Ain Soph is an M2 III red giant star that is approximately 6.5 billion standard years old. A member of a ternary star group, Ain Soph has an extremely eccentric elliptical orbit around the common gravitational center shared with Ain, an eruptive flare neutron star. The eccentric relationship between Ain and Ain Soph is maintained by the gravitational attraction of Ain Soph Aur, a G3 V yellow dwarf. Periodically a portion of Ain Soph’s chromosphere is stripped away during a close conjunction with Ain. These close passages occur every 2,640 standard years. The two stars reach aphelion with each other every 26,400 standard years at which time massive quantities of Ain Soph’s outer layers are stripped by Ain’s gravitational field.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(Īyn Sōf) aka Otz Chiim 2

Astronomical Characteristics

Ain Soph in an eccentric orbit between Ain and Ain Soph Aur revolves around the ternary systems common gravitational center every 170 standard years at a mean distance of c. 28.3 AU (2.6 billion mi). Perturbations in the gravitational field cause the three stars’ orbits to oscillate relative to each other. This oscillation cycle has a short period of 2,640 standard years and a long period of 26,400 standard years.

Physical Characteristics

Ain Soph’s chromosphere has a mean temperature of 2,185°A and has a diameter of 218 million km. It completes a rotation on its axis every 564 standard days. The circulatory cycle creates increased surface activity which translates into increased electromagnetic, radio frequency and broadband radiation activity every 16 standard years.

Otz Chiim Ternary

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