Affen Forest is a vast forest in north eastern Khul.


The forest is ancient indeed, being a remnant of the One Forest of Irritaria. Having survived the many turmoils of the world, the Forest was heavily blighted in its northwest regions by the machinations of Ishtra in the late third century AC. Despite significant recovery following Ishtra's demise, the forest has not yet fully eradicated all traces of The Blight, making this area dangerous still.


The forest begins on the western shores of Lake Nekros to the north of Arion and stretches many leagues to the west from there. It is home to many creatures, and a number of higher sentient races. Notably, the forest is still a stronghold of the wood elves, with tribes such as the Galoren having their homes there. The forest is deciduous with oak, beech, ash and elm abundant, and many of these of great maturity.

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