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The Aesir are a race of technologically advanced humanoids and a leading force in the Great War. Their influence in the Milky Way and surrounding galaxies is enormous and they have overseen the evolution and advancement of many races, oftentimes having a subtle hand in those processes.


The Aesir have a history spanning many milennia and are currently the most advanced race in this local region of the universe. Originally from Earth, where they were known as Lemurians, they have since mastered space travel and now have many colonies throughout multiple galaxies.

The Aesir evolved on Earth on the continent of Lemuria. Legend has it that the continent - like Mu and Atlantis - harbored a great civilization, but sank into the ocean. In reality, the Aesir had become advanced to the point where they lifted their continent off the surface of the Earth and suspended it in space, and it became the first Cosmic Land.

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