Airahkasha came from a powerful line of Wind/Air Clan Nogans. His family was destroyed when the Toa came to his Treetop village and destroyed everything. He only has one remaining sister named Airahkia.


Airahkasha Tornadoforger

Type: Wind Clan Nogan (Created by Nidhiki99)

Appearance: Serpentine Green and dark green creature with fanged teeth, Angelic wings(like Angel from X-men 3), small hands and red piercing eyes.

Gender: Male

Powers: Spellbinder vision, flight and power over Air but mostly over the Destructive side such as Tornadoes and Hurricanes. When he and his sister combine their powers and call to Noghah, they can summon an animated tornado that uses the two nogans swords against enemies. It only has one weakness and only the SB's have figured out how to stop it.

Weapon: Claymore that can create Tornadoes.

Guild: BOA

Airahkasha is one of the last surviving nogans. He loves to ride the air currents of the atmosphere for hours. That is how he found Terros-Nui. His sister is Airahkia.


Airahkia hopes to help revive the nogan species since their are only about 16 Nogans that are known to be alive.

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