Sophie the Otter/PB&Jotterisnumber1's The Loud House/Adventures of the Little Koala parody.


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  • Lincoln Loud as Roobear Koala
  • Lola Loud as Laura Koala
  • Clyde McBride as Floppy Rabbit
  • Lynn Loud, Jr. as Mimi Rabbit
  • Liam as Nick Penguin
  • Cristina as Pamie Penguin
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago as Betty Koala
  • Chandler as Walter Kangaroo
  • Bratty Kid as Horsey Kangaroo
  • Rusty Spokes as Colt Kangaroo
  • Rita Loud as Mommy Koala
  • Lynn Loud, Sr. as Papa Koala
  • David as Mingle
  • Hugh as Weather
  • Zach as Kiwi
  • Agnes Johnson as Miss Lewis
  • Howard McBride as Maki-Maki
  • Flip as Duckbill
  • Principal Huggins as Mr. Mayor
  • Bill Buck as Mr. Curator
  • Dr. Feinstein as Dr. Flight
  • The Harvester as The Wicked Wizard
  • Mr. Grouse as Mr. Steam
  • Lily Loud, Billy, and Carlitos Casagrande as The Penguin Triplets (Genderbent role for Lily)
  • Dowl as Baby Moa

Episode List

  1. The Old Clock Tower/David Takes a Dive
  2. Is Hugh a Frog?/Lost in a Race
  3. Ghost Ship/Balloon Cristina
  4. The King of the Castle/Hang-Gliding With Lincoln
  5. The Mysterious Dowl/Love That Dowl!
  6. Snow White and the Seven Children/Lincoln's Invention
  7. Lynn Sr. on Stilts/Detective Lincoln
  8. The Dinosaur Egg/Treasure Hunt
  9. Cristina Falls in Love/The Loud Butterfly
  10. The Man Gang/Back to Nature
  11. Lincoln Saves the Day/Editor-In-Chief Lincoln
  12. Monster Scoop/The Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle in the World
  13. Who Will Be the Flower Queen?/Circus Day
  14. Lincoln the Babysitter/Lynn Sr. Makes a Pie
  15. The Amazing Boomerang/The Runaway Hat
  16. Conquering Grand Venture's Mountains/Save the Pine
  17. Rita Can Fly/The Secret of the Buck Vase
  18. Heavenly Fireworks/Save That Junk
  19. The Winner/A Hundred-Year-Old Camera
  20. Nurse Cristina/Any Mail Today?
  21. The Writing on the Wall/A Ride in a Spaceship
  22. Is David a Nuisance?/Allowance Problems
  23. A Whale of a Ride/Lola Finds An Egg
  24. A Broken Umbrella/Save the Butterflies
  25. The Substitute Teacher/The Flying Doctor
  26. Pine Rocket/Humans Don't Fly

Theme Song

Brand new day, time to play with Lincoln and his friends.

Where summer never ends.

The Louds show you how to...

Fly a plane, catch a wave, there's nothing we won't try.

Lots to do, fun starts here with you and me.

Look up there, way up high, the Louds in balloons.

Laughter's on its way to you.

Lola, Liam, Linc, Lynn Jr., and Clyde too.

Waiting here for you.

Brand new day, time to play with Lincoln and his friends.

The fun and laughter never ends.

The Louds lead the way on a sunny day.

We all love to play.


Credit to Moheart7 from DeviantART for the template: original template

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