Advanced Writing is about practising communicative skills in Writing. it is intended at students training for UCLES CAE, Certificate in Advanced English and CPE, Certificate of Proficiency in English, but anyone can profit from taking part in it.

Writing Task One: Writing a Review (to be posted by Cecilia and Melisa)

Review: Student's book, page 164 Task 1

RSM vs. Bendita TV.

For the last few years there have been many TV programmes which are very much alike. At times it seems that TV producers have ran out of ideas but some others, although the programme plot is the samem the people working in it are the ones who make the striking difference.

Almost 2 years old, RSM (or 'Resumen de los Medios')is one of those programmes who make brief summaries of what has happened during the week. Hosted by Mariana Fabiani, and produced by her own TV broadcasting company 'GP Producciones', she makes a basic distinction from other programmes. Even though it all started as a much more serious option, it has now turned into one of the funniest ones. RSM staff relies on the journalist Claudio Perez, the actress and commentarist Maju Lozano and the hilarious, exhilarating actor Humberto Tortonese. Once a week there is a special appearance of Gabriel Rolón, the psychologist, who aids the members of the programme through a group therapy. It is certainly a very entertaining show, specially by the hilarious and unexpected comments by Tortonese.

On the other side of the street, there is Bendita TV by Beto Casella which has an uncanny resemblance to Roberto Pettinato's 'Duro de domar'. Through a very similar scheme to RSM and the former, Casella attempts to be much more funnier than others. Unfortunately he is far from doing so as his jokes are entirely predictable and over the top. Together with him are several columnists who try to produce a certain character which is obviously streets ahead of what they really are, consequently giving the impression of a totally unconvincing image.

However, while these shows are on, there are also many others on different channels. Nevertheless, if you are not willing to watch the news or the gossip shows, RSM and Bendita TVare the programmes that can certainly allow you to peep into what is going on among the world of the famous and richest.

written by Melisa for CAE writing

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