Adventure Man

Adventure Man in NES

Adventure Man 
is an Titular Character & the Main Protagonist of the Games of the Same Name.


  • Adventure Man is an Standard character Similar to MegaMan.
  • He is one of the Heros of the Year 20XX
  • He & Megaman can both Get Robot (Reacters/Masters) Weapons.


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Humanoid, Hero Robot.
  • Faction: Good
  • Godd Point: Heroic
  • Bad Point: None
  • Likes: Animals
  • Dislikes: Unknown
  • Allies: Tailgirl (Sidekick & Best Friend), Dr. Toddeter (Creator), Plasma Boy, Diamond Girl, River Boy, Shaftway Girl, Volcano Boy, Fairy Girl, Alien Boy, Helix Girl (Assistents), Dash (Pet Dog), Leak (Helper Bird), Shatter Man, Roll Girl (Sister), Protoman (Brother), Rock Woman (Girlfriend), Water Balloon. W, Thunder Bolt. T, Wild Coil. C, Ice Wave. I, Flame Sword. F, Tornado Hold. S, Copy Vision. V, Commando Bomb. B, Toad the Robot & Others
  • Rivals: Gemerl (Arch-Rival), Robot Reacters & Protoman (briefly)
  • Enemies: Dr. Robotnik (Arch-Enemy), Scratcher & Grounderbot, Death Man, Robotnik Machines, Metools & Cryptman

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