• READ MAGAZINE. You learn about the global oil shortage. STAND. You can wander a bit, but you can't enter the hotel yet (it's not permitted without a shirt).
  • On the left screen, with the volleyball players, PLAY (if you wore the shirt earlier, you won't see the players. You gain points while playing. The ball falls in the sea and the girl goes to catch it. When you get a message that you hear screams, go to the sea. After a while you return with the unconscious girl.

The procedure is actually a copy protection, but since nowadays you won't find a manual (unless you find it online in pdf format), here it goes:

a. shake and shout b. call for help c. establish airway d. look listen and feel e. give 2 good breaths f. look listen and feel g. check pulse h. begin compression i. check pulse

The guys thank you and leave. Go two screens left.

  • The lower hut is yours. Type LOOK HUT to check. Yours is #6. You don't have the key yet, but you can enter from the back door. Go to the dresser left of your bed and OPEN DRAWER, GET CHANGE. Leave and return to the beach.
  • Approach your chair and WEAR SHIRT. Go to the hotel.
  • Next to the entrance on the right, there is a newsstand. BUY NEWSPAPER. You read more about the oil crisis and learn about the abduction of the ambassador. Enter the hotel.

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