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Heroes of the revolution of Daggerfalls are called back to celebrate the [plotdevice]. Reuniting after three years apart, old friends band together to face new challenges.


Cast of Characters

  • [ Autumn ]: Human Courtesan
  • Marsh: Woodelven Ranger/Wizard
  • C.R.: Human Warmage
  • A.D.: Dwarven Fighter
  • C.E.: Human Cleric of Lathander
  • [ Amethyst Serein ]: Half-Wood Elven Rogue/Sorcerer

As of Yet, Undetermined

  • U.B.: [RACE] [CLASS]
  • J.O.: [RACE] [CLASS]
  • D.C.: [RACE] [CLASS]
  • M.C.: [RACE] [CLASS]