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Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(Īyn Sōf Aůr) aka Otz Chiim 3


Ain Soph Aur is a G3 V white-yellow dwarf star approximately 8 billion standard years old. A member of Otz Chiim ternary star group, Ain Soph Aur has a slightly elliptical orbit around the common gravitational center shared with Ain and Ain Soph. The eccentric relationship between Ain and Ain Soph causes the slight eccentricity in Ain Soph Aur’s orbit.

Astronomical Characteristics

Ain Soph Aur orbits around the ternary systems common gravitational center every 270 standard years at a mean distance of c. 58.2 AU (5.4 billion mi).

Physical Characteristics

Ain Soph Aur’s chromosphere as a mean temperature of 3,465°A and has a diameter of c. 1,159,000 km. It completes a rotation on its axis every 32 standard days. The stellar prominence cycle creates increased surface activity and broadband radiation every 14 standard years.

Otz Chiim Ternary

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