Aerokinesis is the ability to control wind currents by utilizing Psi Energy.

With this power, practitioners can manipulate the air around them to change the flow of current and even form gusts of wind. This requires focus, but it also involves becoming "one" with the wind. That is, creating and maintaining a conscious connection with the air.

Here are some techniques for practicing Aerokinesis.


Aerokinesis (Indoors)

Position your hands about four inches away from your face and about three inches apart from each other. The palms are facing one another. Blow air in between your hands, and then choose one hand to push the air. Make sure the other hand cannot feel the wind your are blowing. With the hand you've chosen, try to push the wind towards the other hand until you can feel it against your skin.

Medium Tornado

This is a tricky technique, but a powerful one. Take a few moments to focus on maintaining a unified connection with the air. Then channel Psi Energy into a swirling vortex shape and imbue it with air. Try to focus on imbuing it with as much wind as possible. Make this wind vortex spin faster and faster. This forms the basis of the tornado. After it is spinning, you can mentally direct it to go a certain way, and it will.

Hand Tornadoes

Channel Psi Energy. Visualize strings of energy connecting you to the wind. Once you feel the attachment to the wind, control the wind and let it blow in two directions. This will acquaint you to the consciousness of the wind. Now, imagine that tornadoes are forming around your hands and feel the wind strengthening around them. These fledgling tornadoes will be blowing with great power against your face. Continue strengthening their power. In time, a tornado will form around each hand. You can then throw these at a target or direct them as you wish.

Air Balls

Channel a Psi Energy ball in your hands. Imbue it with air. Release all of this air energy in a form of a ball, throwing it at a target or mentally directing it towards something

Air Blade

Create a blade out of Psi Energy and imbue it with air. After it's condensed, focus on sharpening the blade, just keep sharpening until you feel that it's razor sharp, then either swing it, or launch it in a wave.

Air Jump

First, concentrate on controlling the air around you. You may channel Psi if you wish, but you don't need to channel it so much as maintain a grip on air Psi Energy. Then jump into the air. When you reach the peak of your jump, focus and condense the air underneath your foot to become as hard as stone. Then focus on the Psi Energy of the wind pushing you up. You will go slightly higher or feel a "boost" if you do it right.

Resistance Shield

Draw in air Psi Energy. Visualize the molecules in the air being drawn to you, and compacting tightly as a shield around your body, visualize the shield being a sphere over your body bonded by the air molecules. Each time you breathe, more Psi Energy is drawn into the sphere. Visualize the sphere becoming denser, until it has the amount of resistance you want. This shield will allow you to block Psionic attacks and some force.

Air Pressure Wave

Visualize air Psi Energy being drawn to your palms, and visualize the energy stacking up as a wall of tightly bonded air energy in front of you. Visualize your hands being filled with air Psi Energy within it. Feel it flowing through your body, and visualize it building up in your palms. Now put your palms on the wall of pressured air and visualize your air Psi Energy blasting out at the wall and sending it forward.

Summon/Banish Wind

This skill is simple, yet effective. The process is simple. To summon the wind, thrust your right hand forward, palm facing the direction you want the wind to blow, and focus. See the wind blow in the desired position, and it will come. To banish the wind, thrust your LEFT hand forward, palm facing the direction the wind is coming from, and imagine a force-field of Psi Energy surrounding you, blocking the wind on all sides, and the wind will stop.

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