Optional puzzles are marked in ITALIC.


  • You wake up. Examine the LEAF. To go to the village, click on the middle of the rock you are standing and Bobbin will descend it and appear on the pathway further from the camera. Click on the end of the path and he will traverse to another path. Click on its end and you will change screen.
  • You are now near the shore. Go to the village
  • You are now in the village of the Weavers. You can visit some bt you were asked to visit the Elders in the Sanctuary, the big hut on the left. Go there.
  • Proceed on the right. Examine the three TAPESTRIES, continue on the right and you will watch the Elders' council.
  • Much is happening. The Elders punish Hetchel transforming her into a swanling. They are ready to punish you too but a swan comes and does this to themselves. All the Weavers are now swans and disappear in the sky, leaving the Pattern for ever.
  • You are alone now. Click on the DISTAFF and examine the EGG. It wants to OPEN so help it.
  • Hetchel is reborn as a swanling and briefs you about your 'mission'. She then leaves the pattern to find the other swans. Your task is now to find the swans.
  • Leave the Sanctuary and return to the village screen. Enter the hut on the far right, which is Hetchel's house.
  • Take the BOOK OF PATTERNS (actually included with your game box). Since this game understands no inventory, nothing changes if you overlook it. Examine the CAULDRON and learn the DYEING draft. Try it on the white CLOTHs. You can also try the reverse (UNDYEING) on the green cloths. Examine the FLASK so that you learn the EMPTY draft.
  • Leave the village and return to the general view with the village, the dock and the woods. Enter the woods.
  • Examine the HOLEs, one by one. They have owls but the last one is empty.
  • Go left and you will see an OWL blocking the inscription of the GRAVESTONE. There are two eyes blinking in the THORNS. examine them and the owl will leave to catch the rabbit. You can now read the stone, which is actually LAdy Cygna's grave. This is a hint to leave the island.
  • Go right and you can examine the HOLEs again, which now are full. You learn the NIGHT VISION draft.
  • Return to the village. There is a hut (near the ramp from which you came) you haven't visited. Enter it.
  • It's dark, cast NIGHT VISION on DARKNESS and examine the WHEEL. You learn STRAW INTO GOLD. Try it on the STRAWS. You can also try the reverse, GOLD INTO STRAW on the GOLD.
  • Leave the hut, the village, and return to the place you started the game. Look at the SKY and, according to the hint on the gravestone, cast OPEN. A thunder cuts the tree which floats to the dock.
  • Having learnt and practiced the 3 new drafts, you are now esperienced enough to cast the F note.
  • Follow the pathways once more and go to the dock where the tree is. Examine the GULLS and OPEN the CLAM. Ascent the ramp and fall in the water. Click on the tree and you are ready to sail.
  • In the middle of the ocean there is a massive WHIRLWIND. Approach it to hear spinning the TWISTING draft. If you want approach some more to see the animation where it spins you away and you fall again in the sea, since you never die in this game. Cast the reverse of it, the UNTWISTING and it's disappearing. Continue your travel till you reach another shore.








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