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Dates Active June 2008-Present

Biography Aero Kirby joined June of 2008. She enjoys oreos and m00finz. She grew up with Criss Angel and has now done the unthinkable from voodoo dolls to floating off rooftops. NO JK SHE WISHES THAT THO. K so her original mother is PPEK, and wife is Myth{the most pwnsome wife ever} Aero is very ticklish and likes listening to music. Her original item in raiding, is her Pikachu with captain crunch DNA. She loves everyone at the NKR so yeah =D ZOMG M00FINZ!!!

Art/Writing Aero enjoys drawing other kirbies, or drawing anything for kirbies for that matter. She also likes writing lyrics and poems, even though some are pretty disturbing.


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