Age Verification FAQ
What is the age verification beta release?
Why do we need it?
Why are you doing this now?
Who will need to verify their age?
What documents do I need to prove my identity?
Do I have to get age-verified?
How does it work?
How do Estate and Parcel owners limit access to their land to only those who have verified that they're adults?
Note: This functionality is separate from region and parcel owners flagging their land for mature content.
Will you store my personal information? Will it be kept private?
I'm outside the US. Does it work the same in each country?
Will the fact that I am "age verified" or "non age verified" be published or made available to other Residents?
Why would an Estate or Parcel owner want to require age verification?
What if I'm under 18?
What if I don't want to get age-verified?
What if I come across very mature content on land that does not ban unverified adults?
What personal information will you store?
Do I have to pay for verification?
Do I have to verify each avatar I use?
How can I be sure that my information will be treated securely when I enter it on the My Account section?
What happens if I experience problems when I try to verify my identity?
Do my alternate accounts need to be age-verified if I verified my main account?
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Alternate Account
Underage Reporting in Second Life
See also
Help menu > Report Abuse …
How to Report Abuse
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Age verification NO (noChatallowed)
SL'ers against Age Verification!

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