Day 1: 7-31

Scheduled events:

  • 16:00: Meanwhile with Johnny Qwong and lab technician about planned productoin
  • 19:30: Date with Karyn (only if you give her the flowers)


Waking up, pick up your CLOTHES from the floor and your COAT from the rack. Click on your pillow and pick up you GUN. Enter the bathroom and open the cabinet and get all there is inside (NAPENT and HEALTH KIT). Exit and close up to your sink. You must open your cupoard but you don't have the keys. Exit. The flashing light indicates you have new vid-phone messages, so close up. Get the AMMO CLIP. Turn on the Vidphone and get the control. Play your messages:

  • The mayor tells you about your mission requesting you to look for some Jake at the Pleasure Dome and sends you a photo of Chandra's body.
  • A useless advertisement (adds some realism)
  • Karyn's message about your date last night when you didn't show up.

Press your card slot and get your ID CARD.

Open your large inventory and wear your CLOTHES (You are supposed to wear your COAT also but nothing will go wrong if you don't). Arm your GUN with the AMMO CLIP (Actually you won't use weapons until the last day so you can leave it here to save some trouble at the Dome. To be precise the GUN is totally useless if you find the RIFLE much later in the game but it is actually an 'easter egg' so if you miss it, you will need the gun).

Outside, you are in front of the elevator.

You can go right and look at the yet unbuilt portion of the flats. There is nothing to do there (if you try twice to walk, you will die). If anybody knows if there is anything to do there, please do tell.

On the roof, there is nothing to do there also. You won't visit it unless you gain the hover car. So the only way we can go is down, to the subway.

For now, the only options you have is CITY HALL or PLEASURE DOME

City Hall

The mayor said you'd look first in the Dome, but it would be preferrable to get your keys from Karyn first.

At the alley talk to the florist and buy ROSES by giving her your ID CARD. If you refuse buying, you can come back later when you realise how useful they will be with Kar. If you forgot your ID in your appartment, you can't buy, so look below. Talk to the bum if you like, and he will starting shouting about a doom and the rise of Bahumat.

Also, if you want, enter the alley on the edge and take a closer look to the factory on the right. It's a farmaceutics laboratory but something tells you that it's not what it seems. Leave the factory and go to the left, squeeze through the boards where you will see a solitary asian man. Talk to him and listen what he has to tell you. You will do here more later.

Return to the initial screen and go to the left where you will arrive outside the City Hall. Enter the Lobby and talk to Jenni the secretary (she will talk to you anyway if you try to enter a door). She has a crush on you. Reply to her accordingly, positive, negative, or flatter her and leave her 'hoping' (there are rumours that if youa re 'positive' to her, Karyn will break up with you but I haven't managed to trigger this. If anyone knows more, please contribute).

Enter the office and talk to Karyn, angry for ruining your yesterday date. She will give your KEYS. It's a good idea to apologise. If you have the ROSES, offer them to her, in order to trigger a later cutscene with your date. If you play the boss and act unrepentant, she will be angry and refuse to talk with you more (but she will be ok tomorrow).


Return home, insert your ID CARD in the slot and enter. If you forgot it, just turn the gauge on the top left and the door will be short-circuited.

Look the cabinet above the sink, open it with the KEYS that Karyn gave you, and get all you find there, MINI BOMBS, FISTO BAR, WIRE TESTER

Pleasure Dome

Unless you have your GUN, go to the Dome as the mayor told you to (if you have it you would like to visit the CITY HALL first so that you can get the FISTO from your appartment, or go to your appartment and leave your GUN there; you won't need it anyway).

As you approach the entrance, two bouncers will scan you for guns (Trivia: The Cyborg is called Arreis, an anagram of 'Sierra').

If you have the GUN, you have the options

  • to play the tough guy which will result into punches and the option to re-approach.
  • If you give it to them, on your exit,
    • they will 'forget' that you ever gave them a gun (but this is no problem if you find the RIFLE later).
    • If you want to avoid this trouble, make sure you give them also a FISTO BAR if they ask for 'anything else' so that they will give you a ticket to reclaim your weapon.

As you enter, you need to find Jake. Searching you can talk with two people, Darcy and Patch but they won't be of help (they will just tell you to look at the bar).

At the bar you can also talk with three people, Mujalambo the barman, Casey Jones and Candi.

Candi will also invite you to a night out. If you do, Karyn will catch you and break up with you. This will result in a dead end, so your only option is to restore a game.

The Jake is actually the person on the back. You can be both tough or nice. A suggested dialogue is 1, 2, 2, 1 or if you have a FISTO BAR still with you, 1, 3, give FISTO BAR, 2, 1. He won't believe that Chandra is dead, so show him her PICTURE. He will invite you to his office.

He mentions that some Chen is responsible for her death and all the drug circulation. Try to learn Chen's address. (A suggested dialogue is 2, 3, 3, 3). If you choose wrong replies and upset him, you won't be able to learn it.

