Aeunder was a subterranean nogan who betrayed his kind and let the mercenaries into the Subterranean Clan city during the attempt to exterminte all Pure Nogans. His own sister was killed in that attack, while he held his best friend Rexarda off from saving her. Aeunder tried to kill Rexarda, but the Pure Nogan escaped. Aeunder was rewarded with a position in the Exiles, but not a high one. His powers made him too unstable, never knowing if he would kill an enemy or mutate it, making it stronger.

After recieving a mission to annihalate a group of purists, Aeunder prepared himself to leave. But Granbar, a fellow Exile, and a Shapeshifter, laid a trap for him. Aeunder fell into Energized Protodermis, and was lost for weeks.

He was relatively forgotten, except by his few friends, until he returned, pulling the deceased Granbar behind him. Aeunder completed his glorious return, by entering the building as Chatt'gurra, utterly confusing some new recruits that were being drilled by the real Chatty(Aeunder and Qymaen's nickname for him).

His first mission was to infiltrate Rexarda's venegeful group of purists. After annialating most of the group, he was almost killed by Rexarda. But, because of slaying Dara's mighty father Daronious, and slaying the decorated war heroes Vezan, Xingexan and Zanzetan, the mission was still labeled a success.

He soon became known in the ranks as the Mutator, his powers bringing him recognition in the soldiers. He began going on special assingments for higher ranking exiles, mutating things, sneaking around, spying on pure Nogans, and assasinating.

He didn't rise in the ranks though, much to his anger. He began speaking out against his superiors in his anger. He gained special attention from Verkai because of that.

He was assinged by Verkai himself to find and kill the last known member of the Subterranean clans, Rexarda Shadowson. He then left for Terros-Nui, where he met Qymaen, an old friend of his. He has recently taken a liking to Qymaen's cousin Dara, giving him the idea of becoming family with Qymaen.

Aeunder has no sense of authority. He openly speaks out against Darius, who he bears a deep hatred for. Even he doesn't know why. He only respects two of his commanders. Chatt'gurra, and Brutus, both now dead.

Aeunder has never been on good terms with Verkai. He blames Verkai for not getting a better position when he joined. After learning of Verkai's shapeshifting ability, Aeunder revealed himself to be bound by the Shapeshifter's Code. He has gained a new respect for Verkai.

Shapeshifter's Code: A shifter never betrays a fellow shifter. Two shifters won;t fight, unless duty commands it. Any shfter who breaks these two laws purposefully, his powers shall betray him and he shall die.

Aeunder is a Albino Exile.


  • Mutation Eyebeams
  • Transformation
  • Telepathy

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