Comet Head

The events surrounding the impact of Zera T’chillah located under the Crystal Chief Petrah at Mishkan Tsipporen, the Hall-of-the-Point. Moments before Advent the proto seed pod of Sequoia adeptus could have been mistaken for any common comet head. It was encased in over 150 meters of interstellar dust, frozen gases, and water ice. It had been traveling in interstellar space for unknown millennia until its course was bent by a chance near miss with Malkuth which altered Zera T’chillah’s to a new vector that intersected with Enochii’s. Equinox’s magnetosphere drew the seed pod directly to impact the North Pole.


Zera T’chillah was traveling at over 80,000 kilometers per second when it entered the Enochiian atmosphere. The kinetic energy released by the first contact between the atmosphere and the top few centimeters of its surface caused the dust, gases and ice to instantaneously flash into plasma. Slightly more than a thousandth of a second later the protopod crashed into the transpolar sea. The resulting fireball was 110 kilometers wide and the energy contained in sixty million citykiller atomics was loosed on the fauna and floræ of primordial Enochii. The protopod was implanted in the bottom of a crater nearly 160 kilometers wide and forty kilometers deep. The intense heat made molten the polar mantle under the impact. The Transpolar Sea for over 300 kilometers around was instantly converted to steam and rose with the incinerated mantle and soil and plants and animals over sixty kilometers into the atmosphere where it circled the prostrate Equinox for decades before it settled back to the surface.

Post Impact Effects

A land wave radiated from the impact like ripples ring dropped pebble in a pond. The ripples in the Transpolar sea were much larger. The splash from the initial impact created a tsunami two kilometers high that traveled from the North Pole to the south at speeds the topped 1,000 kilometers per hour. The waves tore over the South Polar land mass and crashed together to form a fountain 15 kilometers high. Trillions of tons of water returned to the sea beds to create another tsunami traveling north.

The center of the initial crater recoiled as the sea again occupied the space vacated by the rising steam. A central spire over sixty kilometers in diameter rises and is cooled in place by the Sea. Two concentric rings of islands form where waves of molten mantle ripple and cool in the stabilizing sea. Within two and a half hours of the impact the modern topography of the Equinox polar region is formed.

It took the same time for the blast wave in the atmosphere to travel out to a radius of 2,800 kilometers. A shockwave nearly three times as dense as normal air traveling at over 300 meters per second splinters the primordial forests left standing by the ground wave and ignites the grasslands. The seismic shock wave that had preceded the hot wind had the strength of an 11.3 magnitude earthquake. The forest floor rose and fell in waves a kilometer long with groundswells of fifteen to twenty meters.

Soon the devastation was covered by a fine layer of ash and dust making it difficult for animals to breathe. All of the large saurians are dead within ten years either from asphyxiation, or the cold of the nuclear winter caused by the global dust cloud, or starvation. Nearly ninety percent of the species of land plants and animals went extinct as a result of Advent.

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