The eruptive variable or flare neutron star A0 VII, Ain energizes many of the physical and biological processes active in the Otz Chiim system. A member of a ternary star group, Ain has an extremely eccentric orbit around a common gravitational center shared with Ain Soph, an M2 III red giant, and whose eccentricity is maintained by the gravitational attraction of Ain Soph Aur, a G3 V yellow dwarf. This eccentric orbit causes Ain to come close enough to Ain Soph to strip some of the outer layers of the chromosphere. The accretion to Ain’s surface creates a thermonuclear instability that causes the accreted matter to be blown off in a flare or nova. These nova eruptions cause periodic shockwaves and massive bursts of solar wind. The mean period of these novae are 3,318 standard years. Within this periodicity, there is a longer cycle. Every ten instabilities or 33,183 standard years Ain’s orbital position places the neutron star closer to Ain Soph and a greater volume of the red giant’s chromosphere is stripped away by Ain’s powerful gravitational attraction. The resulting nova instantly boosts Ain’s apparent magnitude from 6.5 to 2.3. This massive radiation storm and shockwave causes a variety of periodic physical and biological transformations on the planets and satellites of the Keser-Tefireth system.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(aĪyn) aka Otz Chiim 1

Astronomical Characteristics

Locked into an eccentric elliptical orbit between Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur, Ain revolves around the ternary system’s common gravitational center every 120 standard years at a mean distance of c. 46.7 AU (4.3 billion mi).

Physical Characteristics

Ain’s blue-white (cyan) color temperature of 9,000°A classifies it as an active neutron star. Its activity is fueled by the gases and plasma extracted periodically from Ain Soph. Its radiating chromosphere has a diameter of c. 19,300 km, neutron core has a diameter 22 km and completes a rotation on its axis every 22 standard days. Asterologists postulate that Ain collapsed from a blue subgiant star 506 million standard years ago.

Otz Chiim Ternary

Otz Chiim ternary from visual spectrum imagery, First Planetary Survey, SS 'Mitzvah' 2734 CE

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