes seen with a poncho on in more adverse climate conditions.

[b]Uniform:[/b] None, threw it away after he quit the Imperial navy.


[b]Personality:[/b] Adrian is a reasonably easy to get along with guy. He has a sense of sarcasm. He's sometimes a cynic, but not when it isnt called for. Normally hes pretty laid back and is willing to do just about anything so long as he can eat. Hates being starving and is willing to do just about anything for money. Not because he wants to be rich, but just because the niche he fell into is pretty high cost and he needs to eat.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] [b]Father:[/b] unknown [b]Mother:[/b] unknown


Jaden grew up in Remnant controlled space which wasn't an easy thing to deal with at all. As a child his parents weren't exactly the most richest people and they did all they could to give him a decent life. Because he wasn't the most well privelaged child he spent alot of time playing with his friends. They pretended to be Jedi and pirates and Sith. Fighting with sticks and such. Galivanting about with dreams of great adventures and experiences.

Then Teenage years came and opportunities for Jaden were few and thin. He was a decent shot with a blaster from picking off Kath hounds and kinrath for sport and to protect the homestead. And he was reasonably ok from his child hood playing sword fights. But He just didnt have the education to really get any kind of job his parents wanted for him. Slowly but surely his friends all left to join the imperial navy or rather what was left of it. In tattered shambles and trying to reestablish its dominance again they began mass recruiting drives. Eventually Jaden was the only one left of his group of friends.

He brought the prospect of being an Imperial officer up to his parents but they would have none of it. They wanted Jaden to be a shop keep or a farmer or something. Anything but an Imperial officer. But Jaden insisited and eventually went off and joined anyhow. He did alright and got to a rather decent rank. Until one day they attacked a planet that had very little republic influence at all. That didn't sit well with Jaden and he brought it up to the captain of the attack. He was told that the republic had spies there and to eliminate them they had to be certain in killing everyone. But Jaden wasn't so certain. No longer satisfied with being in his current situation he began to try and think of a way to get out.

His opportunity came when he was leading a platoon of stormtroopers in an attack against a local crimelord and his personal army. They were to flank behind the compound and set up demo charges and destroy the power generators. But it was a trap, the generators were dummies and they got ambushed. The Stormtroopers were cut down in a hail of fire, but Jaden managed to kill the last of marauders before losing consciousness. He woke up as a prisoner, but later the crimelord let him go when he figured out Jaden had amnesia.

He gave him simple clothes and set him loose. It wasn't long before muscle memory kicked in and Jaden made an impresionable name for himself amongst the marauders. But he still didn't like being there. They weren't his kind of people. So after he got enough money he bought passage to Tattooine. Once he got there he started taking up random jobs as a go to guy. He found work with the hutts to be somewhat less then respectfull but it paid the bills after a while. He got to make his pick of jobs and took the ones he felt comfortable with. After a while he made a big enough name for himself that better jobs came about and he started to collect some decent money. But Tattooine was too stale for him, everything was always the same. Debt collecting, or people collecting. He wanted something new. So he went into the ship yards and started poking around for something that he liked.

One day by mere chance he found a small ship that would be roomy enough for him and still be enough that he could handle what ever came his way. He bought it from the owner who owed the local crime ring some money. Adrian helped him disapear. After that Rain patched up a few knicks here and there and left on his way to Corucant. Hoping to get into something a little more pro active then head hunting. Not that he had a problem doing it. He just wanted something better.

Upon his arraival to Corucant it wasn't long before Rain found work under a mysterious but high paying client named Cursyu. Rain did a rather simple job of acquring a handfull of droids for Cursyu and left them on Tattooine for him. Shortly after payment arraived for Rain which was quite substantial to say the least. It covered the purchase and slight modification of a Corvus class shuttle Rain named the Shadow. After a few more lesser paying jobs Rain frequented Corucant more and more. The more sure fire clients were much more preferable to the seedier elements of Tattoine. The environment wasn't bad either.

It wasn't before long that the incidant on Muunlist went down and Adrian ran into a rather unlikely ally. He met an up and coming padawan named Revan. Rain and Arkanis became quick friends and soon found themselves in alot of trouble rather rapidly. The two complimented each other in ways most people wouldn't think. Revan gave Rain a sense of honor and justice while Rain gave Revan a sense of humor and a bit of laxity from being uptight.

As anti jedi sentiment rose quickly Rain quicly became a strong supporter and one of the few they had left. Helping Revan out of a bind several times over.

Then came the exile of Baenre. Revan asked Rain to help him make it away safely and so Rain came to the scene and did his part to help make sure bounty hunters (Who weren't that great in his opinion) didn't get him.

Not long after that Revan came to Rain with a startling revelation. The jedi were going to be attacked by the Republic and would all die if they didn't leave the temple that evening. In a mad dash to pack what they could and leave at night the Jedi and Rain included went about collecting the most important things they could carry and loaded up as many ships as possible. Though Rain spent most of the exile aboard his ship he helped ferry Revan off planet.

Thier next stop was on Tattooine. Where they worked off alot of Rain's outstanding debts and made some more travelling money for them to continue on. But not long into thier trip the two began to butt heads on situations and soon decided to part ways for the time being. Rain needed to take a few jobs and lose himself in work.

So he took a job from Cursyu again to visit Dathomir for an aincent book and some rare artifacts. Ever the historian Cursyu wanted Rain to retrieve it for him, so Rain hired out a crew to come along since he wasn't well versed on the planet or what he could face.

The job went fairly well considering he lost two of the hired hands in the process. Which meant more cut for him. As time passed and Rain quickly became a stand out name he found himself seperating from his more morally correct side and friends. He wasn't in a position to be right anymore. Just paid. As time passed he sold the Shadow and bought a massive frieghter named the MonkeyKath.

Since then he's simply continued his pattern of doing jobs and making loot. But all the while curious and at the same time not curious, about his past.

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