Africanized Foot Rat Pokémon on Thursday

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  • Pikachu as Amma the Goat
  • and more

Quotes 1

  • Pikachu: Oh, we're doomed!
  • Rattata: AAH! What do we do, Charmander.
  • Charmander: Use your tummy!
  • "Charmander's right arm his holding Pikachu's right tummy, and holding Rattata; Fearow flying right; Pichu running, and follow Pikachu."
  • Rattata: But I don't wanna use my tummy!
  • "All screaming, in back. Breaking and crashing the door. About this time, he crashing the wall. All moaning."
  • Ninetales: What are you guys doing here?
  • Pichu: Nothing.
  • Ninetales: May I use speck your guck?
  • Bulbasaur: Zip it!

Quotes 2

  • Snubbull: No, I'm grumpy!
  • Bulbasaur: May I use have a balloon, please?
  • Raichu: That's not been for example!

Quotes 3

  • Pikachu: No talking!
  • Charmander: How's a short minute, Fearow.
  • Fearow: It's a 3-hour marathon.
  • Rattata: You think ready need to go to the playground.
  • Pikachu: I said, Be Quiet!

Quotes 4

  • Pichu: Pikachu! Rattata, I've better him before been if you been it there!

Quotes 5

  • Rattata: No, this is a nurse dog called Ambulance Hound!
  • Pikachu, Fearow, and Charmander: Ambulance Hound!?!
  • Rattata: Three hours with a crab pinching her nose.
  • Pikachu, Fearow, and Charmander: Perfect!

Quotes 6

  • "Rattata holding Charmander's tail, and Charmander riding on Pikachu."
  • Charmander: Giddy-up, you rat pokémon!
  • "Pikachu neighing, and Pikachu racing in"

Quotes 7 (Final)

  • Rattata: Hey, Pikachu. It's sound like "Africanized Foot Rat Pokémon on Thursday"!
  • Pikachu: Wait a minute! I'm a rat pokémon. I'll say the "Africanized Foot Rat Pokémon on Thursday".

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