• Finn as Gumball (both heroes)
  • Jake as Darwin
  • Joshua as Dad
  • Margraet as Nicole
  • Princess Bubblegum as Penny
  • Beemo as Bobert
  • Mr. Cupcake as Gaylord Robinson
  • Ms. Cupcake as Margraet Robinson
  • Billy as Rocky
  • Ice King as Tina Rex
  • Carmine as Jamie
  • Prince Gumball as Penny's Father
  • Chet as Idaho
  • Jermaine as Charlie
  • Flambo as Manny
  • Pepeermint Butler as Mr. Small
  • The Cyclops as Hector the Scary Giant of all
  • Cinnamon Bun as Tobias
  • Lemongrab as Lawerence Needelmyer
  • Banana Joe as Choose Goose
  • Lumpy Space Princess as The Robber
  • Manfried as William
  • Lady Rainicorn the Japanese Speaking Rainicorn as Masami
  • Flame Princess as Rachel
  • Lois (from Family Guy) as Rachel's Mom
  • Peter (from Family Guy) as Tobias' Dad
  • Benson (from Regular Show) as Princabel Brown
  • The Ice Queen as Miss Simisan
  • The Lich as Jealousy

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