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This is a timeline of events in the Mercenary Crew: Age of the Empire RP. All dates are given according to the Galactic Standard Calendar.


  • 59 BBY
  • 44 BBY
  • 43 BBY
  • 42 BBY
  • 39 BBY
  • 38 BBY
  • 32 BBY
    • The Trade Federation blockade Naboo and the Sith reveal themselves to the Jedi for the first time in centuries. (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
  • 31 BBY
    • Jack Goren is offically declared a missing person.
    • Beryl Quitaan attends the TCTA (Talus Combat Training Academy) in the Corellian system.
  • 30 BBY
  • 29 BBY
  • 27 BBY
    • Quitaan Scholarship Fund established and a new TCTA flight control tower is built by Rade Quitaan of the Corellian Engineering Corp to replace the one that was irreparably damaged by an over zealous Beryl Quitaan doing a hot-shot flyby and blowing out the windows.
    • Jana Vincent is awarded a Quitaan Scholarship for her high scores in turret gunning and contact combat.
  • 26 BBY
    • Nic White joins the Naboo Security Force.
    • Cloud Strife's father leaves Alderaan and goes to Naboo and joins the Royal Guard.
    • Conn Harlowe begins attending the University of Alderaan.
  • 24 BBY
    • Beryl Quitaan becomes a test pilot for CEC rival Incom-Subpro for the Z-95 series fighters where she earns nickname of Psycho.
    • Oliver Van Impe's father is murdered by bounty hunters.
  • 23 BBY
    • Ryshana Oliaya knighted by the Jedi.
    • Oliver Van Impe meets Fenric Khan, who tricks him and takes Oliver to Naboo.
    • Conn Harlowe graduates from the University of Alderaan, having majored in biology and law. He takes a position on Chandrila as Chief Surgeon of Medical Research, but leaves after only half a year on the job, due to the death of his father. He does not return.
  • 22 BBY
    • The Clone Wars begin. (Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)
    • Jana Vincent graduates from TCTA and returns to Corellia and lives there for a year.
    • Conn Harlowe joins Incom-Subpro as a medic and part-time test pilot. He and Beryl Quitaan meet for the first time, saving her life after she has a horrendous accident, the same accident that takes the life of her current fiancé, Wilk.
  • 21 BBY
    • Ryshana Oliaya is given command of a platoon of clone commandos.
    • Jana Vincent leaves Corellia and goes to Alderaan, a month later, she travels to Coruscant.
    • Following the death of two of her fiancés in almost as many months, Beryl Quitaan starts dating Conn Harlowe.
  • 20 BBY
    • Jana Vincent runs out of money and begins working in various restaurants and bars on Coruscant.
  • 19 BBY
    • The Clone Wars end and the Republic becomes the Galactic Empire; the Jedi are all but destroyed. (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)
    • Nic White leave Naboo to become a mercenary.
    • Beryl Quitaan breaks off her relationship with Conn Harlowe. She is fired soon after with the creation of Incom Corporation due to the availability of less expensive clone test pilots from the Empire.
  • 18 BBY
    • Nic White becomes a freelance mercenary.
    • Beryl Quitaan begins working under father Rade as CEC test pilot for new CR-90 Corvette series cruisers.
    • Oliver Van Impe meets a girl and falls in love with her; he also begins a career in medicine.
  • 17 BBY
    • Oliver Van Impe turns to drink when he discovers his true love is a smuggler after she is arrested.
    • Cloud Strife is found to have great skill in mechanics when he disassembles an engine and puts it back together in 5 minutes.
    • Conn Harlowe leaves Incom.
  • 16 BBY
    • Nic White and Jana Vincent meet in a bar fight. They become good friends and mercenary partners, taking numerous small jobs together.
    • Conn Harlowe joins Sienar Fleet Systems.
  • 15 BBY
    • Beryl Quitaan becomes a blockade runner. Her father, Rade Quitaan, dies (of natural causes).
    • Due to his alcohol problem, Oliver Van Impe is fired from his job, causing him to become a social recluse.
  • 14 BBY
  • 13 BBY
    • Cloud Strife falls in love with Aerith Gainsborough, who is later killed by Sephiroth.
  • 12 BBY
    • Cloud Strife leaves the crew for a while to search for Sephiroth.
  • 11 BBY
    • Conn Harlowe leaves Sienar. During his transit back to Alderaan, the passenger ship he is on is impounded by Imperial forces. He is subsequently put to work as a medic at an Imperial Detention Facility.
    • Cloud Strife rejoins the crew.
    • The Echo's pilot is murdered, Jack Goren saves Nic White's life and becomes the new ship's pilot.
    • Beryl Quitaan's ship was impounded by The Empire while blockade running. She escapes and wins her place on the Echo by beating Nic White at pazaak.
  • 10 BBY
  • 00 BBY
    • Alderaan is destroyed by the Death Star. The Death Star is destroyed at the Battle of Yavin. (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

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