If you haven't done so, offer him a FISTO BAR now.

Leave. If you have left your gun and have a TICKET, show it to Martha and get your gun back.

Leave. CHEN-LU'S APPARTMENT will be visible now in the map.

Chen-Lu's Appartment

As soon as you arrive, you see a mysterious man exiting. He is Snake, who has just finished his job clearing Lu out of the way.

Enter ad you will see patched Lu struggling dying. You will see a Meanwhile with the cops alarmed about Snake's entry. Now your movements must be counted.

Close up to the vid-phone, note the phones which all end in 0772. See Lu's messages. Deng Hwang warns Lu about his mistake of causing an important person (Chandra, the Mayor's daughter) to die, and his 'punishment'. Get the ID CARD and exit.

It's suggested now you leave to the em-way and wait until the cops arrive and leave, and return later. Of course you can do all the following if you are as fast as possible.

Go to bedroom, press the glittering dragon's eye and close up to the safe. Enter 0772 and it will open. Get the FISTO BAR and the SCROLL. Leave and go to the bathroom. Get the PATCH and leave.

If you choose to leave and return, you can reenter the appartment by inserting the ID CARD in the door to continue your investigation. If you missed the card, you can use a MINI BOMB but it will alert again the cops and your movements must be again counted.

If the cops arrive, you will be brought in as a suspect for the break in and Lu's murder until the Mayor sets you free. Until then, you will lose precious time, and Karyn will be left alone waiting for you.

When you are done, if it's too late (about 19:30) go to Karyn's for your date. Or else go to City Hall.

City Hall

Go to Karyn and give her the PATCH for an analysis. It will be ready tomorrow. Show her also the LU'S ID CARD. You will see info on Snake and Johhny Qwong.

You can also visit the old man in warehouse district but it's not something worth the rush. If you have plenty of time, look below.

If you don't have enough time for your date, you can do all this tomorrow.


When it's about 19:30, sooner or later, you will see a cutscene of your dinner out with Karyn. Sega CD version has the adult content cut.

Day 2: 8-1

Scheduled events:

  • 16:00: Another meanwhile with Qwong threatening the technician if the production doesn't reach the scheduled size.
  • 22:00: Deng Hwang kills Qwong (if you destroy the factory)
  • 00:00: Game over (unless you destroy the factory)


You wake up outside your house. Nothing to do there.

Pleasure Dome

This sequence is optional. Go find Jake and talk to him. Say 3, 1, 1. Show him the PATCH and say 2. Show him the SCROLL and say 1. If you hadn't enough FISTO BARS yesterday, give him one now in order to trigger the secret arcade sequence. Now leave (Don't forget to get your items back).

City Hall

Enter the Hall of Records and speak to Karyn. If you hadn't the time to give her the PATCH, do it now, and you will see the following tomorrow. If you did, ask for the results, she will give you the results and show you a video of how the drug affects the human DNA. Reply 2 and 2 and gives you information on Deng Hwang. Get the MT2 TAPE. If you haven't done so yesterday, give her the LU'S ID to learn about snake and Johnny Qwong.

Exit and go to see the mayor. Jenni will stop you but try to insist. Talk to the Mayor and try to be cooperative (eg. 3, 2; if you are rude, he will lead you to jail where you will lose some time). Show him the TAPE. He will tell you to continue the investigation. Try to play harsh by replying 2. You just 'unlocked' the secret option to get a better rifle! Get the PASS and go to the Police Station.

Show the PASS to the officer and proceed. Get the RIFLE and leave. Now the arcade sequences will be easier.

Go to the warehouse district, and talk to Chang Li. Raply with 3, 1. Show him the SCROLL. Now you will be briefed about all the backstory, the prophecy and the Rise of the Dragon. He gives you various items, PROOF VEST, FORTUNE COOKIE, TOME OF WISDOM, ROCK OF LIFE. The last two are Red Herrings (actually you can offer the ROCK to Karyn as a gift but nothing will change)! Now the Reservoire location will be unlocked for you to visit.

Open your inventory, take off your COAT and wear the PROOF VEST, and then again your COAT. Now in the arcade games, you will have more hit points.

Johnny Qwong

Having learnt Qwong's addresss, visit him.

Enter the manhole. Close up to the Vid Phone trunk. Examine the schematic wiring diagram. This is a hint but not very understandable.

Put a MINI BOMB to the lock and open the trunk. put the WIRE TESTER beside, and connect the clips according to the schematic.

Put the + clip on the red wire, just below the tube and to the left, put the - clip on the black cable, right of the former. On the far right, you can see eight yellow parts. Put the V clip on the seventh one from the top. If the tester beeps and flashes red you are wrong and are in danger; take off the clip and try again.

Put them only when the gauges are in the green area, or you will be fried. You must do all this in few moves or the rats will attack you.

