See Airahkasha. Their histories are the same.


Airahkia Tornadoforger

Type: Wind Clan Nogan (Created by Nidhiki99)

Serpentine Green and dark green creature with fanged teeth, Angelic wings(like Angel from X-men 3), small hands and yellow piercing eyes.

Gender: Female

Powers: Spellbinder vision, flight and power over Air but mostly on the Calmer side such as Air Currents and Winds.

Weapons: Twin rapiers that can slice through the air with ease. A longbow with arrows that aren't affected by wind.

Guild: None

Airahakia is one of the last surviving nogans. She enjoys gliding all over the place on breezes. Her brother is Airahkasha. She can combine her powers with Airahkasha to make an animated tornado that used their weapons to attack enemies. Only the SB's know how to defeat it.


She hopes to aid in the Revival of the Nogan species

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