Very litlle is known about Agent Liberi, other than the fact that he was a member of Project Freelancer, working along side many of the more well known Freelancers, like Tex and Washington. He prefers to keephimself at a distance to most people unless he knows for a fact he can trust them, anyone else could be a potential hostile waiting to strike.


Liberi's childhood is a mystery to all but himself. He has hinted at being born in Konoha and being a part of a black ops group during the war between Konoha ans Iwa, but there is no onfo on him after him that. Sometime during his teenage years, a small UNSC frigate crashed near a battle he had just finished. After showing his skill in a fgiht between himself and a few members of the crew, which resulted in five deaths and ten wounded, a doctor by the name of Leonard Church offered him a place within a new special operations group called Freelancer. Liberi accepted.

Project Freelancer

Once again, very little is known about Liberi's time in Freelancer, but he has mentioned being best friends with Agent Maine, or more commonly referred to as the Meta. It is also hinted that he once had a relationship with another Freelancer, but he has not confirmed nor denied this. Who the Freelancer is and why the relationship ended is unkown. For the next 30 years, the members of Project Freelancer fought with both the Covenant and Innsurgents, or more commonly referred to as Innies. During this time, Liberi, under the code name Alaska, become the commanding officer of the best Freelancer fireteam, Yankee. How he obtained this ranking or who was there before him is unkown, but he has informed he only received the title because he was the highest ranking Freelancer left alive after a botched mission involving Agent Georgia, who betrayed Freelancer for lood money from the United Rebel Front.

Author Fighters

Liberi, after the war was over, became a mercenary, working private jobs along with government jobs such as bodyguarding, document retreival, assassaination, etc. During a mission to Siberia, he met the Author Fighters and eventually became on of them. Though tensions are high between them, he still works with them on occasion. Very few of them have earned his full trust yet.


Agent Liberi is often a cold hearted warrior who shows no remorse for killing his enemies. He claims that they deserve no mercy since it is their job to kill him, so why not kill them before they do? HE makes it a habit to no leave his comrades behind, and will risk his life to save them as well as protect inocent civiians. When asked abot his morality because he kills many people, he responded with this, "To protect innocent people, I'll damn my eternal soul a tousand times over, so the weak won't have to."


Agent Liberi mostly uses UNSC weaponry, but is trained to use any weapon that is at his disposal, even to using his own fists if it means survival. His armor, the Semi Powered Infiltration armor (SPI) grants his body full protection and a cloaking device. It can take most small arms fire for a few seconds, but then the armor is breached and the body underneath is vulnerable. Liberi prefers a mixture of stealth and head on combat, often confusing his enemies and going for flanking maneveurs and traps. But he will change his battle style depending on the enemy he is facing.

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