When you are done, Blade will think to himself that he can now see Qwong's mail.


Enter your appartment and you will see your vid-phone flashing. Insert your ID and you will see Deng's message to Qwong, telling to him that he is behind schedule, explaining his persisting to the technician.

Before you leave, leave your rifle here, so that you won't be scanned when you enter the Pleasure Dome.

City Hall

Enter the warehouse district and the factory, which is open now [we don't know if it's scheduled to open that time, or it's 'triggered' after you receive Qwong's mail]. Close up to the reactor coolers. Put a MINI BOMB to the second one and an explosion will ruin Hwang's and Qwong's plans... for now. Now, while your time would end tomorrow, you gain two more days.


Get your mail. Hwang is mad at Qwong for the setback you caused to them.

Advance the time and you will see a Meanwhile with his punishment.

Day 3: 8-2

Scheduled events:

  • 18:00: Karyn is kidnapped

City Hall

If you haven't so yesterday, go and get the TAPE fom the Hall of Records, show it to the Mayor and get the rifle, as above.

There is nothing else to be done. You can wander to other places, like DENG HWANG'S or the RESERVOIR, but you can't do anything there.


Get your mail concerning Karyn's abduction.

Day 4: 8-3

Nothing to do now. Just wander around or advance the time from your inventory. For some fun you can visit the Hall of Records and try to talk with Karyn for a funny gag.

This day is probably reserved for things you haven't done previously.

Day 5: 8-4

Scheduled events:

  • 13:00: Hwang sends his message to the people of Los Angeles
  • 20:00: Hwang's units are mustered in RESERVOIRE. The hovercar appears there.
  • 20:15: Jake is captured
  • 20:30: Appointed meeting with Jake
  • 21:00: Meanwhile with Karyn
  • 22:00: Karyn dies (unless you save her)


If you have given to Jake the FISTO BAR in Day 1, you will trigger the 'secret' arcade sequence and the alternative easy way to enter DENG HWANG'S.

If so, you will get Jake's mail about his news, and appoints you a meeting at the warehouse discrict, 20:30.

Advance the time.

City Hall

Some minutes before the appointed hour, Snake shows up with Jake. This is the fist and 'secret' arcade sequence. Just make your way to the right till you meet Snake. Fight with him.

Having won, Jake thanks you for saving him and tell's you that Karyn is kept at Deng Hwang's. He also passes you SNAKE'S ID.

If you haven't triggered the secret arcade, or if you haven't got the ID, or if you just want more action:


Just shoot and kill the guards that show up. One of them will leave a RIFLE. If you haven't got one previously from the Police Station, take it. When you kill them all, enter the HOVERCAR.

Now you can go anywhere, in case you forgot something to do. The only place you could have forgot something would be your house (eg. MEDKIT, NAPENT) and this will be the only case where you will make use of the rooftop (you land there) but actually the only place you should go, is DENG HWANG'S.

This scene is only to obtain the HOVERCAR and enter DENG HWANG'S via the air, in order to avoid the gate guard. Of course if you have SNAKE'S ID you don't have to do all this.

Deng Hwang's

Having SNAKE'S ID, just show it to the guard and enter. If you came via the hovercar, just enter the elevator.

Talk to the Receptionist. A possible way to pass through her is 3, 3, 1, 3. If you fail, you can try NAPENT on her.

Enter the security room and close up to the console. You must unlock the HOLD and JANITOR (and lock the BREAK ROOM if you decide to restore tha alarm later). Try to disarm the alarm. It requires an ID or override code, since you don't have an ID, you have 2 options:

  • Push the I button and enter the code of the FORTUNE COOKIE: RYPYWPYRPWRYPBW
  • Push the II button and enter the code of the manual (page 4): YYBYWW PBRRBYW

The alarm now is disabled but the receptionist regrets having let you pass.

Now turn OFF the LASER GATE

(alternatively, you can restore the alarm now. This trick will sound the alarm, but the guards will lose time trying to pry the door open, which will grant you more time. If you disable the alarm, the Receptionist will find it out and will fix both quickly).

Now exit. The receptionist will ring the alarm. If you disabled it, it won't work, or if you restored it but locked the BREAK ROOM, the guards won't be able to come, yet. The second option gives you more time.

Enter the laser gate. Enter the JANITOR ROOM (door on the right). About now, the Receptionist will discover your meddling and restore the alarm and/or the locked guards' door. Now you must be very quick.

Open the two panels on the wall. Turn off the lever. Hold the SCREWDRIVER (don't put it in your inventory, to save one or two minutes) and use it on the CABLES. Get them and exit.

Go now to the other door, put the CABLES on Karyn, close up and remove the 3 plugs.

Watch the ending and fight the arcade. The most difficult point is passing below the flame throwers. However if you notice above the tubes, there is a red switch. Jump and shoot it to turn them off.

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