Aimee Terrin, is an American Hip Hop, Rock and R&B singer.


Aimee Terrin grew up in Los Angeles, California in a very stable home. Her family was well-off and she was always fed. She had a good upbringing and stayed out of trouble. As she got older, Terrin wanted to become a singer. She would reach out to west coast labels like Doggystyle Records, Get Low Recordz, and major label Interscope Records. While Aimee was siginig to Interscope, longtime Interscope rapper, Dr. Dre, was in the offices and overheard the deal. Dre would then come into the office and offer her a deal to sign to Interscope through his Aftermath Entertainment imprint in 2004.

After signing to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment label, Aimee worked with acts such as Rakim, Massive Attack, Glen Ballard, Pancho Sanchez and legendary Father of Funk, George Clinton. Clinton developed a particular fondness for Aimee's ability to sing and the two have since become close and she is expected to feature on his next album.

Due to Dr. Dre not having time to work on her project due to feuding artists on the roster, Terrin decided to go independent with her project.

After deciding independent with her solo project, Terrin has recorded over one hundred compositions that would include an interesting mix of R&B with Pop-Rock, much of which she holds the title as writer and producer. She has written songs with and for artists such as the female group, Floetry and rock group P.O.D.

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